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Know No Evil (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Family (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkness Within (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Run For Cover (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shame the Devil (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Graeme Hampton
Author Graeme Hampton was born in Paisley and he grew up in Stirling. After he left school he trained as a stage manager and worked in London for a number of years.

In his late twenties he returned to Scotland to study for a BA in English Literature at Stirling University.

After many years spent working dull jobs and some bleak jobs, he became a full time writer.

Graeme’s debut novel, called “Know No Evil”, was released in the year 2019, and is the first of his “D. I. Denning and D. S. Fisher” series. His work is from the mystery genre.

“Know No Evil” is the first novel in the “D. I. Denning and D. S. Fisher” series and was released in the year 2019. Old crimes never stay buried forever. It is the high summer, and London sizzles during a heatwave. However when the corpse of Leanne Wyatt, a young mom, is found an East London park, the heat rises to a boiling point for DI Matthew Denning.

Under pressure to not only solve this case but solve it quickly, he digs into Leanne’s history and learns that she was pretty close to some dangerous folks, could one of them have taken her life in some angry rage? However when there’s another woman found dead in similar circumstances, he’s forced to consider that there is a killer stalking the capital’s streets.

However when ambitious, young DS Molly Fisher finds a terrifying connection to these deaths and this killing spree in South London from a decade prior, which was a horrifying summer where young women died at the hands of a psycho that the press dubbed ‘The Bermondsey Ripper’, the case gets blown wide open. Anthony Ferguson serves a life sentence for these crimes, so are these deaths the result of some copycat, or did the cops get the wrong man convicted? Whatever the case may be, Fisher and Denning need to stop this killer dead in his tracks, before he can set sights on them.

Graeme delivers an intriguing, complex, and grabbing novel that you can really sink your teeth into. It is well crafted with plenty of heart in your mouth moments, and Graeme’s writing is always engaging and he writes in an easy flowing way that makes you want to continue reading. Readers were hooked from start to finish, and the twists are so clever making it tough to guess the ending. He does a masterful job of juggling multiple storylines and then pulls them all together.

“Blood Family” is the second novel in the “D. I. Denning and D. S. Fisher” series and was released in the year 2020. All families have secrets. And some are lethal.

When DI Matthew Denning gets called in to investigate a house fire in a North London street, he never anticipated the horrors which were waiting for him. While Denning and Fisher search through the wreckage, the corpses of the Galloway family: Ellie and Brian, their son Simon, daughter Amber, and nine year old grandson Caleb are all found in the smoldering house.

All of the evidence is pointing to this being a tragic accident. Until Molly and Matthew learn that the family was dead before the fire was started, murdered in the home by some faceless psycho. What began as a routine investigation quickly turns into a murder investigation, with Fisher and Denning hunting down a killer that has wiped out three generations with a shotgun.

However while the case deepens, Fisher and Denning find out that the Galloways weren’t anything at all like an ordinary family. They harbor secrets, like all families, however unlike others, their secrets were so deadly that somebody is willing to spill some blood to keep them hidden.

Readers enjoy getting to know Denning and his family life which is especially tough for him especially since he’s investigating a child killer while having a vulnerable kid at him. Molly’s an endearing character herself, with her personal story was truly intriguing and her brother always keeps her on her toes. Fisher and Denning are very different characters but work so well with one another.

“The Darkness Within” is the third novel in the “D. I. Denning and D. S. Fisher” series and was released in the year 2021. You can run, but death is always going to find you.

A man is found on a leafy North London street, fighting for his life after being brutally beaten. DI Matthew Denning and his team quickly get called in to track down this monster. Except the victim was hiding some secrets of his own. His name shows that he was reported missing two decades previous, however it is obvious that the missing person is not the same guy that is currently lying broken in a hospital bed.

A visit to some squalid East London flat reveals a victim with his throat cut, his body left behind to decompose. It is a sad end to any life, however when it is identified as star of the Met police, former DCI Frank Buckfield, the case takes on a new significance. Two seemingly unrelated cases, however while Denning, along with DS Molly Fisher, investigates the case further, they find connections between these two victims which lead back to a ring of silence that cloaks the darkest of crimes.

However while Fisher and Denning attempt to track down this killer determined to get revenge, they find themselves being pitted against a psycho that’s going to murder in order to keep their secrets hidden. Can they uncover the truth, before ending up the latest victim?

The compelling story begins with a bang, and holds your attention throughout, with its fast pace and multiple layers, and each twist and turning pulling you in further, keeping you guessing. This has an excellent plot line without anything too upsetting or gory. Graeme’s created a world that you are fully living in and you just do not want to be pulled out of for very long. Denning and Fisher are very interesting and well developed, easily carrying these stories throughout.

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  1. Mrs A Robinson: 2 years ago

    Absoloutely love the Denning/Fisher novels.
    The characters and story lines are so believable — as a person who has been finding it hard to concentrate — no such problem reading Mr Hamptons books.
    On my 2nd and,aim to buy the next 2 — thank you.


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