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The Torch Betrayal (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ultra Betrayal (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unquiet Genius (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trust No One (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Visit To The Ogre In His Den (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Glenn Dyer
Glenn Dyer was once a commercial television executive whose career spanned more than thirty-five years. It was a career that took him to cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, Washington, DC, and Dallas.

Glenn went back to Park City, Utah in his retirement in 2013 to write on a full time basis. Before this, he was an incredibly undisciplined writer that would write consistently for a few months before taking a long vacation from writing which could last six months.

He’s an associate member of the Author’s Guild, the International Thriller Writers, and The OSS Society.

Glenn went to Villanova University and he graduated from Boston University.

To get inspired to write, he does deep dives into his research and what he finds typically is enough to get the fires burning.

When he gets stuck on something, he’ll move onto another project in order to get the flow going again.

Glenn found this fascinating fact in “My Three Years with Eisenhower (1942-1945)” by Captain Harry Butcher about this page that contained the directives for Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa, which vanished. Butcher never states whether or not it was found.

“The Torch Betrayal” is Glenn’s tale of what actually happened to this top secret page. And is the result of all of his “what if” questions he had started asking. Like what if the document did end up falling into the hands of enemy spies? Glenn surmised that since the invasion went off as planned, the document must’ve been discovered otherwise why risk so many lives. So he built a story around what could have actually happened to this missing page. This is where Conor Thorn comes in.

Dyer did a lot of research for the novel on the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), its chief Bill Donovan, and Operation Torch. And he found every bit of it fascinating. Then there was research about life in Morocco, England during wartime, and other settings such as Lisbon and the Vatican in the year 1942. taking a trip to London added an incredible amount of depth to his research. He loves history a lot making it easy to just “get lost” in the research end of the project.

When Glenn writes, he never focuses on the word count, instead just going with the flow. If the words are flowing, he takes it as far as he is able to. When they don’t, he never forces it. Glenn is highly dependent on his outline and spends quite a lot of time working on his outline. He includes in his outline a slew of details as to the weather, setting, clothing, and smells so he remembers to add them to the scene.

He also finds that he can’t help but stop writing in order to do just a little bit more research. The habit will torpedo any amount of momentum, yet it often adds a bit of credibility to his story.

“The Ultra Betrayal” was inspired by information he found in “Bodyguard of Lies” by Anthony Cave Brown. He writes about a Polish engineer being smuggled out of Poland to Paris. The novel is Glenn’s story as to what actually happened to this engineer.

“The Torch Betrayal” is the first novel in the “Conor Thorn” series and was released in the year 2018. One disgraced agent, and a missing battle plan. Is he going to find redemption or just damage the Allies beyond any kind of repair?

London in 1942. OSS Agent Conor Thorn’s desperate for another chance. After botching a mission in Tangier, he knows that failure’s not an option. When confidential directives for the invasion of North Africa, Operation Torch, disappear, the agent has to recover the plans before Nazis thwart this vital mission.

Thorn partners with Emily Bright, an MI6 agent, to locate the traitor working with them. Untangling the web of suspects takes them to double-crossing Soviet spies, Nazi sympathizers, and Vatican clergymen with their own agendas. While their mission gets increasingly more dangerous, Emily and Conor have just a single chance to retrieve this document before it lands in enemy hands, leaving a countless amount of Allied troops in danger.

“The Ultra Betrayal” is the second novel in the “Conor Thorn” series and was released in the year 2020. October of 1942. Rule breaking OSS Agent Conor Thorn gets assigned a mission that’ll help the Allied war effort when a vital Swedish cryptographer that’s stationed in England vanishes. Thorn’s determined to track him down before critical information gets into the hands of the enemy. However Emily Bright disappears while trailing the code breaker to Stockholm, plunging Conor into a most ominous Nazi conspiracy.

Conor, suspicious of the cryptographer’s wife and racing against the clock to prevent rather damaging leaks, mounts quite a daring operation. However if the bold agent’s plan ends up failing, he risk compromising Allied tactics and would put thousands of valiant lives in jeopardy.

Can Conor stop prized secrets from setting off even more wartime carnage?

“The Unquiet Genius” is the third novel in the “Conor Thorn” series and was released in the year 2021. A race to find the ultimate weapon, a scientist in hiding. Can one bold operative crush Nazi plans before he gets taken out by a Nazi’s bullet?

December of 1942. Conor Thorn’ll stop at absolutely nothing in order to end Hitler’s rein of terror. So once a brilliant nuclear physicist is found holed up in Italy, this elite OSS agent reunites with his MI6 counterpart and sneaks behind enemy lines for a recruitment mission. Now Thorn is being pitted against rival forces that are also on the hunt. Thorn’s hell bent on preventing the key to the atomic weapon from falling into the ruthless Nazi hands.

As the clock is ticking down on this escalating war, his operation falls under threat once his objective proves to be elusive. And while Russia, the Vatican, and one double-dealing Italian monsignor all converge on this hesitant theoretician’s hideaway, Conor struggles to steer clear of an ever-tightening lethal trap.

Will he be able to deliver victory to the Allies before the world ends up going in flames?

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