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Chronological Order of Glenmore Park Mystery Books

Mike Omer is a best-selling Israeli author of fiction. He also writes under his full name Michael Omer and his pseudonym, Alex Rivers.

Mike was born in Jerusalem on June 20, 1979. He writes books in many genres, such as crime, thriller, fantasy, and horror. He is a best-selling writer that has had his books reach the tops of the lists in places like the New York Times and The Washington Post. His books have sold so well that they have been translated into fourteen languages. He has received awards for his work, such as the LiveLib Readers’ Choice Award for Detective Fiction, the Silver Raven Awar, and The Russian Detective Prize.

His mother and father are both psychologists. He also has four siblings, one of whom (Noam) is notably an artist. The family went to Boston to live there for a year when he was six years old as his father worked on his post-doctorate. There Michael picked up English and it contributed to his fluency today. They returned to live in Israel once more after that.

The author has always displayed talent when it comes to writing and was an avid reader of books when he was younger that usually fell into the science fiction or fantasy genre. It was while reading works by Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams when he was sixteen that he got the idea that he should write a first novel of his own. This would become The Geography of the End of the World. It was published by Opus in 1995. The publishing house had just debuted a book by the youngest author they represented. It was also the official joining of Mike into a group of Israeli authors writing science fiction and fantasy.

Upon turning eighteen years old, Mike entered into his chapter of Israeli mandatory military service. All citizens must join up when they are of the appropriate age, and Mike spent three years in Artillery Corps. Serving actually also had an effect on his writing, since he noticed that his writing was darker after serving. He was actually still actively serving while his second novel The Duck Attack was published in 1999. It was a young adult book.

Still influenced from being in the military, Mike decided to begin writing about Israel’s society and culture, providing a social commentary that led to him featuring his thoughts on a social satire site in 2009. Loof Columns is no longer active but published his insights onto society as well as columns penned by other writers.

He would also write the script for a computer game known as Misfortune in 2011 with two other people. For two years, Mike worked relentlessly on the main plot of the game and did a lot of world building in the process. The game is designed to be long, continuing for months while providing the player with various crossover story arcs.

Mike has been a CEO for Loadingames, a game developer, a journalist, and a military man. Today he is married to his wife who encourages him to go after his dreams and they share children as well as dogs together. He likes writing about characters that seem realistic and like they could be real in real life, those who commit crimes, those who are victims of crimes, and to indulge his penchant for humor by writing in a comedic style.

Spider’s Web is the first book in the Glenmore Park series by Mike Omer. If you love mysteries or thrillers, sharpen your teeth with this debut in the series from Mike Omer!

Death doesn’t usually come with a warning, but sometimes it does. The streets are falling prey to a mean killer, and no one is safe. The murderer is targeting young women, stalking and murdering them in what appears to be random selection. However, he always warns them before killing them.

Kendele Byers becomes yet another victim of this killer. She’s just twenty years old when she’s brutally killed, her body laid in a shallow grave. The woman worked in an unusual profession and had violence in her past, but there are plenty of suspects for who could have done it and no true frontrunner.

When another woman is killed, Detective Mitchell Lonnie starts to put the pieces together. His perception is that the two deaths are connected, and he knows Glenmore Park has a serial killer now. Both women had gotten a clue about their impending deaths minutes before being attacked, although it didn’t save them in the end. But now Mitchell has cause to be concerned as it appears the killer is starting to quicken the pace of his murders.

Working with his partner, Mitchell desperately needs to find the killer, or more are certain to die. Then his sister becomes part of it and Mitchell starts to lose his focus. This case gets personal, and with the stakes higher than ever, can he catch a killer before it’s too late?

Deadly Web is the second book in the Glenmore Park series by Mike Omer. If you liked the first thriller, check out the second in this installment and find out what happens!

Two dead people, one night. There’s a killer on the loose. Meanwhile, Detective Hannah Shor wants to show the higher-ups that she’s good at her job. She wants to show herself, too. She might get a shot at it when a man of middle age is discovered in his apartment stabbed to death. Then she finds out that the dead guy was a troll that would harass women sexually on Twitter. The detective has to contemplate if she really wants to catch the killer (she does, it’s just off-putting).

Worse, the night’s not over. A young woman is found hours later strangled and dead. Detective Jacob Cooper finds out that the woman was a recluse from the outside world, spending her time online in a violent role-playing game all day. If he wants to find out who killed her, the detective may just have to enter the game himself.

Hannah has to put aside her personal feelings and Jacob must get over his avoidance of technology if they want to solve this case. As they go online to try and find a killer, will they be successful? Or yet again too late? Read this compelling thriller to find out!

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