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About Graham Norton

Known by many not just for his writing, but for being a comedian and television personality, the Irish author Graham Norton is widely regarded worldwide. A regular fixture on the television for many years with his weekly late-night chat-shows ‘So Graham Norton,’ and ‘The Graham Norton Show.’ Fun and engaging, he’s known to many both nationally and internationally, with his witty and charismatic manner drawing in countless viewers. Working as an actor as well, he’s featured in several Hollywood films, as well as on the television, making him a regular fixture in the homes of many.

Speaking out on a number of different issues, he’s never afraid to hold back either, continually making his voice heard. As a comedian and broadcaster, he’s had a public platform for quite some time now, speaking to millions from across the globe. Accustomed to large audiences, he’s adept at communicating his ideas and perspectives to audiences and readers from all over. This experience has helped him in the field of publishing, where he’s also gone on to find a great deal of success as well.

Turning to writing, he has gone on to publish several equally well-regarded novels that have drawn in readers far and wide. Creating compelling characters, he uses his insight and wit to tell stories that have since gone on to become international bestsellers. Saying something different and unique in his work, he’s found a new audience, with more and more discovering his work every day. With lots more to come still he isn’t stopping any time soon either, as there’s a lot more planned for release in the future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Clondalkin, Dublin, Ireland on the 4th of April 1963, Graham William Walker was born at 48 St. Brigid’s Road. Growing up in the town of Bandon, County Cork, to a Protestant family, his father was, William, was a Guinness sales representative, while his mother was Rhoda Walker. Educated at Bandon Grammar School based in County Cork, he would later go on to graduate from University College Cork.

Studying English and French at university, he would later gain an honorary degree in 2013 from the university, but would move to London in the meantime. Studying at the Central School of Speech and Drama there, joining the actor’s union ‘Equity,’ changing his surname to Norton in the process, with there already being a Graham Walker. Living with his husband Jonathan McLeod, he continues to write to this present day, with a lot more still set to follow.

Writing Career

The first novel that Graham Norton would publish was titled ‘Holding,’ which would would come out back in 2016. It would be a stand-alone mystery novel set in remote Ireland, and it would instantly prove to be an enormous success with readers far and wide. Setting his next book in Ireland as well, he’d go on to write another mystery, this time titled ‘A Keeper,’ which he this time published in 2018.

In 2020 he would publish ‘Home Stretch,’ and then ‘Forever Home’ in 2022, which also followed on in a similar vein. Mostly he’d focus upon stand-alone fiction, largely writing self-contained mysteries, although he would contribute to other series such as ‘The Swimmer’ in 2022 as well. Maintaining a profile offline and on, he continues as a key fixture upon the television, as well as in film and broadcasting.


Originally published on the 6th of October in 2016, this would be a stand-alone mystery from Graham Norton. His first fictional novel, it would provide a straightforward mystery title, set back in Ireland, as he would draw from his own experience. Not a part of any series as such, the book is easy to read, yet also simultaneously difficult to put down at the same time.

Taking place in Duneen, a remote village in Ireland, this small community has never seen much trouble over the years. That’s when Sergeant P.J. Collins finds he has a genuine case on his hands after human remains are discovered upon the nearby farm. Investigating further, all the secrets of the small-town come to the surface, revealing truths that many have long since sought to keep buried. Is it really Tommy Burke that’s been murdered, can Collins find the killer before it’s too late, and just what are the secrets everyone’s holding?

It’s a cozy mystery with a lot to offer, as it essentially envelops the reader in its well-drawn world that feels wholly real. The characters are especially well established, as they feel as though they’re really alive upon the page, keeping the reader invested the whole way. Each element of the story is extremely well thought out, as the book really manages to keep its sense of pacing every step of the way.

Forever Home

First coming out in 2022 on the 27th of September, this would be another stand-alone mystery novel from Graham Norton. Released through the ‘Coronet’ imprint this time, this would provide an entirely self-contained mystery story, not being a part of any series. Establishing a real ambiance, Norton sets about crafting compelling characters, making it a must not only for fans of him as writer, but those of the genre as a whole.

Living in small-town Ireland, Carol is a divorced teacher whose only son has now fully grown-up, as she seeks a second chance at love. Now Declan has become ill, leaving Carol to leave his home and his distrusting children, moving back in with her own parents once again. Wanting to get to the bottom of things, Carol’s mother decides there’s more to Declan than meets the eye, as she looks to uncover what’s really going on. Will she be able to get to the bottom of it all, can she find out the truth, and just what are the rumors behind those that are forever home?

There are clear elements of comedy here, as Graham Norton once again brings a remote Irish landscape to life. Giving the story both humor and heart, he really understand what it is that drives the mystery novel as a genre and creative art-form. Keeping the reader on the edge of their seat, it’s also tense, with lots of compelling character insight that makes for really effective storytelling for the book’s duration.

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