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We all have a different perspective of the world we live in. A purpose we ought to accomplish driven by the urge of our desires that are illuminated by the happenings in our surroundings and the environments we live in. At times you may wonder why we can’t just live by ourselves and do our own thing without consulting the next person. It is because interdependence exists among us. The Giver Quartet (Series by Lois Lowry) is a character that narrates a story depicting the importance of the other person and the effect that could emanate from the loss of the same.

The line of story is told in a series of books with re-appearing characters throughout the setting . ‘The Giver’ is the first book in the series. The setting is done in an Utopian society and later appears to be more of a dystopian society. The plot of the novel follows the life of a boy named Jonas through his twelfth year. The society converts to ‘sameness’ which eradicates emotional grief within the society. Jonas is set to inherit the rank of ‘Receiver of memory’ in which he will be tasked to remember all the past memories and be helpful in the occasion where others cannot recall.

It is time and Jonas is to meet the previous receiver of memory, The Giver. During this time he gets confused in a variety of ways. The Giver is able to break rules such as turning off the speaker which captures conversations made in people’s homes and also lies to the community. While the memories are conveyed to Jonas by The Giver, he discovers the essence of knowledge and its powers. His community is contented and happy of the life they are living but just because they have no idea of a better life but because of the knowledge they are not aware off. Jonas sinks into a dilemma. Should he enlighten his community on the better life but which could cause chaos or get away in pursuit of that life full of choices ,love, differences and possible dangers too.

The Giver, has surprisingly pale rare eyes just as Jonas. Under the Giver’s close watch, Jonas absorbs the memories and for the first time he feels the presence of love and happiness. For a first time, Jonas experiences the different colors, sees the rainbow, basks in the sunshine, to ride down the slope in a sled and to be around the snow. In the inheritance process, he is given painful memories of starvation, war, loneliness, pain and death. They are the past memories of his community. Jonas now understands how his community adopted the ‘sameness’ ideology as a way to brush off the memories from its members minds. He also figures out the tremendous effect and loss of letting go of their memories and adopting ‘sameness’ and climate control.

The solution lies at him having to run away from the community and the memories he carries will be dispatched back to the people. Jonas plans to escape together with the giver but he says the community will need him to help them out with the memories or they will harm themselves. The Giver’s second objective is to remain behind and have his task done so that he have the child, Rosemary. Ten years ago the child had been trained to become the receiver of memories but failed as she was overwhelmed by memories of pain.

Finally the Giver generates a plot in which Jonas will flee to Elsewhere, land beyond the boundaries of the community unknown to anybody. He decides that he will tell the community that Jonas drowned by the river so that operations into searching for him are minimal. Jonas will acquire memories of courage and strength that will economize his meals during the journey. The plans then hits the wall again when Jonas learns of Gabriel, a baby within family’s household. He is set to be ‘released’ the next morning. Jonas has become so attached to the baby that he has to go with the baby to Elsewhere. Jonas plans to steal his father’s bike and he does it and together with Gabriel they go for their escape ride. The journey is amidst many fears and more so hunger and starvation. He had the power to ‘see beyond’ of which he didn’t really understand. They get to a place where it much cold than ever and he believes it’s the boundary to the Elsewhere, a sled is waiting them and they board down the slope approaching a household colorfully lit with a Christmas tree and love and warmth. He can now recognize something that must be music. Jonas depicts to be experiencing symptoms of hypothermia and their fate remains unknown but is resolved in the novel, Messenger, written a while later.

Messenger, a Lois Lowry publication, focuses on a boy named who Matty lives with Christopher who was rescued years ago by the villagers and does not see. He wants his name changed to messenger as he believes that is what he is best at through the thick forest surrounding the community. Matty has power which he does not really comprehend and makes go mad, the power of healing. Matty was known as Matt in the previous book, Gathering Blue’.

The ‘Gathering Blue’ is narrated through a setting where those who don’t work die. Kira is a character who has a deformed leg but an expert in weaving. Vandara in an evil enemy to Kira and request that she be taken to the field to die. Annabella is an elderly woman who taught Kira about dyes but was later dispatched to the field to die. Katrina is Kira’s mother but died of an illness while Christopher is her father who was believed to have been taken by the beast and later found in hiding and blind. The community has a lot of hatred among each other and they have to resolve it for a better future.

The ‘Messenger’ is one of the early books of the Giver Quartet. It was published in 2004 as a continuation to the thrilling unearthing of the fate of the Giver. It is the third in the Giver Quartet series with its events happening eight years after ‘The Giver’ and six years after the ‘Gathering Blue’ events. The Gathering Blue is the second piece of the Quartet which continues to spice up the storyline with a more captivating scene. The characters re-appear in both books making them strongly connected.

A film named, The Giver, given the go ahead in 2012 is set to be released in the North America by August 2014. Jeff Bridges will play the Giver while Brenton Thwaites is set to play Jonas.The Giver Quartet(Series by Lois Lowry) has won many accolades in its lifetime making it one of the most recommended book by teachers to their students. The awards include the 1994 Newbery medal, 1996 William Allen White Award and a ‘school library journal’ Book of the Year among others.

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