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Publication Order of The Grangers Books

A Brother's Honor (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Man's Promise (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lover's Vow (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Captivated by Love (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Brenda Jackson is a published romance author. Her work was turned into the 2001 television movie, One Special Moment.

She first made it into print in 1994. That is when Tonight and Forever came out. Now Jackson has over a hundred novels as well as novellas and over three million copies of her books in print.

She was born in Jacksonville, Florida. When it comes to Harlequin Desire, she’s their first African-American author published as well as the first romance author in that category to make the best selling author lists in the romance genre.

Brenda worked with Five Alive Films in 2010. Together they collaborated to bring her work Truly Everlasting and make it into a full length film. She also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the R.W.A. This author was also recognized by Jacksonville and its mayor in 2013 for being a trailblazer.

Brenda Jackson is the creator and the author of the Grangers series. This series started in 2013 with the release of the debut book in the series. It is titled A Brother’s Honor. The second book in the series came out quickly after. There are four books in this series about the Granger siblings and the inner workings of their family– and personal lives.

A Brother’s Honor is the first book in Brenda Jackson’s Grangers series. In this debut novel of this fiction series, readers get to meet the famed Granger brothers for the first time. They grew up on the Virginia estate owned by their family but chose to leave it behind a long time ago. They thought that they left their memories behind too.

However, when their grandfather is dying, it turns out that they are summoned by his last request home. There they will come back to a variety of secrets, a business that is struggling to stay afloat, and a promise made upon a deathbed by someone that wants to finally get everything in order once more.

Jace Granger is the oldest brother in the family. He has a professional career working as an attorney. He wants to do his best to take over the family business, which is steadily inching its way towards failure. Granger Aeronautics needs a jolt in the arm if it is going to be able to rise up and make some money. Jace wants nothing more than to take the helm and assume responsibility, guiding the business towards success.

The eldest brother desperately wants to turn it all around, but is hindered by the fact that it has not been managed properly for so long. The whole situation has become quite entangled, and Jace really does have his work cut out for him. He is able to finally obtain the control that he wants to make some decisions and finally becomes CEO.

Once in a position of power, the first thing that Jace does is to hire a consultant. He hopes that having someone professional on board with an eye for results will be just the thing to help the company recover and get its sea legs back. He hopes that Shana Bradford will be the right fit for this goal, as she’s the individual that he’s put his trust and faith in to get the job done.

Fortunately, Shana is proving to be just as smart and capable as she is attractive. She comes with a bundle of experience and professionalism. While she might be putting the company right side up, Jace has a feeling that his own world is about to get completely turned upside down.

The good news is that Jace ends up being impressed by Shana’s work ethic and her focus and drive to do a great job. The bad news is that he is starting to feel like maybe work and pleasure are about to mix. The two of them have an incredible amount of chemistry and once they get together, the passion levels are off of the charts.

Everything seems to be going well when secrets from the past start to come out. The passion that exists between the two of them is starting to be challenged when things from history start to haunt them in present day. Jace finds that a woman he used to know has come back into the picture out of nowhere. Then a huge discovery threatens to change everything.

This discovery could flip Jace’s world again. It might just change the way that he views his parents. His father was convicting of killing her all those years ago. Jace wanted to leave all of that behind him and in the past where he thinks that it belongs. It’s the last thing that he wants to face up to. Those painful memories and everything that he’s going through in the moment seem like they shouldn’t mix.

Even though he doesn’t want to face it, the past seems to have a hold on him. If he doesn’t turn around to deal with it, he could be putting the future at risk. That would mean putting his life with Shana on hold and trading it in for something else. Can Jace find the strength to confront the past once and for all? Read this debut novel in the Grangers series to find out!

A Man’s Promise is the engaging second book in the Grangers series by Brenda Jackson. If you loved the first book, then definitely check out this fun and romantic sequel!

Readers get to meet brother Caden Granger in this second installment of the series. Caden is a musician and a superstar one at that. He has spent more years than he can count evading love and any type of commitment. He doesn’t want to put down roots at all.

He may be famous and rich, but he doesn’t have it all. Caden also knows that maybe there’s just one woman out there that he wants. The only thing is, she doesn’t feel the same way.

Shiloh Timmons is smart, beautiful, and works as a corporate fundraiser. She already left Caden once. She doesn’t want to start something up again. But the musician can’t get her out of his mind. Did he miss the deadline for love? Read this book to find out!

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