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The Magician's Lie (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Girl in Disguise (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Woman 99 (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Arctic Fury (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Thirteenth Husband (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Greer Macallister is a well-known poet, storyteller, novelist and playwright writer who was born and raised in the Midwest. After completing her high school education, Greer Macallister joined the American University, where she took her MFA in Creative-Writing. The Magician’s Tale, Greer Macallister’s debut novel became a USA bestseller, a Target Book Selection, and an Indie Pick. The Magician’s Tale has been optioned for a feature film. Girl in Disguise is Greer Macallister’s second novel, and it is centered on America’s first female detective. The novel, Girl in Disguise has been termed as a superb story by publisher’s weekly and a fast-paced, rip-roaring treat by Booklist.

Greer Macallister’s Best Books
The Magician’s Lie
If you loved The Night Circus, then you are going to enjoy Macallister’s, The Magician’s Lie. The Magician’s Lie has a near seductive storyline, which is told from Arden’s point of view, as she narrates her story to the detective who was holding her captive. The Magician’s Lie is filled with flashbacks, which adds a great flavor to the narrative and also in the process giving the readers an insight into who Arden is. Arden is illegitimate, moves to her relative’s farm with her mother, where she meets with Ray, her cousin who she comes to realize is not right in the head. Ray, Arden’s cousin, is a sociopath, who enjoys causing pain to animals. Ray does this to see whether he will be able to heal them. It does not take long before Ray becomes obsessed with Arden.

Ray’s plan is to see whether after breaking Arden, he is going to heal her. Fearing for her life, Arden decides to run and along the way meets with another man, who eventually makes her wiser and stronger before breaking her heart as well. Several years down the line, Arden manages to become a master illusionist. Nonetheless, the audience that she astounds thinks that Arden is a magician. It does not take long before her life begins to fall into pieces when Ray decides to re-enter her life and in the process forces her to do whatever he wants. With that said, the Magician’s Lie is a well-written and engaging narrative. Arden’s narrative will grab the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. There are so many turns and twists concerning Arden and how Arden, could be a master illusionist. Halfway the narrative, the twist is revealed.

When Arden was performing her jaw-dropping act of sawing a man into two pieces, a man is killed. The Amazing Arden was arrested, and accused of murder. The Magician’s Lie is told from two perspectives. The first point of view is that of a young police officer, who had located Arden and was holding her until she was officially booked. The other is Arden’s point of view.

Girl in Disguise
Girl in Disguise is another entertaining novel by author, Greer Macallister. In Girl in Disguise, author Greer Macallister introduces the readers to Kate Warne, the protagonist, and the very first female detective to be hired by Pinkerton Agency. Kate’s story is not only inspiring, but it is also quite fascinating as well. Readers are going to enjoy Pinkerton’s agency history as well as its involvement in the various important incidents involving key historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln. Author Macallister has the ability to make the various characters in her books come to life, while at the same time teaching the readers so much about the Civil War. With the novel, Girl in Disguise, author Macallister brings up a fascinating heroine who is caught in the center of a fast-moving world. Kate is a widow, who lives in Chicago. Unlike a majority of the women during the era, Kate is not interested in the various typical jobs that are available to meet her needs.

Instead, Kate Warne opts to apply for a position at the local Pinkerton Detective Agency. Her application is accepted by the boss, who trains her himself. The funny thing is that various records, actually exist with regards to some of the cases that Kane Warne did. Author Greer Macallister has also included several other characters who are also factually accurate as well. Nonetheless, all the other stuff in Girl in Disguise are historical fiction. With that said, Kate is a cracking private investigator, who works extremely hard to ensure that she enhances her detective skills. Many at times, Kate acknowledges how lonely she is. However, she still opts to remain with a few confidants. Kate Warne is a career driven woman, in a period when it is the rarest of aberrations.

Macallister has presented Kate Warne as a highly intriguing character. She manages to move the plot from one case to another at a superb pace. Kate Warne is portrayed, by author Greer Macallister, as a woman, who has tried everything. Kate is written with lots of grit and moxie, as she constantly has to prove herself to the agency employees and Pinkerton as well. The narrative is told in the first person, POV and as expected, Girl in Disguise does not focus on Kate Warne’s job alone. The readers are presented with an entire narrative that is filled with fleshed-up characters. Kate has feelings, reflects on the morality of some of the choices that she makes. Overall, Girl in Disguise is an intriguing and thoroughly enjoyable read. The writing was brilliantly done, and readers can easily visualize everything within the novel. Girl in Disguise is highly recommended for any woman, who may have chosen an unconventional path.

Girl in Disguise is inspired by Kate Warne’s real-life narrative. It follows the rise of a detective during one of the biggest crisis in the United States and in the process bringing to life a fiercely independent woman, whose triumphs played a key role in swaying the fate of the country. In Girl in Disguise, author Greer Macallister introduces the readers to some extremely hardcore male characters, who work with agents such as Tim Bellamy “Blue Eyes,” Jack Mortenson and Graham DeForest. Each of these agents brings a special flair to each of the cases. Furthermore, author Greer Macallister adds touch of a polish immigrant, Mrs. Borowski, who ends up befriending Kate.

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