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Publication Order of Graham Gage Books

Graham Gage is the name of a series of novels written by Steven Gore. It is also the name of the series’ primary protagonist. Steven Gore has been compared to the likes of Nelson DeMille for his work on the Graham Gage series.

The author draws upon his experience in the arena of crime to write the novels.


The Graham Gage series centers on a private investigator by the names of Graham Gage. Gage’s story begins when his friend, an attorney is shot. Gage takes it upon himself to solve the crime.

However, what begins as a serious but relatively straightforward incident quickly evolves into something far more dangerous as Graham Gage is quickly embroiled in matters involving Ukrainian Gangsters and Russian Killers.

And that is pretty much the formula of the average Graham Gage book. The private investigator is almost always the only person in his circle capable of seeing all the conspiracies and probing for the truth, and he is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

And because of his abilities, he is typically sought out by those persons that are caught up in dangerous webs of crime and who might be looking for a lifeline. Yet, what normally begins as a local issue becomes a matter with far reaching consequences.

Graham Gage is definitely larger than life. And the Graham Gage series is more action oriented than the average mystery novel. Gage has been compared to the likes of Jason Bourne, and Steven Gore never runs out of new and even more complicated situations for the hero to overcome.

The Graham Gage series, it should be noted, doesn’t always make sense. If you are looking for a carefully plotted story with well structured ideas that come together perfectly at the end to form an accurate picture, the Graham Gage books might not be for you.

Certainly, the novels are intelligently written. However, they do not always make sense. And they do not have to. Steven Gore’s primary goal is to entertain, and that is exactly what he does.

The author’s books are loads of fun; even the least impressively written titles ensure that readers have a good time.

+The Author

Steven Gore has lived a full and complicated life. Because he was an actual private investigator, Steven gore has seen things that most people can only imagine. Situations involving murder, fraud and political corruption, not to mention sex and drugs; none of that is new to the author.

In fact, he has seen and explored crime in Europe and Asia, this on top of everything he has encountered in the United States.

The author depends on his experience in the arena of crime to write the Graham Gage series. It is worth noting that, beyond his skills as a private eye, the author has experience in forensic science.

The author’s knowledge of crime and the law is such that he has been called upon to lecture on the subjects in a number of organizations. The author has since put his private investigative work to rest in order to focus on his efforts as an author.

Besides the Graham Gage books, Steven Gore is also responsible for the Harlan Donnally series.

+Final Target

There is an ever-widening conspiracy and, unfortunately for Jack Burch, it has engulfed him. However, Graham Gage will not so easily give up on his best friend, not when things are at their most dire for him.

Even though Jack was the victim of a violent assault, and he lies unconscious in a hospital bed, the police are all but ready to pounce the moment he wakes and indict him on charges that could see him live out his days in prison.

But Gage isn’t so quick to believe the stories of his friend’s part in the conspiracy. Everything seems to point back to the collapse of a defense contractor called SatTek Industries, and the private investigator believes that he can save his friend if he can only discover the truth.

However, the only thing that Graham Gage finds at the end of his investigative trail is turmoil as he is entangled in a web of lies and greed, not to mention international gangsters and killers.

As the bodies begin to pile up, Gage is determined to safeguard his friend’s future even while keeping something unimaginable at bay.

Final Target is Steven Gore’s debut novel, and it is a pretty intriguing debut. Most first-time writers like to keep things simple as they dip their toes into the publishing arena. Steven chooses to go full throttle on his first try by crafting a complex plot involving corruption and greed on an international scale.

And it all begins with Jack Burch, an attorney who is shot rather randomly. Because he is Gage’s friend, the private eye cannot help but get involved in the case. It doesn’t take Gage long to realize that his comatose friend is being framed for something sinister, and he won’t stand for it.

To save Jack, Gage must travel the world, following a trail of bread crumbs in a thrilling tale filled with twists and turns. Despite what some people might presume, this book is actually clean, free of gratuitous sex and coarse language.

+Absolute Risk

FBI Agent Michael Hennessy is dead. When his corpse is located at the base of a cliff, questions are raised as to whether he was murdered or committed suicide. The fact that he died before he could meet the Federal Reserve Chairman in secret raises suspicions, with the Chairman eventually reaching out to Graham Gage.

The nation is at a critical juncture, especially as an ill U.S president prepares to hand power over to his deputy. There is a conspiracy afoot, and Graham Gage won’t resolve it so easily, not with the fate of his wife in China amidst an uprising keeping him occupied.

This book is pretty tightly wound, with each sentence packing a punch. The book is very quickly paced and seems to fly by; though, some of the geographical descriptions in some places kill the flow and break the momentum, which mires the book in some sense.

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