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Governess Brides Books In Order

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Publication Order of Governess Brides Books

That Scandalous Evening (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rules of Surrender (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rules of Engagement (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rules of Attraction (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
In My Wildest Dreams (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost in Your Arms (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Favorite Bride (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Fair Temptress (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hero, Come Back (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Bed with the Duke (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taken by the Prince (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Pirate's Wife for Me (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Governess Brides” series written by best selling author Christina Dodd is one of her longest running and most popular historical works. It features stories of different young women that are able to support themselves against all of the odds and get everything. Status, man of their dreams, the best sex in all of the world, and wealth.

The series began in the year 1998 when “That Scandalous Evening” was released. This novel, while not technically a part of the series, does feature characters that show up in the other books in the series; the events in the book take place before those in the later “Governess Brides” books. The “Governess Brides” series is from the historical romance genre.

“That Scandalous Evening” is the first novel in the “Governess Brides” series and was released in the year 1998. An innocent girl, an English miss, made it, while her hands glided all over the clay, making each sinew and muscle defined. She created a sculpture of the man that she worshipped. The identity of the likeness was exposed, not to mention Miss Jane Higgenbothem’s secret feelings for Lord Blackburn. She was sent out to the country in disgrace.

Ten years have gone by since then, and she has come back to London, serving as chaperone for her niece. Jane’s model, Blackburn, the spinster has remained a challenge, after all this time. Once upon a time, she made the arrogant guy a laughingstock, so why would he want to revive that affair that was close to happening many hears ago, on a scandalous night?

The novel starts of strong and does not let up at any point. Fans of the novel found this to be a fun read, with a great premise. Some enjoyed the novel so much, they will seek out some of Dodd’s back catalog. Jane served as a strong female hero who was quite likable, something that does not happen a lot. Despite some problems, the novel serves as a good story about two people that have been in love for many years.

“Rules of Surrender” is the second novel in the “Governess Brides” series and was released in the year 2000. The Rules of Employment for a Governess is to remember what your station is; you are a higher up than a house servant, but not a family member. You must keep a disciplined schoolroom, and take meals on a tray. Most importantly, never get to familiar with the master of the house.

Lady Charlotte Dalrumple is the most proper governess that England has, and a woman that has not taken a wrong step in romantic matters or social matters. On the surface, it would appear as though she would be perfect to reform Lord Wynter Ruskin, who has become less than civilized from traveling around the world.

He has no desire to learn any manners. He sees some beauty roaming free under the surface of her prim and proper facade. He would much rather spend his time teaching her in all of the ways of love.

Passion erupts between the pair and Charlotte learns about desire’s pleasures. Wynter learns about passions of heart. Before they can love, they have to learn all the rules of employment.

Some are able to read these books faster than this author can release them, they are that good; they get pulled in, right from the first page and things do not let up. Fans of the novel found this to be one of the best from this series. Quite the steamy romance and enough humor to keep things moving. Christina Dodd is a reliable writer that you can expect to write strong novels that you will enjoy and have a hard time to put down.

“Rules of Engagement” is the third novel in the “Governess Brides” series and was released in the year 2000. The year’s debutantes are the field from which you will pick a bride from. Pick a proper settlement. Tell the bride of her own pleasant fortune, and send The Times an announcement.

Devon Mathewes (who is the earl of Kerrich) has devised a plan that he is certain get him back in the Queen’s favor. He has to hire governess that is both unattractive and sensible. Then, he will adopt a grateful orphan; which should give him a sheen of respectability. He has to get a guarantee that the governess and orphan will make his reputation and character look better. It cannot disturb either his life in anyway, either love life or otherwise.

Some found this to be even better than the first two books. Fans of the novel enjoyed the hero, who seemed to parody himself. Readers cannot get enough of Christina’s work, finding they pick one up, and then are helpless passengers along for the ride throughout. This had a clever plot with some great characters. These books make you feel for each and every character, in some way.

“Rules of Attraction” is the fourth novel in the “Governess Brides” series and was released in the year 2000. Hannah Setterington decides to sell her academy for Governesses after nine years of owning it. She plans on exploring secrets from her own past. She agrees to serve as a companion to Lord Raeburn’s elderly aunt. Lord Raeburn is haunted by an awful rumor that he killed his wife. She is a strong minded woman and does not believe the rumor, but then she sees Lord Raeburn.

Lord Raeburn (Dougald Pippard) is quite satisfied when his plans to trap Hannah works gangbusters. This satisfaction does not last long, as she draws up the battle lines between them and plans a kiss on him with some passion that Dougald has not seen in almost a decade. The fire that has always been there rages again with each and every look and touch. That is, until Dougald is just about ready to forget his painful memories and the plans he made to get revenge. All so he can have just another night with Hannah.

Fans felt that once again, they had a hard time putting down one of her books. The pace never slowed, even a little bit for a single instant this time around.

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