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Publication Order of The Green Ember Books

“Green Ember” series by S. D. Smith
The “Green Ember” series by S. D. Smith is from the children’s fiction genre, and meant for middle-grade students. The series began publication in the year 2014, when “The Green Ember” was released, and they are published by Story Warren, LLC. Zach Franzen illustrates the books, with maps being drawn by Will Smith, S. D.’s brother.

The series is about Picket and Heather Longtreader, two rabbit siblings with swords. They fight the rabbit resistance. The books are set in the land of Natalia, and the rabbits battle with swords for freedom against Lord of Prey Morbin Blackhaw and wolf Redeye Garlackson.

The books have hit the number one spot on Audible as the number one bestselling audiobook.

The “Tales of Old Natalia” books also take place within this universe.

One day, he was on the porch with his young daughter, and it was time for a story. He often told her stories from out of his mind, improvised in the moment just for her delight. That day felt special, and he scanned the natural beauty seen all around the state of West Virginia. He saw these furry and vulnerable creatures just hopping around.

The tales they began that day were about one family of rabbits caught up in one epic and surprising adventure. Joined by her younger brother, they shared this narrative during walks, at bedtimes, and other stolen moments. These stories carried on for a few years and turned into their own private serial adventures.

What they didn’t realize on that first day, and only learned years later, was that thousands of kids would later share this little adventure. It would outgrow the hills in West Virginia and make its way off to every continent on earth. They also couldn’t have known that a surprising adventure was waiting for them, too. It would be an adventure in hospitality, sharing their tales with families all around the world.

Like the apparently harmless rabbits in their Appalachian landscape, they never expected they would see their tales rise up and battle. Smith finds hope to be something worth fighting for, and all of these stories are anchored in hope.

“The Green Ember” is the first novel in the “Green Ember” series and was released in the year 2014. Heather and Picket are both extraordinary rabbits with their ordinary lives. Until some calamitous events overtake them, and spill them right into a cauldron of misadventures. They find their own story has been bound up in the tumult that threatens to overwhelm the much wider world.

Kingdoms totter and kings fall. The tyrants ascend and terrors continue to threaten. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is but a broken road with peril around each bend.

Where are Picket and Heather going to land? How are they going to make their stand?

The novel is well written and has some good values, and readers found it is an outstanding start to this larger story. It also does a fantastic job of holding your attention, and while reading it to kids, you will hear pleas to continue. Smith pens a captivating, moving, and fun tale

“Ember Falls” is the second novel in the “Green Ember” series and was released in the year 2016. The stage has been set. It is war. Morbin Blackhawk, the tyrant and slaver, threatens to destroy the rabbit resistance for good. Picket and Heather are just two young rabbits that are improbably thrust into some pivotal roles.

The tenuous alliance forged around the young heir appears to be doomed to fail. Will Picket and Heather be able to help rescue this cause from a sudden, certain defeat?

My blood for yours, my place beside you. Till the green ember falls.

The characters in this one are forced to stretch, due to acute loss, and having to dig deeper within. Some of their stretching is because they have to learn to trust and forgive others that proved dangerous in the past but appear to give good reasons to be seen in new lights. Smith delivers a sequel that is darker, more rewarding, longer, and even more rewarding than part one in this series. He crafted this one with a lot of respect and care for his readers.

“The Last Archer” is a story in the “Green Ember” series and was released in the year 2017. This story follows Jo Shanks’ journey. He is a gifted archer that has a fire within and a burden he carries on his back. Eager to see the Longtreaders see justice, he journeys from his home in Halfwind Citadel to the Cloud Mountain right on the brink of war.

What he discovers there is going to confront all his convictions and test his own resolve while the war starts and King Jupiter’s heir gets revealed.

A kingdom that hangs in the balance. One arrow aimed right at the heart of darkness. Who is going to take the shot?

“Ember Rising” is the third novel in the “Green Ember” series and was released in the year 2018. One harrowing adventure inside of enemy territory.

Heather and Picket and been thrust right into the darkness of Morbin’s own shadow. All the while, they fight to bear the flame of the cause and then light way for rabbitkind’s upright insurrection.

Hope for a healing. Work for the mending. Fight for the rising.

Both Picket and his sister Heather are magnificent in this novel. Smith does a great job of penning stories engaging for the kids and wholly meaningful and impactful for adults. Each time out, his pacing and storytelling is better than the last, and the world grows more richly layered and more vaster.

“Ember’s End” is the fourth novel in the “Green Ember” series and was released in the year 2020. The end has come. Picket and Heather face confront their tyrannical foes.

The Mended Wood flickers rather dimly in the vision of Natalia’s rabbits, while battling bravely for their own survival and a hopeful future beyond.

My blood for yours, my place beside you. Till the green ember ends.

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