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Publication Order of Goddess Summoning Books

Goddess of the Sea (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess of Spring (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess of Light (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess of the Rose (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess of Love (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Warrior Rising (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goddess of Legend (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Goddess Summoning” is a series of romance/fantasy novels by Phyllis Christine Cast, otherwise known as P.C. Cast. Cast often writes her novels such as those of the House of Night series, Partholon and Goddess Summoning series with her daughter Kristin Cast. Cast’s debut novel was the 2001 published title “Goddess by Mistake” that she published in 2001. The novel was National Readers Choice Award finalist, and won the Laurel Wreath Award, the Holt Medallion, and the Prism Award. In 2005, she collaborated with Kristin Cast to write the popular “House of Night” series of novels. The Cast’s novels have seen much popularity and increasing commercial and critical success owing to the resurgence of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. In fact the fifth novel of the “House of Night” series made it to the best-seller lists of The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

PC was born and raised in Watseka, Illinois in the American Midwest and spent much of her life shuttling between Oklahoma and Illinois, which is where she got into a romantic relationship with everything mythology and Quarter Horses. After finishing her high school studies, she joined the US Air Force and soon became a writer and public speaker. She spent several years with the United States Air Force and even went on tour before she quit to go teach high school for fifteen years. She quit teaching to become a full-time author and made it big with her “House of Night” and “Goddess Summoning” series that have won her several awards over the years. The New York Times bestselling author boasts an Oklahoma book award, the Daphne du Maurier, Reviewers Choice Award from the Romantic Times, and is a member of the Writers Hall of Fame Oklahoma chapter. She lives in Oregon with her daughter Kristin and their bunch of horses, her crazy coon, and an adorable pack of dogs.

The “Goddess Summoning” series is a refreshing take on our favorite ancient Greek mythology. P.C. Cast writes about independent and strong heroines that never need a man to feel complete. On the other hand, her heroes are respectful and appreciative of women even as they are strong masculine figures in the mold of Achilles, Apollo, and Hades. The men are emotionally enigmatic, dark and brooding heroes that tend to be ridiculously handsome, well-built, and very sexy. Though they are easily the black sheep, when it comes to matters of love they are reluctant, shy and scared of getting hurt given their experiences with love. Nonetheless, they are also in great need of a meaningful and deep connection since they are desperately lonely. Despite their reticence towards love and romance they tend to be understanding and compassionate as opposed to the dark and horned figures that we have come to expect of such characters. As for the heroin, she is kind, strong, funny and smart woman that elicits admiration in being so independent yet relatable. The supporting cast is also interesting and enhance the main plot through their own very intriguing sub-plots to the main narratives. What makes these novels so great is that they have great characters and are tied together by a romance theme making it easy to read them as standalones or in order. The novels are a combination of Persephone and Hades and Beauty and the Beast but with better story-lines. The stories are full of realistic characterization and are funny, romantic, and realistic in their portrayal of Greek mythology.

“Goddess of Spring” is the second exciting novel of the “Goddess Summoning” series of novels by P.C. Cast. Lina finds herself in dire straits as her Tulsa bakery is unprofitable and may soon shut down if she does not find a solution. She finds an old rugged Italian Goddess cookbook and thinks it may just be the answer for her failing business. But using the cookbook means invoking the Goddess that brings her face to face with the Goddess Demeter that has an ingenious plan. Demeter requests Lina to take up the soul of the Goddess of Spring Persephone, who will re energize the bakery while the real Lina sets about bring order to the Underworld. Prior to all these, the only things she worried about were second dates and sour dough. She is now the embodiment of Persephone and is charged with bringing Spring in the dark world of spirits. But when the dark, brooding, and handsome Hades lights a spark in her heart, Lina thinks she may just have met the man she had always wanted. Hades is an expert lover who learns how to seduce Lina/Persephone so that he might become just the man she wanted. He is a refreshing change from the typical male that believes they have what it takes to sweep every woman off their feet. He brings to the scene sincere and intimate romance while still being the wicked god that can shake the ground when he is angry.

“Goddess of the Sea” the debut novel of the series is one of the most thrilling of mythology romances one could ever read. On the night she is to turn twenty five, Christine Canady a US air Force Sergeant finds herself all alone in her apartment wishing for just a little of magic in her dreary life. She had just had a too much champagne that had driven her to do a crazy thing; summon a goddess with a ritual she got from a book. She never thought the spell would work but doing the ritual would cheer her up, or so she thought. Her life soon turns interesting when her plane crashes into the sea and she wakes up to find she is in a new world of magic and legend. But this is a dangerous world where she would die were it not for the help of the goddess Gaea, who turns her into a beautiful girl that can make it into the safer coast. Christine is soon found and rescued by a man who risks his life to get her out of the nasty predicament. She should fall in love with the knight on shining armor but she cannot get the sexy merman Dylan and his sea abode out of her mind and heart. The novel is a great twist on ancient Greek mythology that has a lot of fun with the narratives of romance mermaids and mermans making for a thrilling read.

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