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Publication Order of Deputy Donut Mysteries Books

Survival of the Fritters (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goodbye Cruller World (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jealousy Filled Donuts (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Boston Scream Murder (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond a Reasonable Donut (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deck the Donuts (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cinnamon Twisted (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Double Grudge Donuts (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

An Agatha nominated author of cozy mystery books uses Ginger Bolton as a pseudonym. Her real name is Janet Bolin, and she is a Canadian author of cozy mystery novels. Janet has written the “Threadville Mystery” books, which started being published in the year 2011. The series stars Willow Vanderling, who owns an embroidery shop and is able to solve crimes. Publishing under the Janet Bolin name has gotten another nomination as well, it was for “Threaded for Trouble”, the second book in her “Threadville” series.

This series came about when she got into using certain software with high tech sewing machines. She wanted to tell a story that involved people being able to buy what they needed or wanted to embroider something just by going down one street. This was because she lives out in the country and wanted to write something that captured the struggle of people who have to drive many miles just to get their hands on sewing supplies.

Ginger had always loved reading, and always wanted to grow up to be a writer. It is unclear, however, whether or not she ever did grow up. Even she is unsure about that. She used to ask where books came from, as well as the people that penned them.

She is quite fond of coffee shops (especially ones that encourage the patrons to chat and linger), doughnuts, and coffee. She lives in a rural area that is surrounded by some cozy villages.

When she is not writing, reading, or daydreaming as she looks out the windows, she walks her dog, and plays her electric piano (she uses headphones so that she does not scare any animals). She also creates small disasters in the kitchen, and sometimes takes part in amateur theater productions that end up being comedies.

Her “Deputy Donut” series stars Emily Westhill, and features Tom Westhill, which is her father in law and business partner. The name of the series comes from the name of her doughnut shop, which she got from her tortoiseshell cat, who is named Deputy Donut (or Dep for short). The series also captures her love of writing and doughnuts and shops that sell them.

“Survival of the Fritters” is the first novel in the “Deputy Donut” series and was released in the year 2017. Emily loses her husband, who is named Alec, and decides to run Deputy Donut, the best donut shop located in Fallingbrook, Wisconsin. She runs the place with the aid of her retired father in law, Tom. Tom used to be chief of police in the town of Fallingbrook, and is an expert on doughnuts. A murder takes the life of one of her favorite customers, and Emily cannot rely on any sidekick to help her solve the crime, or even stay alive.

She has learned to remain calm during any stressful situations from her time as a 911 operator. That is a hard thing to do when Georgia Treetor (another regular customer) vanishes. She never misses a morning cappuccinos with the Knitpickers (which is her knitting group). The group fears for the worst, especially a close friend of Georgia’s, named Lois, that is new to the town. Night comes while Emily and the ladies look for Georgia at her home. They find her. But she is dead with some stale donuts around her.

Weirdly, her death lines up with the fifth anniversary of her son’s death. This was a case that Emily’s husband (who was a detective) was unable to solve before he suddenly and unexpectedly died. Lois is hiding secrets and an innocent man’s life hangs in the balance. Emily has to revisit some painful things to find out the truth of what happened. Only a few clues are left behind, even though someone’s alibi is problematic. If she is unable to link them to a killer, her shop will have to close forever.

Some found this to be cute way to start off a cozy mystery series. It has a doughnut shop that people would like to visit. The book has a quick pace, and a mystery more complicated than some realized it was going to be. Fans of the novel enjoyed reading about the delightful heroine that seems pushed to investigate the crime at hand. Some hope the potential this has to be a superb series is not wasted in future books of the series. This was a stellar book that some are interested in seeing where things go from here. Some wonder what is going to happen next in one of these after they have put it down to do whatever it is they have to that makes them unable to read. That is a sign the book is enjoyable and has captivated them.

“Goodbye Cruller World” is the second novel in the “Deputy Donut” series and was released in the year 2017. Emily usually feels her eyes glazing over when brides to be talk about their wedding plans. However, she is sweet on the idea to design a doughnut wall for the reception for the owner of Dressed to Kill’s (which is a clothing shop) wedding. She gets Tom’s help with it, and hangs doughnuts on dowels on the wall, allowing the guests to help themselves.

She believes that someone has tampered with her treats after the groom winds up on the ground, looking like he was poisoned. She has a murder on her hands, and there really is no way to sugarcoat that fact. Emily is on a mission to figure out who the killer is to save the reputation of Deputy Donut and make sure the bride is not arrested for the murder. She is going to have to work quickly, before the killer takes some powder.

Here is a series that fans will follow for many years, some just wish more of the books existed for them to check out and enjoy. Fans of the novel found they cannot get enough of this interesting series. These mysteries are more complicated than usual cozy mystery novels, and most that involve doughnuts. Emily is a great heroine, who seems to be forced to investigate the crimes, something that most heroines are not. Readers hope that this series is around for many more books, because they will keep on

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