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Glenda Thomspon is a Texan author and a former medical emergency technician married to a

law enforcer. She uses information from both professions to write the Broken World novels.
When not writing, you can find Glenda dancing on the road during a rainstorm.

Broken Toys features a Texas ranger named Noah Morgan, who has an organised life, a good

job, and the lady of his dreams. However, not all that glitters is gold, as all this is based on a lie,
and it only takes a single call to bring everything down. The call is from a furious citizen who
launched a complaint about poor artistry that left him a booby-trapped driveway. Noah
receives the call since all the local sheriff’s office staff are busy.

The investigation of local scam artists is launched, and sooner or later, it starts unveiling a
human trafficking ring. Noah is determined to do all in his power to avoid being taken back to
his killer family, and he ran out on them when he was seventeen. Can he keep his past hidden,
or will his well-organized life come to a tragic end?

Noah can’t believe that all he escaped is now at the brink of bursting out and exposing all his
dirty linen to the public. He is caught up in a web of kidnapping, murder and deceit. Is he ready
to lose everything he has fought hard to earn so that he can keep those he loves safe?

Noah struggles with his secrets and a traumatising past as her tries to fulfil the vow he made for
himself to protect his future. What could have been a regular police report turns into a

homicide investigation, and as you dig deeper into the novel, more dirt comes to the surface.
Even though the main character is flawed and keeps a dark secret, he is ultimately so good at
his job. He is determined to fulfil his duty and protect the future he vowed to himself.

The story gets complex when the investigators get near to finding the kidnapped and trafficked
children, but an obstacle and distraction come out of the blues. Can they finally get hold of the
missing children before it's too late?

The tale kicks up with high suspense, which the author maintains throughout the novel. Thanks
to the solidly built characters, there are also lots of action-packed scenes. Glenda also throws in
some romance and family drama to blend in with all the crimes featured in the story. She

makes sure she puts multiple storylines that move parallel to each other, keeping the author
engaged until the surprise ending.

The interconnecting stories will keep you guessing what will happen to the characters in the
story. With the mastered suspense and a flawed but empathetic hero, you can’t help but stay
glued to your seat. You’ll find yourself hoping that the investigators could find the missing girls.
Broken Toys is a story of two Texas rangers, one a single father of 3 daughters and the second
one with a secret past, who decides to catch up with him.

Glenda Thompson has done an excellent job of including enough humour and romance to
brighten the mood of the readers. Broken Toys is a reader-engaging thriller about human
trafficking in Texas.

The author has done some homework on research as the details of her stories are all relatable
to the topic. The novel is not for the faint-hearted, as it touches on the gruesome and
heartbreaking reality of human trafficking. Every aspect of the story is realistic, from the
characters to the setting to the fine details of law enforcement to the tragedy of human
trafficking. The story keeps the reader entertained and curious to continue reading to the last

With her knowledge of Texas and the Lawmen, Glenda gives her heroes and heroine a few
significant crises to conquer as she tries to answer what happens when the evil you fled stamps
your back. Broken Toys is a well-written and absorbing suspense novel that keeps you on the
edge of your seat or stay up late flipping pages. When not laughing out loud, you’ll find yourself
empathising with Noah when his past catches up with him. The author has done an excellent
job of blending crime and family drama with some touch of romance.

Broken Dreams is the story of a ranger, Rhyden Trammer, from Texas, who treads a tightrope.
Apart from being a single dad, he fights crime in Bennett County while still battling a demon
more dangerous than drug addiction, fueled by the wounds of his past.

His daughters are already traumatised and deserve better from their father and not a fading
hero fighting with his demons. With a notorious serial rapist roaming in Bennett County, people
are living in fear, wondering who will be the next victim. Soon word started spreading about the
unthinkable, but could the rapist be the sheriff’s assistant?

Soon when the investigation puts his seventeen-year-old daughter on the radar of the rapist
turned into a killer, Rhyden knows that justice might not be served accordingly. Can he hunt
down a monster while still fighting his inner demons? When addiction begins to hold hi
m down,
his inner demons begin to confront him, and he might risk losing everything he has.
Can Rhyden beat all odds and bring to light the natural predator before another person turns
up dead? Will his inner demons claim him before he can hunt him down and leave his daughter
haunted by the tragedy?

The author handles this sensitive topic keenly, using the correct vocabulary for such situations.
She seamlessly weaves the police procedural, crime, and family drama. The pacing is excellently
managed, as many intense and heartbreaking situations blend in with the right amount of

Glenda Thompson’s novels are distinct and detailed. Even though they can be read as
standalone, it’s a good idea to start from the beginning to enjoy the beauty of seeing your
favourite character evolve and change. The author is good at making the reader empathise with
the villains before delighting in their rescue.

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