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Gourmet Girl Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of A Gourmet Girl Mystery Books

By: Jessica Conant-Park, Susan Conant

The Gourmet Girl Mysteries series is a series of suspense, cozy mystery, and thriller books written by one of the well known American authors named Susant Conant. She collaborated with her daughter, another popular American novelist named Jessica Conant-Park, to develop the books of this series. Altogether, there are 5 books in this cozy mystery series, which were published between 2006 & 2010. The culinary series of mystery books features the chief protagonist in the role of a boy-crazy girl named Chloe Carter, who is aged twenty-something. She lives in Brighton, Massachusetts, The United States; and longs for a serious relationship filled with a lot of love. Author Susan has set all the books of the series in Brighton, Massachusetts. The mother and daughter pair of novelists began writing this series in the year 2006. After successfully publishing a total of five books, they finally ended the series in the year 2010. In the series, the authors have depicted Chloe Carter a foodie girl who is referred to as the Gourmet Girl. She indulges in a number of relationships, but none of them prove to be fruitful. Due to this, she is still searching patiently for her Mr. Right. Chloe once decides to try her luck by going on a blind date. But, her bad luck plays foul play as she finds her date stabbed to death before the talks of a relationship could even begin. Following this shocking, Chloe decides to go on a second date, which turns out to be a suspect in the murder of her previous date. Finally, at the time of her second date, Chloe Carter takes up some amateur sleuthing activities so as to find the real murderer. In between the mysterious set ups of the plots, author Susan has also included some popular recipes of different exotic and delicious cuisines.

One of the most famous books written in The Gourmet Girl Mysteries series by the authors Susan Conant and Jessica Conant-Park is titled as ‘Fed Up’. The Berkeley Hardcover released this book in the year 2009. Author Susan has set the book in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and has described the main characters in the form of Josh Driscoll and Chloe Carter. Along with the mystery and suspense, author Susan has also added the elements of sizzling romance and humor into the plot. In the starting sequence of the book, Chloe Carter is described as a part time student and food connoisseur. It appears that a lot of things are happening in her life at once. Firstly, she has to do the planning for the wedding of her best friend and work for her parents. Along with that, she has to remain by the side of her chef boyfriend named Josh to give moral support as he has decided to star in a chef competition for a new television show. As the competition begins, Josh hijacks some grocery shoppers and makes gourmet dinners for them. Everything seems to be going as planned until one of the shoppers is found dead. As Josh was constantly under the scanner of the cameras being one of the competitors on the show, he is ultimately proven innocent. But Chloe Carter does not stop wondering whether the shopper was murdered by one of the other competitors just to spoil the things for Josh? The other suspects of the murder as per the Chloe’s investigation include the husband of the deceased and the crew members of the television show. As Chloe sifts through the increasing number of suspects, she gets extremely busy because of carrying out the wedding planning and a murder investigation at the same time. Chloe is also forced to deal with the erratic behavior of Josh as he was very hopeful of winning the competition. But, because of the incident, the competition seems to be all but over. Now, she needs to be careful with the investigation as her own life is on the line because the killer is still roaming freely and he might try to kill her too by seeing her determination to solve the murder mystery and put him behind the bars.

Another exciting mystery book written in the series by author Susan is titled as ‘Cook the Books’. The Berkeley Hardcover once again released this book too in the year 2010. At the start of this book, it is shown that Chloe Carter is need of a job very badly. When she sees nothing much happening with her job applications at various popular food magazines, she decides to assist a writer in finishing his cookbook. As she begins her new job, she remembers the unfortunate and painful memories that she spent with her former boyfriend Josh Driscoll before he left her and moved to Hawaii. In relation to one of her assignments, Chloe gets busy in compiling a book of popular recipes from some of the top chefs of Boston. During the same time, she comes across one of the friends of Josh named Digger. Once again, Chloe remembers all the lovely moments that had spent with Josh. But somehow, she manages not to lose her cool and calm. Later, she comes to know that Digger’s apartment had caught fire while Digger was in it and due to this, he died a miserable death. Chloe Carter seems pretty much sure that an expert chef like Digger could not die because of a grease fire. She seems confident that he was killed by someone, but wonders who the killer could be. Subsequently, Chloe begins to investigate about the incident as well as the personal life of Digger so as to find out whether he had any enemies who threatened his life.

After a little while into the investigation, things become stickier for Chloe Carter when Josh returns back to Boston, after hearing the tragedy of his friend, and back into the life of Chloe. He joins hands with her and starts helping to find the murderer of Digger. Josh hopes that Chloe would forgive him for leaving her alone and with the passage of time he will be able to get along with Chloe just like the old times. The book was highly appreciated by a number of critics all over the world. Numerous readers seemed to like it also because of the fact, besides the excellent mystery depicted by author Susan, that it consists of many recipes in between the plot and at the book’s end. Author Susan has contributed the recipes for the readers to try and enjoy delicious foods while reading the book. On the whole, the book appears to be an entertaining, zippy, and light mystery consisting of a lot of happening characters. It proved to be a fun to read and eventually went on to become one of the successful mystery books written by Susan.

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