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Publication Order of Grace Valley Trilogy Books

Deep in the Valley (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Over the Mountain (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Down by the River (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

Grace Valley is a series of romance novels written by Robyn Carr. The books tell the story of June Hudson, a single woman and a doctor doing what she can to keep the people of her small town healthy and whole.

+The Story
Grace Valley is peaceful and quiet, the perfect picture of a quaint little rural town. No one ever locks their doors in Grace Valley because criminals are far and few in between.

Everyone knows everyone and the people generally love one another. Yet life in Grace Valley isn’t without its problems.

As a child, June knew she would grow up to become a doctor. Her father was the town doctor and it wasn’t a stretch to imagine little June eventually walking in his footsteps.

June had to leave to make her dreams come true, though. She went off to college to get her medical training, a decision that resulted in her biggest heartbreak when Chris, the boy she thought she would marry, eloped with a fellow classmate and started a family elsewhere.

None the less, June stayed the course and eventually came back to Grace Valley to utilize her newfound skills for the sake of her community. When readers first meet the heroine in ‘Deep in the Valley’, the first novel in the Grace Valley series, her friends and family think that June has landed the easiest, most comfortable career in the town.

But they couldn’t be more wrong. June might be the town doctor but she doesn’t sit back and wait for patients to come running to her. Rather, June is always on call, always ready to march out to every corner of Grace Valley if her services are needed.

And because of her dedication to her job, June has never had much of a personal life. Now 37-years-old, June cannot help but wonder whether her chance at happiness passed her by.

It isn’t just her job that presents an obstacle. Grace Valley is just that small a town. Most people pick their husbands in the ninth grade. There is little in the way of eligible bachelors running around town, or rather, there were no eligible bachelors running around town.

All that changed when Jim came into June’s life. An undercover DEA agent with business In the area, Jim and June met when Jim brought an injured friend into June’s clinic.

The two immediately fell for one another but they also realized the folly of pursuing a relationship, what with Jim’s work being so unpredictable.

The Grace Valley series tells June and Jim’s love story. Jim has to figure out what he is willing to sacrifice to give June what she wants. His work won’t permit him to settle down, though.

June, for her part, has to decide how far she is willing to go to secure her relationship with Jim. Should she wait for him to settle down, to resolve things with his work and then finally set up roots in Grace Valley?

But how long will that take? How long would she have to wait? And is she better off actually following Jim out into the world, abandoning everything she knows for the love of her life?

These are the questions that the Grace Valley series attempts to answer. It is worth mentioning, though, that while June Hudson is definitely the primary protagonist of these books, she is not necessarily the central focus.

In fact, romance isn’t even much of a factor in these novels. Yes, the primary thread tying the books together is June and Jim’s love. However, the romantic aspect is a very scarce plot in the series, often pushed into the background and sacrificed for other plots.

You won’t find Robyn Carr fans complaining, though. They all agree that the ‘romance’ classification is wrong. The Grace Valley series is definitely not romance. The books are more like small-town dramas.

But Carr’s fans love them regardless. Each novel juggles a lot of characters each with their own storylines. Some stories are short and are restricted to the confines of individual novels.

Others feature in all three novels. The prominent plots include the Mull Family who live an isolated life because of their father’s PTSD and Paranoia from the Vietnam war, the Cravens whose father is a mean, abusive fellow who beats his family, and the creepy womanizing pastor who causes so much trouble.

While June Hudson is definitely important to the story of Grace Valley, this series actually spends most of its time exploring ordinary small-town life and the ups and downs of the quirky characters who live in Grace Valley.

+The Author
Robyn Carr is a bestselling American author with dozens of novels under her belt. Carr wanted to be a nurse and that is what she studied in college. But her husband, a member of the Air Force, was always on the move and Carr followed him everywhere.

So she couldn’t pursue nursing as a career. Writing came into the picture when Carr fell pregnant and took to the activity as a means of distracting herself.

+Deep in the Valley
June Hudson is her small town’s lifeline. The doctor is always on call, running wherever patients call.

Because of her busy schedule, June doesn’t have much of a love life. She was starting to worry that her chance at starting a family had passed her by when an undercover DEA agent walked into her life and everything changed.

+Over the Mountain
When June went off to college, her high school sweetheart Chris eloped with a fellow classmate. He broke her heart so badly that June never thought she would ever forgive him.

Now, all these years later, Chris is back in town. He is divorced and he has two boys with him. Everyone seems to think that Chris and June might get back together. June has definitely noticed the flirtatious comments that Chris keeps throwing her way.

June has her heart set on settling down with Jim, the DEA agent. But Jim is away trying to resolve matters with his job. And until he does, they can never hope to have a future together.

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