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Publication Order of Gladdy Gold Books

Getting Old is Murder (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old is the Best Revenge (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old is Criminal (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old is To Die For (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old is a Disaster (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old is Tres Dangereux (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old Can Kill You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old Can Hurt You (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Getting Old Will Haunt You (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Rita Lakin is a renowned American screenwriter who has penned more than 470 scripts. She is also the author of the book, The Only Woman in the Room, which is a memoir of her life. Lakin happens to be the first woman in the television. The Gladdy Gold mystery series is a seven-book mystery series that was published by Bantam Books and features books such as Getting Old Can Kill You, Getting Old is Murder and many others. Lakin began penning down her books in the early 1960’s for T.V shows such as Dr. Kildare, The Peyton Place and The Doctors. In the year 1968, Rita Lakin began working as the head writer and story editor of the Mob Squad. In the year, 1972, Lakin created the book, The Rookies. In the year 1977, Rita Lakin served s the executive producer of the film Executive Suits, which was adapted by CBS.

Lakin also penned down numerous Movies of the Week such as Women in Chains and various miniseries like Voices of the Heart and Strong Medicine. In the year 1981, Lakin developed the Television series adaptation and even served as Flamingo Road’s show runner. In the year 1989, Rita Lakin co-created Nightingales, a medical drama. Rita Lakin also co-authored two theatrical plays, Saturday Night at Grossinger’s and No Language but a Cry. Rita Lakin has received numerous awards and nominations such as the Writers Guild of America, Edgar Allan Poe and the Avery Hopwood Award.

Gladdy Gold Mystery Series

Getting Old is Criminal is the third book in the Gladdy Gold mystery series. In this book, Florida retiree Gladdy Gold, together with her sister, Evvie and all their friends who work at the Gladdy Gold detective agency make a return in this installment, to tackle various puzzlers. One of the case involves a peeping tom, who has constantly been haunting their retirement home. The other mystery involves Alvin Fergusson, a man who has hired the detectives to look into the suspicious death of his mother. Alvin believes that his mother was killed by his suave fiancée. This investigation in turn sends Evvie and Gladdy in disguise while taking up residency at the ritzy development, a place where the slaying paramour, had decided to call home. Upon investigating, Gladdy and Evvie come to the discovery that Philip Smythe did not in any way profited from the death. However, after a series of investigation, it is revealed that there was an exceedingly suspicious pattern and also some similar unnatural deaths.

When Evvie eventually begins to fall for Smythe, she eventually begins to become convinced about Smythe’s innocence as she moves slowly to danger. Apart from the skillful blend of the Yiddish humor, serious undercurrents and the exceedingly affectionate characters, the exceedingly simple story eventually picks up with speed as well as flavor with several twists that is characteristic of Agatha Christie’s protagonist, Miss Marple. Getting Old is Murder is another excellent addition to the Gladdy Gold mystery series. In Getting Old is Murder, the protagonist, Gladdy Gold, an enthusiastic mystery reader, embarks on a fresh career as a private investigator. Gladdy Gold decided to become a private detective, when a series of unexplained deaths began to occur at the Lanai Gardens, a community where she resides.

According to the evidence, the cause of death is old age, but Gladdy Gold suspects foul play. When the detectives do not believe that there was much more to the deaths, Gladdy Gold decides to organize her friends to become the Gladdy’s Gladiator. Once they begin their investigations, the Gladiators not only discovers similarities with the deaths but they also discover several real estate irregularities, which affect the Lanai Gardens. When the group finally think that they are finally trailing the killer, another person dies under some extremely weird circumstances. However, the only challenge is that the last death is much different from all the other deaths. The evidence gathered now points to one of the most trusted person in the retirement community.

However, Gladdy Gold does not believe the death and instead uses her mystery reading talents to locate the killer. With that said, Getting Old is Murder is filled with exceedingly fun characters and humor as well. As the first book in the Gladdy Gold mystery series, this book is highly entertaining. Another excellent read in the Rita Lakin book series is Getting Old is to Die For. Despite the fact that it is now over 40 years since her husband passed away, Gladdy Gold has never gotten over his death. Jack, Rita’s boyfriend want their relationship to grow deeper and deeper. Thus, Jack decides to travel from Florida all the way to New York so as to establish who was responsible for killing Gladdy’s husband. While Jack is working on the case, Gladdy together with her friends are working on various cases. Unaware of what Jack is currently doing, Gladdy believes that the relationship between the two is now over.

With that said, this is the fourth book in the Gladdy Gold mystery series by Rita Lakin. While Gladdy and her gang of detectives use their sleuthing skills to solve several mysteries in Florida, a bigger fraction of the story takes place in New York City. The story also revolves around Jack, who is more than determined to find out who killed Gladdy’s husband. This is unquestionably a great idea as the reader gets to meet both Jack’s and Gladdy’s families, which in turn plays a key role in their characterization. Getting Old is a Disaster is the fifth book in the Gladdy Gold book series. In this book, all the usual elements of any book series have been delivered here reliably. Gladdy Gold and her team of private investigators are back once more in this highly entertaining installment. The book begins as Gladdy Gold returns to Florida after a stint in New York City. Gladdy Gold is happy that they have sorted out things with Jack Langford her boyfriend. However, it does not take long before the entire team have completed their reunion than a notorious brigand, who is known as Grandpa Bandit decides to issue a challenge to Gladdy and her entire team of amateur sleuths.

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