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Publication Order of Opal Cowan Books

Glass is a young adult fantasy series by Maria V. Synder. The series stars Opal Cowen, a young lady with a unique ability that will later land her in trouble. Opal is not the most confident protagonist, but it is also admirable that she stays humble even when it is clear that her abilities are far above her peers. She will witness tremendous growth in the course of the series as she faces evil magicians and council elders who see her as a threat. As you follow Opal on her journey, you will also fall in love with Sitia and Ixia with all their magical systems and intriguing characters.

Storm Glass

Storm Glass is the first book in the Glass series. The book stars Opal Cowen, a talented glassmaker and also a magician-in-training. For Opal, it has been years of training with the top magicians in Sitia, but her reputation in this field is not as great. Unlike other magicians, Opal only has one talent, not to mention that nothing is outstanding about her. Well, this doesn’t last long. When she teams up with the famous Yelena to save Sitia, Opal is crowned as the glass magician. Someone has sabotaged the storm dancers’ glass orbs, so Opal is called to use her unique abilities.

The Stormdancers capture storms and put them in magical glass orbs. When the orbs are sabotaged, most of their powerful magicians are killed, and Kade is worried that this could happen again. Opal and Zitora head to the sea to help, but the glass magician is unprepared for what they find. When the mission doesn’t go as planned, Opal is forced to use different magic. To make this possible, she will have to first study the mystery behind the magic and glass in order to know what steps to take. While Opal believes she can handle the current problem, the future of the Stormdancers hangs in the balance. Will Opal be able to control her powers, given all the risks involved?

Follow Opal as she confronts the blue-eyed magician threatening the Stormdancers. The threat wakes the torturous memories she only wants to forget while putting the whole of Sitia in danger. It is admirable how Opal handles all the tasks on her plate without losing her cool. Sure, she doesn’t come off as confident in the beginning, but her abilities become apparent as the story progresses. Kade and Ulrick are other notable characters that you are going to love. At the heart of this story is a love triangle that is going to throw those involved a little off-guard. Will Opal and her friend win against the magician threatening them all?

Storm Glass is an intriguing story that will transport you to a different world where stormdancers and magic exist. The author has done a good job of developing the characters, and the cast is quite wide. With numerous twists and a rising pace, the author will take you through Opal’s adventures, where she will be putting her magic and glass making skills to the test. The action is unending, and each page reveals a new challenge that the protagonist must face to get the desired results. If you are looking for a good fantasy story in the young-adult category, this book is a perfect choice.

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is the second book in the Glass series. Opal was able to complete the last mission successfully, albeit with a few mishaps. She is back to making glass animals, but this presents yet another problem. The glass messengers she makes have become a part of the Sitian society. In the past, they were only used by magicians and councilors. Unfortunately, powerful factions want to control the glass messengers, and this can only mean that if they succeed, they will have control over Sitia. As if things cannot get any complicated, there is also the issue of blood magic. Opal is sure that this magic is still in use, but no one else believes her.

Opal’s life turns upside down when the council discovers that she can steal other people’s magical powers. To the council, Opal becomes a threat. Despite all she has done for them, they still plan to put her under house arrest. This puts Opal in a trick position since she has plans to swap Ulrick and Devlen back to their bodies. Opal is concerned that Devlen has taken Ulrick’s place in the Citadel as no one can predict what will happen next. How can Opal convince the council that she is not the enemy they should be focusing on? How about the body switch between Devlen and Ulrick? Is Ulrick innocent in all this, and how will he act if Opal succeeds in making the switch?

This second book is as enjoyable as the first one, if not better. Opal is growing more likable, and it is admirable that she is learning how to stand up for herself. While she keeps working towards a greater good, Opal will commit some serious mistakes, and it is painful watching her walk into one trap after another. Towards the end, Opal shows what she is capable of, and it is impressive how she continues to grow as the series progresses. Other notable characters include Yelena, who is Opal’s opposite in every possible way, Janco and Kade. There is also some romance between the protagonist and Kade, but the author doesn’t dwell on it much.

Sea Glass is an action-packed story that exposes more of the enemies Opal has to deal with. The author also introduces the reader to more Sitian clans and their ways of life. A lot is going in the story, so there is never a dull moment. Opal is growing more confident though she still has some way to go as far as trusting her gut instinct is concerned. There are a few revelations towards the end that are sure to change the course of Opal’s life. What does the future hold for this talented young lady and the rest of the cast? You will have to read this book to find out.

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