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Good Buy Girls Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Good Buy Girls Mystery Books

Josie Belle
50% Off Murder (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deal to Die For (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Buried in Bargains (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marked Down for Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Sales Final (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Good Buy Girls Mysteries series is a series of suspense and cozy mystery books written by one of the New York Times bestselling authors from The United States named Jenn McKinlay. She wrote the series under the pen name of Josie Belle. The novel series is comprised of a total of 5 books which were released between the years 2012 and 2015. Each and every book in this mystery series revolves around the events in the life of the chief protagonist named Maggie Gerber. She has been described by author Belle as helping to lay the foundation of a hunting club called Good Buy Girls. The club is a bargain club and after some time the circumstances force Maggie Gerber to look for the killers along with the bargains. All the books of the series are set in a small and quiet called St. Stanley in Virginia, United States. Maggie runs the club along with 3 other women, all of whom are masters at shopping and coupon clipping. Throughout the course of the series, author Belle has shown that Maggie goes on to engage in several mysterious situations filled with a lot of humor. She is joined by the other women founders of her club in solving the mysteries. The series also features a little bit of romance, several quirky characters, clever stories, and layered plots, which makes the series even more interesting to read. Author Belle began writing the series in the year 2012 and released its debut novel in the same year. It was published under the title of 50% Off Murder. As of now, the series is still going on and author Belle is about to publish a new book in the series very soon.

One of the most popular books of the Good Buy Girls Mysteries series written by author Josie Belle is titled as ‘Buried in Bargains’. It was released in the year 2013 by Berkeley publication. At the start of the story depicted in this book, it is shown that Maggie Gerber and her 3 friends, who are masters at bargaining while shopping, are preparing themselves for a big thrift shopping sale on holiday. But, one among those women named Joanne Claramotta appears to be acting a little less festive than usual. Since she is pregnant with her first kid, the other women, including Maggie suspect that her strange behavior could be because of the hormones. The other reason behind her change in festive mood could be a young knockout lady named Diane Jenkins, whom her husband named Michael Claramotta has chosen as his new assistant. All the women try to calm down Joanne’s nerves and hope that it does not turn out as Joanne is suspecting about Michael and Diane Jenkins. But, when Maggie discovers Michael Claramotta lying in an unconscious condition on the floor of his deli, calming the nerves of Joanne become extremely difficult for her. The problem increases even further when the dead body of Diane Jenkins is also discovered near the place where Michael was found. She was strangled with the strings of her apron.

Maggie decides to dig into the matter on her own and find out who was really responsible for the death of Diane Jenskins. She also wonders how Michael ended up unconscious near Diane’s dead body. While searching for a clue in the case, Maggie also seems worried about the mental and physical condition, as being pregnant and seeing her husband in trouble could not be easy to handle for Joanne Claramotta. As Maggie continues to investigate the matter, she comes across a very disturbing fact. She does find any record of the hiring of Diane Jenkins for the post of Michael’s assistant at the deli. Furthermore, Maggie Gerber could not find any other information about Diane. Neither any record at the deli nor any history about her otherwise. It appears as if Diane Jenkins never existed. As the matter continues to heat, Maggie Gerber fears that if she investigates further to unwrap the secrets of Michael Claramotta it could kill the spirit of her holiday. Also, she has to look after the condition of Joanne Claramotta as her delivery period also comes closer.

Another intriguing and exciting book published in the series and written by author Belle is titled as ‘Marked Down for Murder’. The Berkeley publication once again released the book in the 2014. Author Belle has depicted the chief characters in this plot in the form of Maggie Gerber, Summer, and Sam. At the beginning of the book, it is depicted that Maggie Gerber has many events lined up for herself in the coming days. At first, she looks forward to spend the Valentine’s day with her lover named Sam. Also, she seems excited to go shopping on the occasion of the upcoming sales at the time of President’s Day along with the women from her bargaining club. Because of such interesting events, everything appears to be bargains and roses for Maggie Gerber. However, things begin to take a different turn when the mother of her nemesis, Summer, arrives in town. After her arrival, things do not look rosy anymore. The mother of Summer hopes to set up the match of her spoiled daughter with Maggie’s sweetheart, Sam. And it appears that she has prepared herself completely to go to any ends to make her wish happen.

When Maggie comes to know about this level of scheming from her rival’s mother, she decides to head to her house and put a stop to all the scheming and planning. But, when she enters into the Summer’s house, she finds her standing near a dead body in one corner and holding the murder weapon in her hand. On one hand, Maggie feels happy that her romantic rival would be removed from her path completely when she gets punished for the deadly crime and she will be able to have Sam in her life forever. But, on the other hand, Maggie is unable to shake the feeling that the spoiled girl is actually innocent. Unwantedly, Maggie Gerber begins to look into the matter and investigate to find the truth. She is assisted by the other women from the Good Buy Girls club to look for the clues related to the murder case. Maggie Gerber and her lady friends begin to sort through the long list of suspects so as to find the killer and prevent Summer from getting punished for the crime that she has not committed.

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