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God Don’t Like Ugly Books In Order

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Publication Order of God Don't Like Ugly Books

God Don't Like Ugly (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Still Don't Like Ugly (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Don't Play (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Ain't Blind (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Ain't Through Yet (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
God Don't Make No Mistakes (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

God Don’t Like Ugly is a series of cultural (African American) novels written by a bestselling American author of literature and fiction novels, Mary Monroe. The author began publication of God Don’t Like Ugly series in 2000 when God Don’t Like Ugly the first book in the series was published. The series lasted six novels concluding in 2012 when God Don’t Make No Mistakes was published.

God Don’t Like Ugly

New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist Mary Monroe takes the readers back to the streets, parlors, and porches of civil rights- era Ohio and bring to life the first steps of everlasting friendship between two girls from two very different worlds.

Annette Goode is introverted, awkward, obese child with a very dark secret. Scare and ashamed at the same time, she dives into the world of books and food. But the summer when Annette turns 13 something magical happens, as Rhoda Nelson chooses her as a friend.

The glaring and
generous Rhoda who is quite the opposite of Annette (she is beautiful, slim and lively) welcomes her friend Annette into the heart of her family that includes her sexy and respected father, her beautiful but fragile mother, her brother Jock, and her colorful relatives. With Rhoda’s help, Annette is able to survive adolescence and comes out as a woman. But when her gorgeous friend makes a shocking revelation, about a terrible childhood crime, Annette’s life will never be the same again.

The first in the series is narrated in first person perspective through the eyes of Annette Goode. Having relocated from Florida in the 1950’s Annette and her beloved mother set up housekeeping in Ohio on the advice of a close family friend, Scary Mary. In the effort of making providing for the family, Annette’s mom moves in with Mr. Boatwright, and in the first year, the man becomes Annette’s step father.

However in the second year, the man starts sexually molesting Annette, and the abuse goes on for the next ten years. After moving to a new house, Annette makes friends with Rhoda Nelson, the daughter of a Negro undertaker. And in Rhoda’s eyes, she sees everything that she is not. The rest of the story follows Annette and Rhoda relationship through the most turbulent times of the 1960’s and 70’s. God Don’t Like Ugly isn’t your average coming of age novels; there intricate twists and turns that make it stand uniquely from other books in this field.

Mary Monroe has woven an great novel. The narrative, the characterization of both Annette and Rhoda, and the twists and turns make the books beautiful. The author has developed and maintained a sense of tension in the narrative with Annette’s abuse by her step father.

God Still Don’t Like Ugly

God Still Don’t Like Ugly is the sequel to the first book in God Don’t Like Ugly series. The novel continues the story of Annette Goode, her beloved family, and her misfit band of friends as she makes her way back to Richland, Ohio after fleeing to preserve her sanity nearly ten years earlier.

Even though Annette is now mature and has gained some bits of self-confidence, she still harbors emotional and mental scars left by Mr. Boatwright and the murderous games of her best friend, Rhoda.

The story kicks off with our heroine making a step towards reconciliation, she sets for Miami to meet with her biological father who deserted her and her mom over three decades ago and also meets her estranged half-sister, Lillimae.

Mary Monroe focuses mostly on the theme of reconciliation as Annette also reconnects with her childhood friend Pee-Wee and starts an unexpected steam romantic relationship with him. However, drama still clings to the once sexually abused heroine like a shadow and her life takes a twisted turn by the sudden reappearance of her best friend, Rhoda.

Fortunately, Annette is never alone in her despair, and the expression, “misery loves company” is entirely justified by Monroe in the subplots involving Rhoda, Lillimae, and Jean.

Once again, Mary Monroe has skillfully woven a beautiful story, spiced up with the theme of reconciliation intermixed with redemption and forgiveness as showcased at the peak of the story when Annette’s life as prostitutes get in the way of her wedding. This triggers the collapse of the concrete wall of lies she has built for herself and opens a floodgate of truth that facilitates the healing of the wounds of each character. Testimonies are shared, dark secrets revealed, and the lost ones are reunited with their folks. Annette also learns that the truth sets one free, and the truth brings an end to the cloud of darkness in her life. What you will love in the second series installment is the fact that Mary Monroe has added lots of unforeseen twists and turns which makes the story a real page-turner.

God Don’t Play

In the third book in God Don’t Like Ugly in Mary Monroe’s bestselling series, Annette finally has it all. She is married to a handsome man who loves her, has a gorgeous young daughter, a good house, job and a perfect best friend.

However, in all these goodness, someone is apparently sending her anonymous letters that attack her physical appearance, and she immediately confides in Jade and Rhoda. And as the anonymous hate letters and threatening phone calls become more ugly and violent, Annette heeds to her friend’s advice and sets out to find the person who is stalking her.

Along the way, Annette is forced to reveal some of her darkest secrets she has been hiding, including childhood sexual abuse and poverty, a brief spell turning tricks as a child and being an accomplice to murder.

Additionally, Annette also confronts distressing insecurity, unfashionable, and obese and ponders how long she can cling to a husband who according to rumors has his name tattooed on the butt of her main suspect.

With Rhoda becoming one of her best alliances, Annette is determined to find a way out of this mess and figure out the identity of the person stalking her. If you like fictional stories that revolve around the study of African American culture, then God Don’t Like Ugly series is a great match for you.

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