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Publication Order of Good To The Last Death Books

It's A Wonderful Midlife Crisis (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Who's Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway? (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Most Excellent Midlife Crisis (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Midlife Crisis, My Rules (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Light Up My Midlife Crisis (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's a Matter of Midlife and Death (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Facts of Midlife (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's A Hard-Knock Midlife (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run for Your Midlife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's a Hell of a Midlife (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Leaner Meaner Midlife (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Having the Time of My Midlife (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Good to the Last Death
Good to the Last Death is a book series written by American author Robyn Peterman (June 1965—). Her father is John Peterman and her brother is Matthew Peterman; Robyn is married to actor Steven James Zahn with whom they have children named Henry James Zahn and Audrey Clair Zahn.

A one-time actress, Robyn is notable for acting as Roberta in the 1998 film Sour Grapes; and for her role, as Erica Chapman, in the 2000 film Boys and Girls. She was also a humor scriptwriter during her acting days. Robyn’s literary influences include novelists Thea Harrison, John Winslow Irving Darynda Jones, and David Raymond Sedaris. Robyn’s earliest books include How Hard Can It Be? (January 2013), and her genres are romance and speculative fiction.

Books in the Good to the Last Death
Robyn’s most notable book series is Hot Damned, although the Good to the Last Death series is the highest-rated comparatively. Dated February 16, 2020; It’s A Wonderful Midlife Crisis is book one in the Good to the Last Death series. Its main character is a 40-year-old female paralegal named Daisy who is dealing with midlife crisis. She has since been widowed (after his secretive husband Steve’s death), her home is haunted, and her mother figure-like grandmother is hospitalized. Moreover, she is grappling with workplace politics, including a love triangle; however, Daisy is disinterested in the love affair despite receiving an unexpected attention from a newly employed lawyer Gideon whom her employer’s daughter Clarissa wants all to herself.

Clarissa, who is Daisy’s superior, directs the latter to telecommute to avoid competition. Thus, Daisy starts operating from her home-turned-workplace, alongside tens of dismembered—and she starts mending them—ghosts of recently dead persons that want her to help them find closure; soon Daisy learns that the women in her household—it is her turn now after taking over from her grandmother; and the obsessed Gideon may be helpful—have had a duty of assisting ghosts in their transition for many years.

Dated May 11, 2020; Whose Midlife Crisis Is It Anyway? is the Good to the Last Death series’ second book. In this book, Daisy seeks the help of her demonic ex-lover—he is Gideon, an Angel of Death, who has since left her because of her fault—in her quest for assisting his late husband Steve’s transition. Incidentally, Steve was a gay during his life, which has prompted the eternal condemnation of the man who wants afterlife bliss instead. Daisy is also juggling other things, including her grandmother’s death, retaliating against her archenemy Clarissa, and using her clairvoyance to locate the remains of a girly murder victim named Lindsay during her homicide investigation.

However, Daisy makes it her priority to resolve her late husband’s case, where the Angel of Mercy wants to punish him seemingly because of his sexual orientation. Understandably, Lindsay’s spirit assists Daisy during her hell-bound sojourn to seek Gideon’s intervention in Steve’s stalemate.
Dated July 21, 2020; A Most Excellent Midlife Crisis is the third book in the Good to the Last Death series. Hereby, Daisy becomes an even more powerful consultant for the dead. She is also at loggerheads with the Angel of Mercy who may have something to do with the disappearance of her lover, Gideon, who could be her spouse in an eternal marital union. Above all, Daisy learns about her angelic lineage, where she finally realizes that she is the daughter of the famed Archangel Michael, who is a John Travolta lookalike. It has since been discovered that Angel of Mercy is masquerading as the hostile legal office worker Clarissa. Thus, Daisy is lobbying for Steve’s acquittal of his suicide-related victimization that Clarissa wants to uphold. Lindsay’s ghost and courier Tim’s ghosts stand by Daisy’s side in her quest to demonstrate—and exonerate—Steve’s accidental death.

Dated January 25, 2021; My Midlife Crisis, My Rules is the fourth book in the Good to the Last Death series. This reflects on Daisy’s supernatural abilities, her demonic affair, her immortal ancestry, and how the annoying Angel of Mercy interferes with her otherwise happy life. Daisy also discovers about her one-time medium mother Alana (a fugitive soul) and her eternal mediator sister Heather.

The Angel of Mercy—she is responsible for the deaths and banishment of her kith and kin—is now a fugitive and yet there is an appeal against Steve’s persecution. Daisy is now hunting the Angel of Mercy-turned-Clarissa so as to protect her late grandmother who is also awaiting her own transition.
Dated May 24, 2021; You Light Up My Midlife Crisis is the fifth book in the Good to the Last Death series. Apparently, Daisy has since eliminated Clarissa, thereby attracting the wrath of four angels; the angels, who are constantly spying on Daisy, want to avenge Clarissa’s death. Thus, Daisy may be killed too if she is liable for Clarissa’s destruction. Her earthly friends—including baker June and beauty-minded Jennifer—aside, Daisy counts on her supernatural associates; including the soul-keeping Missy, Charlie the enforcer, Candy Vargo the karma, and, importantly, Gideon the Angel of Death.

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