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Gordon S. McCulloch
Gordon S. McCulloch has been writing poetry for many years, just compiling his poems. He finally became a published author at the age of 96 after many years of attempting to get his poems published, but it never worked out. He wrote poetry for many years, submitting to various publications, however they always rejected him. It had been his lifelong dream to get his poetry published.

Until one of his sons, named William and who is located in London, was able to help him and get him up on Amazon, self-publishing the book. It became a surprise bestseller, topping the poetry anthology charts for Amazon in the UK. At release, it was number fourteen on the UK side and number eight on the US side.

It experienced a surge in sales after Jessica Keachie, Gordon’s granddaughter, asked her Twitter followers to look at the book, and saying that a review would make him very happy.

This tweet went viral, getting almost three hundred thousand likes as readers all over the world replied, saying they were buying up copies of his book. Gordon and his family were all amazed seeing the positive comments come pouring in, and Gordon himself just could not believe that everybody were rating the book five stars, with more than one thousand reviews.

One of the remarkable things about this feat is that this self-published poet, outsold the likes of Rupi Kaur and Amanda Gorman on Amazon in the UK.

This all started as a family project, to make sure all of Gordon’s poems were in one place and an effort to get just a few reviews from friends and family has turned into quite an unimaginable dream for Gordon.

They had only expected about a hundred books or so to sell however now his words can be found all over the world. His family are just grateful they were able to put a smile on Gordon’s face, as that was their original goal when they started this whole crazy thing.

Gordon has also proved his whole family wrong, as he used to read his poems to them and they would just tell him halfheartedly that it was great and brilliant, as they only listened to his poems obligingly. But they are over the moon and so very proud of the book taking off.

Gordon lives in Braidwood, a tiny village that is located in Scotland, that you would miss if you passed through and blinked, and takes care of his little pony. The book selling, according to his family, has given him quite the boost, putting a spring in Gordon’s step, a small tear in his eye, and making him incredibly happy about the whole entire thing. After sales of the book took off, he has been passing out copies to the neighbors and a few have asked him to sign their copy, so he believed that made him a celebrity.

Gordon felt that at his age, getting published just didn’t seem like something that would ever happen. After it did, he began looking around to locate poems that were not used in the first book to include in a potential sequel.

The reviews also make it clear that the poems are very relatable, with many people saying that the book reminds them of their own parents or grandparents. One of the reasons that the poems struck chord with readers is because they are incredibly honest.

He and his wife, named Mary, had two kids (Gordon and William) and a grandchild (Jessica). His wife of many years, named Mary and who inspired a few of the poems, died of cancer.

Even though the poems may be simple, they strike a chord with the reader and they are easy to digest. His poem “You”, which is an ode to his late wife, obviously grabbed heartstrings. With lines such as “Because I found you in my life/ you made this world for me/ a heaven filled with ecstasy/ a place worthwhile to be”.

As did another poem, titled “The Reckoning”, which talks of a luminous angel, who beckons with “smiling eyes” and who holds a “snow-white shroud” in his hand.

“101 Poems” is the first poetry collection and was released in the year 2021. This is a fine collection of a hundred and one poems compiled by Gordon S. McCulloch and covers a wide range of topics like prayers, love, romance, religion, relationships, death, the meaning of life, and our relationship with God.

Some of the poems have been written in such a way that is going to provoke your innermost emotions, as others are just going to dig into the amusing side of life. All have been penned under the auspices of the Muse. The book also features some illustrations by Gordon, including the cover art.

Fans of the book say that Gordon presents a raw authenticity within each of these poems, and this book is recommended for anyone that loves to read or is a poetry enthusiast. This is truly a wonderful testimony to life’s beauty, and the book is simply inspiring. Each of the poems is beautifully written, and with such passion, and hopefully this poet is going to release more poems. One reader polished this entire collection off in just a single sitting, as it is a thought provoking and wonderful read with such a varied collection of pieces.

It is easy to picture Gordon’s story through each and every one of his poems, as he reflects on his many life experiences. Readers appreciate the effort and the time he took to even share his poetry writing skills with the world. Even readers that are not much into poetry had a lot of enjoyment with the book and found themselves reading through the book all the same.

Gordon writes with a very strong narrative voice and identity, and makes it clear what his situation is through his words. In his End of Life poems, he has a tendency to pierce right to the root, talking about how death is inevitable, and show the problem just like it is, without too much adornment.

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