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Greg Keen is an English author of fiction. In addition to writing novels that fall solidly within the crime fiction genre, he also works as an independent media trainer. He got his first job in Soho and has worked there on a general basis ever since. He resides in north London.

He has channeled inspiration from Soho and even utilized the area in his debut novel, Soho Dead. The novel won Greg Keen the C.W.A. Debut Dagger award in 2015. The book is the first in the Soho Series, which focuses on the main character Gabriel. Soho Dead came out in 2017 and the sequel Soho Ghosts was released in 2018.

Kenny Gabriel is a skip tracer that is trying hard to turn his life around. But when he gets word from a previous employer about a job, his first reaction is to turn it down. However, the money involved in doing the job is really good and Kenny could use the cash. The gig is too tempting to turn down, but when old patterns rear their ugly heads, the man must do what he can in order to survive it all. For the grizzled protagonist, simply staying alive may be more difficult in the end than making ends meet.

Soho Dead is the first book in the Soho Series. It is here that readers first meet the character of Kenny Gabriel. He is 57 years old and trying hard to turn his life around after a lifetime of being a skip tracer. It was his job to find people who don’t want to be found and he made a living off of it for years. Not a good enough living through, as now he currently has 43 quid sitting in his bank account. Kenny is officially broke and out of luck, and he knows that something has got to change or it’s going to be the end of him and he’ll have run out of avenues.

Frank Parr is a Londoner and media magnate, and when Kenny gets a summons from him about a job, he has an idea that it involves nothing good. However, there’s enough money in it if he takes it that it’s too tempting to ignore. Kenny hasn’t had any clients or jobs for a while, and the job is going to involve ten grand for him if he takes it on and succeeds. Kenny can’t afford to turn down the job, even if his gut is telling him to leave it alone.

Frank and he have a history, and Kenny would prefer to avoid revisiting it if he can. They worked together in the 70s. Frank headed up a magazine empire based in Soho and owned a nightclub. He always turned a blind eye to what his boss did until Kenny saw him torturing another employee, he decided it was time to part ways. That’s how he knows that taking this job will ultimately be a mistake. However, the money is too good– he’s going to have to take it now and face the music later.

The job involves tracking down Harry, the wayward daughter of Frank. She’s gone missing, and they say that after 48 hours the odds of finding a missing person or individual go down significantly. It’s been just shy of a week that Harry has been missing, but Kenny needs the money and so he’s got to do the best with what he’s got. But no sooner does he take the case that things start to turn.

Kenny has been done with the past for awhile, but it turns out that the past isn’t done with him. Can Kenny track down Harry Parr and return her safely? Or will it be too late? Pick up Soho Dead from thriller author Greg Keen in order to find out for yourself!

Soho Ghosts is the second crime fiction novel in the gripping Soho series penned by author Greg Keen. Kenny Gabriel is back, and the private inspector is determined to hunt down some ghosts from his past. But what happens when the ghosts decide to join the hunt too?

Fresh off the case of a missing person, Kenny is ready for anything. Perhaps it isn’t surprising to anyone when a disgraced politician is discovered dead in his London flat. There aren’t going to be many people that publicly mourn the loss of George Dent. He had ruined his reputation so thoroughly and fell from grace so swiftly that much of the public doesn’t even bother to bat so much as an eyelash at the apparent suicide. That is, except for one person.

Kenny Gabriel doesn’t think that this was the intentional exit that everyone seems to think that it is. To add to Gabriel’s sense of doubt, his childhood friend seems to think that the downfall of the MP was a setup. Peter Timms is certain that someone else is behind this because Dent was being stalked for some time in the weeks leading up to his death.

But when Timms names the person stalking him, it’s going to be hard to prove, because the person he’s claiming was following Dent has been dead. He’s been dead for over seventy years. There’s no way that a corpse or a ghost could have been stalking the MP– could there?

Kenny doubts the truth of this story, but he needs money. He’s so broke that he can’t afford to look at this case and turn it down. So he decides to take it on and agrees that he’ll do his best to find some of Dent’s old friends from school. But since some of them may prefer not to be found, that’s going to be easier said than done.

At the same time, while all of this is going on, the head of a crime family is right behind Kenny. Meg Dylan is known to be the matriarch of a North London crime family, and she’s got a case. So now Kenny is double-booked on two cases, with pressure to solve both increasing as time goes on. Can Kenny solve both cases, or is he doomed to fail?

Kenny must find out whether his skills are still intact and even take on a ghost or two. To find out what happens, pick up Soho Ghosts from Greg Keen!

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