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Publication Order of Grant County Books

Blindsighted (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kisscut (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Faint Cold Fear (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Indelible (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Faithless (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond Reach / Skin Privilege (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Genesis / Undone (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Short Story (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Grant County (Series by Karin Slaughter) is a very interesting book series that is set in Heartsdale, which is actually a fictional town that is found in Georgia ( Grant county is also a fictional state).

It features three characters who include the following, Sara Linton who is a coroner in her part-time and also a pediatrician, her ex-husband, Lena Adams who is a detective and her Sara’s family who mainly include her mother, father, younger sister, her aunt and also her cousin.

The series includes books like Blightsighted which was the first novel written by Karin Slaughter in 2001. The book became very popular and was an international success, published in approximately 30 languages. It also won the Dagger Award as the best Thriller debut book in 2001.

Karin Slaughter is internationally recognised and has been able to sell about 35 million copies of her books worldwide. It is worth noting down that Slaughter was born in Georgia and mainly spent her earlier years in Georgia.

Beyond Reach is the most recent novel in the Grant County series which was published back in July 2007. It is also an incredible novel that tries to continue with this incredible story that is foretold in the series.

Below are some of the dominant characters who have been featured in the series.

Sara Linton
As mentioned earlier, she is both a coroner and the pediatrician in Heartsdale town. She was also an excellent student and mainly wanted to be a scientist in future. Because of her immense love for science she was able to get tutoring from some college professors. Sara was able to finish one year early in high school because of her hard work and intelligence.

During the summer, she used to work with her father in his business, making her a highly experienced plumber. She was scared of crawl spaces and this was the reason why she didn’t take over the family business. Her desire to face some life challenges took her to Atlanta where she attended Emory University to pursue a degree in medicine.

She did her internship in Grady Hospital, Atlanta which is a well recognised hospital that is established in Atlanta. She was a pediatric resident in the hospital and carried on her work with determination and diligence. One day when she was working in the hospital , she got attacked very badly. The attackers raped her mercilessly before leaving her. Her attackers were caught, tried and imprisoned. She later returned to Heartsdale after learning that she would never have children as a result of an ectopic pregnancy.

She worked at the children clinic in Heartsdale under doctor Barney. She wanted to get more cash so she took the coroner’s position so as to take over the business when her boss had retired. When her boss retired, she kept the job so as to try and help more people who were faced with more problems. She grew to enjoy her job very much.

Sara worked as the team doctor in a local football team and got the chance to meet Jeffrey, who would become her husband. They dated for some time before they decided to tie the knot in a small ceremony in her parents’ living room. After six years in their marriage, Sara found his husband cheating on her with the sign painter and she immediately filed a divorce the following day.

Even though they were divorced, they still loved each other and it took an investigation on a murder case to bring them back together. This event is captured in the first novel by Karin Slaughter entitled Blindsighted. Lena Adams was one of the best detectives who was also taking part in the investigation. Sara told Jeffrey about her rape incident and they started reconnecting.

Sarah’s Family
The family was very important in the series because they were always available for Sarah so as to provide her with love and shelter when she needed them most. Her mother Cathy is religious, disapproving and opinionated.

Eddie Linton, her father owns a plumbing business which he runs. He feels bad when Sara decides to pursue a career in medicine instead of taking the family business.Eddie hated Sara’s fiance Jeffrey but grew to like him. Sara’s baby sister is Tessa and physically takes after her mother Cathy. Sarah also has a cousin Hareton and an aunt called Isabella.

Jeffrey Tolliver
She is the fiance of Sara, who is the main character. He is also in charge of the police force in Grant County. As a child, he was not very fortunate and grew up in a very disadvantaged background.

Lena Adams
She is an experienced detective who works in the police force at Grant County . She is known for being conflicted, cocky, aggressive, confrontational and angry. She had a lot of problem in following orders and was normally rebellious.

The second book in this amazing series was released back in 2002 and was entitled Kisscut. This book normally shows the romantic relationship between Jeffrey and Sara. In Blindsighted, Jeffrey shot a young girl to prevent her from killing another young teen. She is faced with many struggles as she tries to forget what he did.

Jeffrey conducts an investigation on monsters who are preying on children mostly in Grant County. Lena returns to duty but is faced with emotional problems as she tries to forget the torture which she underwent.

Lena feels that she should quit the police force but instead chooses otherwise because it is the only work that gives her relief. She feels that she is able to identify herself with most of the victims who are damaged.

The Grant County (Series by Karin Slaughter) is an incredible series which provides you with an interesting story that is amazing.

This particular series is the second series by the author that is internationally recognised. Her second series Will Trent is amazing and is set in Atlanta, Georgia. Karin Slaughter showed how talented she was when she intertwined two characters, Sara Linton and Will Trent.

She merged the two characters in her book entitled Broken, which was released in 2010. It is also set in Grant County which is fictious. You should consider reading this fantastic series if you’re looking for a good thriller novel.

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