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Chronological Order of Graveyard Queen Books

The Graveyard Queen is the most famous series of award-winning author Amanda Stevens, and is rightfully so. The series currently contains three books, which are, in order: The Restorer, The Kingdom and The Prophet. Amanda Stevens showcases her narrative talent and her passion for writing fiction very well in all books; reviewers stating that the atmosphere she created was “eerie and atmospheric” and has brought “a new take on the classic ghost story”. As you will see if the books ever fall in your hand, the stories they tell are anything but classic, and Amelia Grey (the main character) is anything but your average character.

The author published the first book of the series as early as 2012. Currently there are three published books in the Graveyard Queen series, with the fourth one, “The Visitor”, scheduled to see the light in 2016. Amanda Stevens stated that she is currently working on the sixth book for the series, meaning that you will still see further developments in Amelia Grey’s story in the foreseeable future. The entire series promises to be quite long, based on the author’s talent to continuously find new plots and to keep matters as interesting as possible.

Amelia, the main character of the series, has the rather unique job of cemetery restorer. Moreover, she has the completely unique ability to see ghosts, as does her father. The beginning of the book shows us details of her childhood, her parents and a few twists about her job. There is a series of rules Amelia’s father gave her in her childhood in order to keep her safe from ghosts and spirits from another realm. These rules are:

Never acknowledge the dead. If you do, they’ll feed off your energy like parasites, slowly draining your life away.
Never stray too far from hallowed ground, you’re safe there.
Keep your distance from people who are haunted. They are a terrible threat and can’t be trusted.
Never, ever tempt fate.

She tried her best (and succeeded) to follow these rules strictly for the better part of her life. But in the first book of the series, she ends up as a consultant in a police investigation. A body was found buried shallowly in an area of a graveyard she was restoring and the investigator, John Devlin, needed as much of her help as he could possibly get. The rules her father gave her may provide a stumbling block in her desire to help the detective.

The book continues with a very interesting plot and multiple turns in events, while simultaneously focusing on Amelia’s relationship with the detective. The antagonism between the forces that bring them together and those which force them apart provide a very captivating read. We particularly enjoyed the way she was had to choose between uncovering mysteries by searching for the truth and following her father’s rules. By the end of book one, Amelia has grown for a young woman who is a cemetery restorer with some added powers to a completely mature character, ready to face the challenges the rest of the series will throw at her.

The second book of the series, The Kingdom, starts mostly in the same way. The main character is called to a different cemetery, this time in Asher Falls. She starts feeling immediately that something is extremely wrong with that place. The border between her world and the spirit world is much thinner here as it was in the first book, making her living by her father’s rules increasingly difficult. Moreover, Asher Falls brings more and more different issues to the table. Evil is not only portrayed as ghosts, but also by a looming human being. Amelia’s relationship with her father is brought into question again and again, underlined by her belief that he might know information about Asher Falls that she does not. Amelia finds herself fighting for the truth, just like in the first book, but also for her life.

This is the book where Amelia truly starts acting like “The Graveyard Queen”. Its plot, the challenges Amelia faces and the way action unfolds are nothing short of extraordinary. The book can be read either as a standalone or as a part of the series, none of the two approaches being right or wrong. The writer shows an exceptional quality to bring her readers close to her main character, vividly living her adventures alongside her. While the first book was based more on action, the second one focused a lot on Amelia’s internal struggles, her doubting of all the people she met and even her own past at some points. These doubts showed the way the character evolved from one book to the other, and we won’t even begin with describing how she evolves in the third book, The Prophet.

The writer ties loose ends and unties others again and again over the course of the three books. This is, without a doubt, one of the main attractions of the series. Although the entire action is set in a ghostly, gothic and creepy atmosphere, and the symbolism and fantasy falls along the same lines, the different ways the main character choses to deal with them are nothing short of breathtaking. The evolution of the young Amelia Grey into the Graveyard Queen is a great narrative story and the main attraction point of the series and each individual book. Spiced with a dash of romance here and there, big doses of mystery and bigger doses of horror which might produce one or two sleepless nights, the series Amanda Stevens wrote is a must-read for all genre enthusiasts and for anyone who wants to read a horror series that they simply will not put down until the end.

Future developments are kept secret by the author at the current time. Given the history of the plots, we cannot even begin to guess where Amelia’s ghosts will take her. We can be sure, however, that given the author’s talent in creating captivating stories and the very positive reviews the first three books have received, and we will receive quite a treat in the future. All we have to do is remember Amelia’s rules in dealing with ghosts and have patience in waiting to see how her future adventures will unravel.

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