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Glennon Doyle is a self-help, memoir, and spirituality author that is best known for “Love Warrior,” her New York Times chart-topping biography that she published in 2016. Her debut work was an Oprah Book Club pick in 2016. She then followed it up with “Carry On, Warrior,” which also went on to top the bestselling lists at the New York Times. Given her exploits, she was in the “SuperSoul100” first-ever group of the Oprah Winfred Network 100 awakened leaders using their talent and voices to benefit humanity. She is also a speaker, activist, and founder of a non-profit organization named “Together Rising.” The organization through its “Love Flash Mobs” has been responsible for raising tens of millions for children, families, and women in crisis. Glennon is also the creator of the online community Momastery, a website where millions of readers congregate to experience her irreverent and moving essays on connection, marriage, recovery, motherhood, addiction, mental health, and faith. In 2014, Momastery and Doyle won the Best all Around Social Media activist prize by “Parents Magazine.” Reese’s Book Club named “Untamed” her 2020 novel as part of their selection in 2020. Most of her work is inspired by her own experiences which provide fresh, authentic, hopeful, and empowering perspectives in life that have been described and beautiful even if brutal.

Doyle grew up in Burke in Virginia to a family that had a strong storytelling tradition. That she would grow up to become a professional author came as no surprise to Amanda Doyle her sister. According to her sister, Glennon had always been that person that everyone in the village turned to when they needed something important such as wedding vows or a speech written. When she got married and had children, she would often send emails to friends and family with musings about marriage, recovery, parenting, and faith. Doyle would often call them up a few hours later asking what they thought of them though most would not have read them even several days later. In 2009, one of her friends thought she would be best served if she had a website and thus sent her a website building tutorial. Soon after, she had built Momastery, where she started posting her daily musings to a growing audience. She has said that the reason she became a blogger and author is her friends no longer wanted to read her writings on the regular. The very first time she wrote something in her blog and strangers told her it was some of the most honest writing they ever read, she knew she had something. Glennon Doyle has said that her writing is not inspired by her wounds but rather by her scars. While she has had quite an interesting even if brutal life, she uses these experiences to write her stories that she puts on the screen or the page.

Glennon Doyle hit rock bottom when she was in high school as she struggled with overeating that was then followed by bouts of disgust resulting in bulimia. She even spent some time in a mental hospital right before the homecoming parade. When she graduated from high school, she went to Madison University from where her struggles continued as she got addicted to alcohol and cocaine. Luckily, she managed to graduate from college and went on to become a teacher. However, the feeling of emptiness continued and she went back to drugs and alcohol until one night, blacked out on the cold tiles, she knew what she wanted – motherhood. She got married to former model Craig Melton and together they got three children between 2002 and 2016. After fourteen years of marriage, everything fell apart due to her husband’s infidelity and the couple got divorced in 2016. Doyle is now married to football star Abby Wambach whom she met while on a book tour.

Glennon Doyle’s memoir “Love Warrior” is the account of the implosion of her marriage and her journey of self-discovery. Just when she thought she had left all the bad days behind her with a doting spouse, three happy children, and a successful writing career that had her books topping the New York Times bestselling list – her life had come crashing down. Her husband had confessed to infidelity and as a former bulimic and alcoholic, she was in the familiar place of rock bottom. In her deepest pain, she reminded herself that she often found a richer life soon after moments of utmost pain. As such, the memoir is a story of how healing is possible for anyone that rejects settling for good enough and instead face love and pain head-on. The intriguing memoir reveals how strongly held ideals of femininity and masculinity can make it impossible for a woman and man to truly understand each other. It also captures the beauty that is possible when two people decide to unlearn everything they were taught, and go on to find true love once again.

Glennon Doyle’s “Carry On, Warrior” is a novel that has the author sharing some of the most beloved essays and articles from her blog on In the book, she gives an account of her triumphs and mistakes with humor and candor that gives language to what are often universal experiences. According to Glennon, it is only when we shed our armor, stop competing, hiding, and struggling for perfection, which she believes is a mirage is when friendship, marriage, and motherhood become easier. She writes like a witty and wise friend who is trying to inspire others by encouraging them not to look at their imperfections. Instead, she says that small acts of love and making the most of gifts and talents is what makes a better world. While it speaks to serious issues and offers an honest approach to motherhood, it is still a very humorous novel with many laugh out loud moments. As a Christian, she also includes issues of faith especially when she tells of the times when she was feeling down. However, she does it in a subtle not so in your face preachy way, which makes the book palatable even for people without faith.

“Untamed” by Glennon Doyle is a very personal account of the author’s journey of discovery, fighting for and laying claim to the love of her life. It is a novel that tells of how people can get caged into an expectation rat race and how important it is to break free. The author gives recommendations on how to trust, love, and reclaim oneself through abandoning the expectations of others. It is a story of learning that being a mother is not about slowly dying for one’s children but rather reaching one’s children how to live their lives with boldness and bravery. It is about how Glennon started becoming a model rather than a martyr. It is a story of how she learned through blending her family and divorce that a broken family is any that will have one or more members break themselves to fit in. On the other hand, the definition of a whole family is one in which all members are free to bring themselves as they are without losing a sense of belonging. Through losing her family through divorce and finding another she learned how to honor her anger, set boundaries, channel her anxiety, and make peace with her body.

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