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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Wife Between Us (With: Sarah Pekkanen) (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Anonymous Girl (With: Sarah Pekkanen) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
You Are Not Alone (With: Sarah Pekkanen) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Golden Couple (With: Sarah Pekkanen) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

A Show of Faith (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Greer Hendricks Audiobooks Books

The Getaway (With: Sarah Pekkanen) (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Greer Hendricks is an American published author of fiction.

Hendricks is known to many as the co-author of the novel The Wife Between Us, written along with Sarah Pekkanen. It came out in 2018 and has sold so many copies that it reached the top of many a best seller list. Amblin Entertainment has since optioned it for film and has hired on Pekkanen and Hendricks to write the screen adaptation together

The second novel to come out is titled An Anonymous Girl in 2018. An Anonymous Girl has also been optioned by eOne with the interest of making it into a television series.

Greer Hendricks initially started her career working at Simon & Schuster as an accomplished editor. She did that for over twenty years and developed a tenure position in publishing that would give her plenty of experience for her eventual move to being on the creative side of things. Before that, she had a job working at Allure magazine. She also attended Columbia University prior to that, where she was able to graduate with her Master’s degree in journalism.

Greer Hendricks has not only become an officially published author in full novel form. Her work has been shown before and has been featured in publications such as Publishers Weekly and the New York Times. Hendricks resides in Manhattan in New York along with her family, which consists of her husband as well as their two children together.

The Wife Between Us is the exciting first novel from author Greer Hendricks, written with Sarah Pekkanen! If you love books like Gone Girl or any modern thriller that is both fast paced and full of plenty of those twists and turns, then this is the story for you. Pick it up by going online and checking it out, or read on to get a preview of what you are in for in this book that others are praising as clever!

The reader that picks up this book may end up making some assumptions of their own, however ill advised an idea that may be. They may think that they’re reading about an ex-wife, who is being driven mad with jealousy and rejection. Vanessa Thompson has been struggling on a personal level ever since her marriage to her husband Richard ended.

Vanessa’s husband was always handsome, and now he has dumped her for a younger woman after all of this time being married. Now she has to live with her aunt and has to take a position working at Saks. Only the promise of a bottle of wine at the end of the day gets her through it at all.

Vanessa is horrified when she finds out that her former husband has replaced her, and it’s even worse when she finds out how beautiful the new girl is. Worse than that, she has discovered that he is likely to be proposing to her soon. Vanessa does not want her ex to be asking Nellie to marry him because that is definitely going to dash her plans of getting back with Richard for good.

Nellie loves Richard, but so does his ex, and she does not have any plans of letting go of him any time soon. But with the prospect of a ring on the horizon for Nellie, can Vanessa interfere in time and get in the way of this path to wedded bliss? She is going to have to do her best if she wants to get in the way of these two getting hitched and making this a twisted love triangle for the ages.

There was always a reason why their marriage broke down in the first place. However, was the reason that their union failed truly Vanessa? Was Richard a large part of why their union failed in the first place? The reader cannot rely on the narrator alone to get the answers. Instead, they must read until the very last page to find out exactly what is going on in this mind bending thriller that takes the reader for a wild roller coaster ride that goes until the very end.

You cannot assume anything or take anything for granted in this exciting and twisted collaboration from two authors that have created a suspenseful story that will keep you hooked right up until the end. Full of secrets and brimming with complexity, this is the tale of three people and what happens when a marriage from the past and an intended marriage in the future collide.

An Anonymous Girl is another novel from Hendricks and Pekkanen. It is a psychological novel that is bound to keep you guessing until the end!

Jessica Farris is a makeup artist. One day she sees a psychology study and signs up. It is to be run by Dr. Shields, and she thinks that it will be pretty easy. The only thing that it will require of her is answering just a few questions. Then she can take the cash that she earned and just head out.

The study is looking for women of the ages of eighteen to thirty-two, and wants them to take a study that focuses on morality and ethics. With compensation promised, she is interested. It also guarantees the participants that they will remain anonymous, so there’s no real reason why she shouldn’t do it, in her mind.

Once she goes there, the questions begin. The first asks her if she could lie without being guilty, and the session is off. The questions continue to become increasingly intense as well as invasive in nature. Then the sessions begin to evolve to outings where she wears what she is told and acts how she is commanded. Can the doctor know her thoughts or hidden secrets?

Another question asks her inquisitively whether she’s ever hurt someone that she cares about. She has no idea what or who she can trust anymore. What in her life remains real and what is not? She cannot tell what’s an experiment and what’s the truth.

With lies and confusion all around, Jess is about to find out that obsession and people can be mutually deadly. Pick up this book to find out what happens next!

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