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Publication Order of Green Rider Books

Green Rider (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
First Rider's Call (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The High King's Tomb (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blackveil (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mirror Sight (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Firebrand (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dream Gatherer (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winterlight (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spirit of the Wood (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

A reader enjoys a novel or literature the most when they are able to connect with it. Some of the most powerful characters of all time were characters who portrayed common people who got fortunate or were paid off for their good deeds. Green Rider series is one of the best works of literature which connects with the reader.

When the reader is able to connect with the main character or fantasize about it, there is a huge curiosity among the readers. Kristen Britain, the author of the Green Rider series of books was able to ensure that the connection was there in every title.She published five titles in the Green Rider series and was able to connect with the readers. Here are five aspects of the book and the characters that will spellbound you.

The Author
The award winning American author Kristen Britain is one of the most prolific fantasy writers in America. She writes fantasy with great details and ensures that the readers are able to connect with the literature. The author has written five books in the series and is writing another in the series. Although the book was initially marketed as a trilogy, but the author decided to write a few more after a great response from the fans.

Lead Character
The Green Rider series revolves around an ordinary girl Karigan G’ladheon. Karigan the daughter of a merchant leads an ordinary life until destiny plans an unexpected adventure in her life. The beautiful description of the ordinary life of Karigan with great details enables the readers to connect with the character and even imagine themselves at her place. She leads an ordinary life and one day from her way back from the school through the Green Cloak forest she accidentally meets an injured messenger. The messenger is shot with two arrows at his back and he asks the girl to pass on the message to the king.The life of an ordinary girl turns into an extraordinary adventure.

The Plot
The plot revolves around the fantasy of every individual, a girl discovers her great skills when she has no choice but to go on an unplanned adventure. She rides her way to a palace on back of a horse with no idea about the path or the challenges she is going to face. She tackles these challenges, one challenge at a time until she finally arrives at the palace.The plot is about a kingdom, politics, black magic and an innocent girl at the middle of it.

The Series
There are five books in the series. The first book ‘Green Rider’ was published in 1998. The second novel ‘First Rider’s Call’ was published after a long break of five years in 2003. The latest novel ‘Mirror Sight’ was published in 2014. There is a buzz in the industry that there is one more book being authored. The books were focused around the lead character ‘Karigan’ in the first few editions, but later there were many powerful characters introduced to make the story more exciting and to make the climax more unpredictable.

Green Rider

Green Rider begins with a ‘Karigan’ leading a normal life. One day she is coming back from her school and she hears the sound of horse. She finds an injured elite messenger of the rulers of the realm. He was carrying an important message for the king and he gave ‘Karigan’ responsibility to deliver the message. He hands over another message for the love of his life. There is a series of dangers and the heroics of both the girl and the horse to ensure that the message is safely delivered to the king.

There is an amazing twist coming your way when the messages are read. There is another plot in the second half of the book where the young girl fights the evil to save the king and the kingdom.

The story is around a royal family in which a younger son is named king when an elder son shows poor character. The elder brother tries to take revenge from his younger brother and plots to overthrow or kill him to acquire the kingdom. However, he himself becomes the victim of the evil.

‘Karigan’ is in love with the young King and tried to do everything to protect the king and his kingdom.

At the end she wins over the evil, ensures the safety of the king and the kingdom and returns back to her normal life. The story connects with a huge number of individuals who lead an ordinary life and feel that there will be a day when they will become a superhero in their own lives.

First Rider’s Call
The second book of the series gives a supernatural twist to the series. The lead character ‘Karigan’ is leading an ordinary life when she starts dreaming of a legendary women who is a green rider. Later Karigan realizes that she dreams of the first green rider who is calling her to join the fleet of Green Riders.
When Karigan reaches the Sacor City, she find that Green Riders are weakened and are diminishing. Evil powers are trying to take over the kingdom and they are targeting and killing Veteran Riders. Although new riders are joining the fleet, but they are not able to fill in the voids created by the sudden demise of the experienced Riders.

‘Lil Ambriodhe’, the legendary woman in the dreams of ‘Karigan’ motivates her to join the fleet of Riders. In the process, the biggest mystery faced by karigan is “How a Woman Dead for Millenium Able to Communicate with her?”

The supernatural twist in the second edition makes it far more exciting than its predecessor. When ‘Karigan’ is motivated, she leads the Green Riders to ensure the safety of the kingdom.

What Critics Say?
Even the critics are spell bound by the great presentation and the ability of the author to connect with the audience. The characters are beautifully made and the first few editions are perfect. However, most critics feel that the author overdid it by launching five books instead of her initial commitment of making the series a trilogy.
Even though, the critics wanted the author to write more on this theme but they expected the author to focus on new characters and a new perspective to the story. The critics feel that she overdid in terms of sticking to the main character ‘Karigan’. Critics feel that the story would have been better if the author focussed on new characters and give ‘Karigan’ a break.

What Reader’s Say?
Readers feel every edition of the novel an amazing story to read. There are details in the characters, beautiful description of every plot and a great narration. Most readers want Kristen to keep writing the series, there are a few who expect a little change in the plot.

The Green Rider series is an amazing work of literature. An amazing book to read, the novel series connects to a large group of readers. The series is perfect for readers who want to read a fantasy that connects with ordinary people.

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  1. David Napier: 1 year ago

    Love green rider series , waiting for book 8

  2. NotKaren: 1 year ago

    Actually, those of us who were loyal from the beginning wanted her to stick to the theme of the first 2 books. Things were getting unhinged around the 3rd book. Then Mirrorworld came out and many of us OGs ragequit the series. It was like she stopped caring about the story and went for some weird new plot. So far the only solid female author who didn’t kill her series was Michelle West.


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