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Publication Order of Van Shaw Books

Past Crimes (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hard Cold Winter (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Day Above Ground (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mercy River (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dangerous Breed (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Island of Thieves (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Glen Erik Hamilton is a native of Seattle currently settled in California with his family. He likes to pen down novels based on the thriller, suspense, and mystery genres. The real genesis of writing a novel came only after moving down and settling to California with his wife. He visits Seattle frequently to enjoy the rain. The settings of the city with rapid changes between good and bad during the latest boom period inspired him.

The author has a sense of excitement whenever he reads a new thriller book. He is a well-known writer and a winner of Strand Critics Award for Best First Novel, 2016. Currently, his debut PAST CRIMES is nominated for the 2016 Nero Award. HARD COLD WINTER is the second book in the Van Shaw series, published in March by William Morrow (US) and Faber & Faber (UK).

The author, Glen Erik Hamilton grew up aboard a sailboat. He spent his youth around the marinas and commercial docks along with islands of the Pacific Northwest. He grew up reading lot many books. Actually, the anchor provided many reading hours to him and for his family. He belongs to a voracious reader’s family as his parents love to read. He enjoyed writing while in school.

However, until moving to California he didn’t took this seriously. After taking a few months off between jobs, he would go to the local library and write longhand sitting in a carrel. He used to follow this writing just to check his work and whether he could produce it on pages.

Finally, he decided to start to take classes and find writing groups so as to polish his skills and get better in writing. Glen Erik Hamilton knew the fact that he has some writing talent but it was cheap. Hence, he believes that his success is mostly of a blend of hard work and unreasonable enthusiasm.

How an unpublished writer became an author?

The author of two was an unpublished writer less than three years ago. He had a crisp new manuscript. He had long talks with the literary agent about the book. The very first question of the agent was “Is this book the first in a series” and Hamilton assured her that he have hopes of long series as practically series sell better. The author loves to assemble a huge cast of characters and then bouncing them off one another in different sets and combinations along with different conflicts. The series of books always have creative advantages.

The author writes about the criminal aspects and to experience the same he broke into a lot of houses and also robbed some banks, actually the action is performed all in the head not in reality. This is done just to get the feel for the work and this imagination helped him to plot the criminal scenes and aspects. He read many books for the military aspects. He even interviewed veterans of Special Operations and feel hugely grateful to them. They not only guided but also checked the book, for specifics and for the feel.

Past Crimes- First Novel by Erik Hamilton:

His first novel Past Crimes was released and it was a big hit. The story of Van Shaw who is an Army range was raised to be thief. He returns home to Seattle after 10 years, in response to a terse message sent by Donovan “Dono” Shaw “Come home, if you can”. The man who sent the message was the one who raised him. He was his grandfather. He taught Shaw to be like him. He was a skillful and careful thief. However, at the age of 18, Shaw left his grandfather after a bitter fight, breaking all the ties and abandoning his illicit past and joined the army.

Upon arrival at Dono’s house, he finds his grandfather on the floor, bleeding and dying of a gunshot to the head. Shaw knows he’s the main suspect due to a lifetime tough history between him and his grandfather. Shaw connects with Dono’s old buddies; Hollis Brant who is a smuggler, and Jimmy Corcoran, so that he can clear his name.

The author makes complex occasions feel alive with his writings. To know what Dono was up to, he had to go back to the crime world that he had sworn to leave behind. He needs all his criminal skills and ranger training to hunt the shooter and solve the mystery behind his grandfather reaches out after long period of time. The author details Shaw?s upbringing in the flashbacks and surrounds him with characters intriguing on both sides of the law.

HARD COLD WINTER- Second in the series:

With successful part one submission of the two book work, he book Past Crime was sold within few months. Another book published in the series of Van Shaw by author Glen Erik Hamilton is titled as “HARD COLD WINTER”. It is published in March 2016 by published in March by William Morrow (US) and Faber & Faber (UK) . He has written volumes of books related to the challenges of writing a second book.

In the second book of the Van Shaw series, Elana Coll, who was once the closest of former Army ranger and thief Van Shaw’s late grandfather in Seattle, has gone missing. Shaw’s grander father calls him in favor.

Will wants Van to locate her and Shaw begins on a dangerous journey to the Olympic Mountains. Elana was also a thief and was close to Van when both were teens. He finds a brutal murder scene in the Olympic Forest where Elana and her rich boyfriend, Kend Haymes, were shot to death.

But this was just the start of the Shaw’s trouble and he has to face a lot more on his journey. The murder investigation began and the motive behind the murders was searched. A heavy pressure is build where a billionaire businessman was on one side and gangsters on another, both willing to play dirty.
The author’s fictional and mysterious work is loved by the reader and he has continually pushed his boundaries to make his work a worth read.

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  1. Alice Mae Thomsen: 2 years ago

    I read Mercy River and just couldn’t put it down. I am a retired Veteran too. Also having grown up all over Oregon I could relate to the supposed location of Mercy River. I have lived in Prineville, Redmond, Burns. Fished and hunted the Malheur Rivers, etc. Felt at home for me location wise, but as a woman soldier I could related to all the soldier interaction. Reminded me of Reacher by Lee Childs.


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