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We're gonna be famous (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hatred is the key (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ticket to Ride (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Too Big To Cry (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Shack (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than a Woman (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cowboys and Angels (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Graham Sclater is a renowned novelist and musician from the United Kingdom. He is well known for writing graphic novels and historical fiction stories, and composing and producing music and songs. Some of the popular standalone novels written by Graham include Love Shack, Ticket To Ride, More Than A Woman, Too Big to Cry, etc. Author Graham was born in Exeter, the UK in 1947. He completed his studies from the Phoenix Arts Center located in Exeter. While pursuing graduation, Graham’s interests were mainly in creative writing for television and screen. He used to take a keen interest in screenplays and teleplays. Graham liked to write and develop original TV drama series. He continued with his interests after graduation and went on to develop television series like Pebble on the Beach and Yesterday Man.

Graham’s works have been reviewed by John Altman, Adam faith, and several other actors, producers, and directors. He has spent several years living in Scandinavia and Germany during the 60s. At that time, he was mainly involved in playing the Hammond organ. Graham came back to England during the early seventies and began working as a session musician in some of the top studios in London. Over the course of the next few years, Graham established himself as an accomplished musician and songwriter. He has given appearances in a number of musical and arts programs. Graham has also recorded music and performed with lots of artists including Fats Domino, James Taylor, Christine Perfect, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Elton John, Tony Aston, and many others. Many of the songs composed by Graham have won contests and competitions in Spain, Japan, France, and Gibraltar. Many artists from around the world have collaborated with him for recording music.

In 1976, Graham founded independent music company and record label called the Tabitha Music Limited. This company has a catalog comprising of over a thousand songs. It also features tracks released in the Caribbean, Far East, and Europe. The songs made by this company have featured in numerous television programs, films, and documentaries. They have also featured on releases of major record labels such as CBS, Phonogram, and EMI. Graham’s interest in artist management enabled him to sign groups to EMI, CBS, and some other world-famous labels. He has spent several years combining publishing and production work with artist management. Many prominent artists have signed up with Graham’s company, including songwriters Andy Littlewood and Tony Leo from Doncaster, Red I and Billy Kurtis from Exeter, Feddy from St Petersburg, the Eye Spy girl band, and London’s Harambe. The recent signings include MXT and Jay Tamkin. Graham likes to produce his records in various styles including punk, country, folk, heavy rock, MOR. He has even visited the recording studios of Jamaica and Trinidad for recording. The production credits of Graham have helped many artists to have hit records.

Graham entered the field of writing for the first time when he tried writing the novel, Ticket To Ride. This novel was released in 2006 under the label of flame books and is set in the sixties in Hamburg. Graham likes to work on multiple projects simultaneously. He has honed his writing skills over the years and has become a prolific writer. Before beginning the writing part of any novel, Graham carries out vast research on the subject. Most of his writing projects include music as an integral path, and his background in the field of music enables Graham to combine his scripts with original music mixes. Graham loves to work in different areas. On many occasions, he uses the first-hand experience of the subjects he is working on and often spends time overseas researching on them. Graham likes to be in the comfort of his home whenever he is writing or developing the concepts of his projects. The people around him believe that he has a good knowledge of budgeting, Logistics direction, and location. Many of his projects have been optioned by film and television production companies in the UK as well as overseas. Graham tried his hand at writing a children’s novel by writing the book called We are Gonna Be Famous in 2009. He followed it up by a historical novel called Hatred Is The Key. Currently, Graham is working on some other titles and is expected to release them soon. He has always maintained that he enjoys writing as much as he loves composing music.

A wonderful novel written by author Graham Sclater is entitled ‘Love Shack’. It was released by the Tabitha Books publication in 2015. The main characters mentioned in the book by Graham include Michael Collins, Liam Reilly, and several others. The setting is done in Amsterdam and in Macroom, which is a small town located in County Cork. The story begins by showing that Michael Collins has a chance encounter with a small boy on the day of his death in 1922. This has a great impact on the Reilly family’s next three generations. After this, the story moves forward to the year 1999 where Liam Reilly is depicted as an alcoholic and criminal. He indulges in a horrific episode due to his drunkenness and is forced to move out of his family and home. Liam finds himself all alone in the notorious city of Amsterdam. He wonders if he will succeed in beating his Demons? As his life continues to become more and more pathetic, Liam prays to get rid of it and find the right path.

Another interesting book penned by Graham is called ‘More Than A Woman’. The Tabitha Books published this novel also in 2016. Graham has described the lead characters in this book as Julian Hamilton-Lufton and others. The setting of this book’s story takes place in Seoul, Bangkok, and London. The novel starts by introducing Julian Hamilton as an ultra-rich financier. He appears to have everything in life, but tends to abuse them for fun and entertainment. He is in an illicit affair with an already married lady. When Julian ends his affair unexpectedly, the woman commits suicide. This incident brings about change in Julian Hamilton. He gives up all the notorious activities that he was previously involved in and begins to live a responsible life. This psychological thriller novel provides a chilling read with a sophisticated and intense storyline. It takes the readers from Seoul to London and to Bangkok deep underbelly and describes numerous twists and turns. The readers found the book to be well plotted and well researched. They liked and appreciated each and every aspect of the thrilling story described by Graham and responded with great comments and reviews about the characters and the plot.

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