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Girls of 622 Harbor View Books In Order

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Publication Order of Girls Of 622 Harbor View Books

Project: Girl Power (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Mystery Bus (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Rescue Chelsea (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Take Charge (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Raising Faith (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Run Away (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Ski Trap (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Project: Secret Admirer (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Melody Carlson is a highly successful novelist, having written a number of Young Adult novels, along with a collection of adult titles too, as she has a clear ear for the youth demographic, having catered to their tastes for a number of years now, as she writes withing a variety of different genres, largely focusing on the romance market, with a strong and articulate voice that resonates with her many readers worldwide. Creating a multitude of bestsellers, she is also a key figure within the Young Adult industry, as both she and her husband serve on the Young Adult committee in their home in central Oregon. A highly prolific figure, she has been able to create a market for herself that manages to draw readers in, with her highly engrossing and extremely compelling narrative style. Knowing and understanding the marketplace, she is able to build her novels around a format that is entirely idiosyncratic to her and who she is. This is something that her many readers have come to appreciate over the years, as she has been able to attract a whole variety of different readers from all across the globe, largely due to her universal and accessible style, allowing her words to come alive off the page. With a rich and vibrant writing style, she is able to conjure up strong and evocative images through her ever unique prose, allowing her readers to feel as if they are really there and involved in her stories. Not only that, but she is also able to create characters that resonate with her readers, bringing them in with their realistic portrayals of whatever situation they happen to be in, this usually being focused on the youth market and demographic. Able to convey her message clearly and articulately, she always has something to say, as she has a strong and unique personality that can be found in her writing. One series that she is particularly well known for is that of her ‘Girls of 622 Harbor View’ series of novels, which follows the characters from the title throughout a series of adventures, dramas and life-lessons. Coming together and helping each other overcome a series of odds, they all learn to build each other up, as they manage to learn what life is really all about. Written from a primarily Christian perspective, it sees the world through the tenets of faith, something which her readers have also come respect over the years as well. Seeing her readers as they truly are Carlson manages to portray a perspective of adolescence that is entirely unique, yet wholly realistic at the same time. Finding their places in the world as the series progresses, each of the girls has their own personality that they manage build upon and grow into as the series goes on. It is clear that Carlson writes with a definite affection for her characters and it is this passion which is clearly conveyed and is infectious for her many readers from all over the world.

Starting out back in 2007, this series initially started with the novel ‘Project: Girl Power’ and it has come a long way since with the last novel being published in 2008 with ‘Project: Secret Admirer’. There are also a collection of omnibus editions titled ‘Girl Power’, ‘Take Charge’, ‘Raising Faith’ and ‘Secret Admirer’, which all feature a collection of the novels in compendium editions. Altogether this series has managed to build itself up in a relatively short-amount of time, as the goal that Carlson had for it was clear from the outset, as she achieves it with both style and confidence.

Project: Girl Power

Brought out in 2007 on the 26th of August, this was initially released under the ‘Zonderkidz’ publishing label. Setting up the series overall it manages to put all the principle characters into place, introducing them in the process. It also works at establishing the world that it is to be set within as well.

Taking place in Harbor View, the girls come together to beautify the area and make the most of where they live, celebrating it, as the reader is brought into their world. That’s after Emily is knocked from her bike by a group of ruthless bullies looking to make trouble in the neighborhood, something which the group also stand firm against. Making a difference in their community they aim to change everyone’s perspective of it and really make the most of it, bring everybody together in the process. Will they be able to stop the bullies? Can they make a difference to Harbor View? What will become of them and their girl power?

Project: Mystery Bus

Released through the ‘Zonderkidz’ publishing house once again, this was all set to continue on from the previous title. It was also brought out in 2007 on the 26th of August, as it was released in conjunction with the first, Further developing the series, it provides the next adventure for the girls.

It’s summertime and the girls are all working jobs together, as they pool all their resources together, creating funds to help them in their ultimate goal. Hoping to restore their bus, they aim to use it as a clubhouse as they intend to gather there in the years to come, making it a resource available to all. This is what sets them on their path to building the ‘Rainbow Club’, something which allows them to come together as a group and help each other. Will they reach their goal? Can they build their clubhouse? What will become of the mystery bus?

The Girls of 622 Harbor Series

Effortlessly capturing the growing pains of her young teen audience, Carlson doesn’t shy away from some of the more difficult aspects of growing up, as she handles it all with both sensitivity and ease. This is something that Carlson has made a career from, as she is both a clear and confident writer who manages to capture the essence of her subject matter. With many more readers discovering this work every day, with a worldwide audience, it’s clear that the legacy of this series is going to continue for some time to come.

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