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Publication Order of Stormlight Books

Thin Reflections (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stormwrack (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Mirror That Is Made (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Shadow in the Storm Books

Stealing Into Winter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Exile and Pilgrim (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Players of the Game (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thunder on the Mountain (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Wealden Hill (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sleeping Swords (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Graeme K Talboys is a renowned English author, who likes to write fiction and nonfiction novels. He is also a teacher by profession. Graeme is famous for writing the Stormlight series and the Shadow in the Storm book series. He was born as Graeme Keith Talboys on November 26, 1953, in Hammersmith, London. Graeme has been writing since the age of seven. In between, he completed his schooling and college studies, taught drama to school students, and worked as a curator in museums. During his spare times, Graeme can be found relaxing with his friends, blogging about certain topics of adventure, and discussing books. While he was involved in teaching in museums and schools, Graeme finished writing 9 books of nonfiction. Eight of his books are based on the matters of drama, museum education, and spiritual interests. Graeme has also penned over a dozen fiction novels. He was just 17 years old when he penned his first novel, but lost the only copy on a train.

Graeme wrote his next two books when he was in his 20s. His novels comprise of three spy books, one children’s novel, one sci-fi novel, several fantasy novels, and a few short story collections. Not all the books written by Graeme are available to the readers, but a good number of them are available in printed format and many others are being added. When Graeme was born, his family used to reside in an apartment near Richmond Park. He spent the first five years of his life living in that apartment. Afterward, he relocated to Norfork along with his family. During his childhood, he used to feel comfortable in the presence of books. His interest in reading helped to develop an interest in writing. When he was a teenager, Graeme used to spend a lot of time in exploring the whole city. Also, he used to visit libraries in museums whenever he had the time.

Graeme’s family moved for the final time to Sussex when he was still young. He used to attend school in Lewes and had become close friends with prominent personalities like Eric Goulden, Stephen Warbeck, Pete Thomas, Andrew Ranken, Tom Morley, etc. After the completion of schooling, Graeme immersed himself in exploring cultural life. He developed a keen interest in the folk scene as well as folklore in his area. He was also associated with the urban literary scene centered on Brighton’s Unicorn Bookshop. As he had a great liking for music, he used to attend numerous concerts all over Brighton and also in Phun City and the Isle of Wight. In 1972, Graeme enrolled himself at the St. Peter’s College in Birmingham for a 3-year course in Drama & Theatre Arts.

Following his graduation in 1975, Graeme joined Samuel Beckett for a correspondence. He discussed his popular works. Later, he studied at the Open University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and education. Immediately after this, he joined work as a teacher and was involved in teaching in various places like Lancashire, Sussex, and Shropshire for many years. He even moved sideways and got into community education before taking up a teaching job in a museum. Graeme says that the atmosphere in his family was always conducive to reading. There were always magazines, papers, books, and novels in his house, which encouraged him to read as much as he liked. Most of his early reading materials were stuff suitable for children. However, he also liked to read adult books that his parents made available to him.

Graeme had a library ticket that allowed him to read adult material, but he was limited to reading only nonfiction stuff. Following Graeme’s family’s relocation to Sussex, he gave up derivative stories and switched to writing poetry. Graeme did not come up with anything worth publishing, however, it helped him develop the habit of writing on a daily basis and experimenting with vocabularies. When Graeme came across underground publications like Oz and international Times and learned about New Worlds magazine, he felt overjoyed. Such magazines and publications allowed him to get acquainted with writers that he had never heard of. By the time he started going to college, he had already completed 3 novels, several short fiction pieces, and numerous poems. Having a background in Drama enabled Graeme to write stage plays, teleplays, and screenplays.

The Shadow of the Storm series written by author Graeme K Talboys is comprised of a total of 4 books released between 2012 and 2018. The first book of this series is entitled ‘Stealing Into Winter’. It was published as a Kindle book in 2012. Graeme has described a thrilling story of survival, loyalty, and adventure in this book that revolves around a female thief named Jeniche. Initially, it is depicted that Jeniche is in prison and looking to get out. One day, her prison cell collapses and she becomes happy to get a chance to escape. But, she had not hoped that she would end up being with a group of nuns and monks. The Occassan soldiers are looking to hunt the group as they invade the city. Jeniche helps the group flee by guiding them through the mountains and deserts. She appears to be their only hope of survival. As Jeniche travels through the mountains, other dangers await them.

The second volume of this series is called ‘Exile & Pilgrim’. It was released in 2013. This novel opens by mentioning that Jeniche has always been a fugitive, an enemy of the law, and a thief. After clashing with the dangerous Occassan soldiers, she decides to lie low in the remote Ynysvrin land. After spending some time in the remote land, Jeniche starts considering it her home. So, when the need for her special skills arises, she does not think twice before coming to the rescue of Ynysvron’s people. The Ynysvron become impressed by Jeniche’s abilities and ask her to join them in their quest to find lost treasure. Later, one of Jeniche’s old friends enters the group and this makes her realize that the quest is not what it appears to be. The warriors request her to remain associated with the quest as it is their only hope to prevent an invasion threat. Jeniche makes up her mind to put her skills to use one more time and save the lives of innocent people.

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