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A Dog Named Christmas (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas with Tucker (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Christmas Home (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Noelle (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Tantric Coconuts (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Greg Kincaid is a renowned author, best known for the best selling book series, A Dog Named Christmas. For the most part of his life, Greg Kincaid has resided in rural Kansas. Greg’s published his first novel, Death Walk at Acoma in the year 1992. Despite having his first book published in the year 1992, Greg had to wait for more than 10 years to publish his second novel, A Dog Named Christmas, which eventually became the first instalment in a highly entertaining series. After its publication, A Dog Named Christmas instantly became a New York Times bestseller. Eventually, the popularity of the book led Hallmark to adapt the book into a feature film, which attained a viewership of more than 12 million viewers.

While growing up, Greg Kincaid developed an early interest in literature. Greg and his sister enjoyed the numerous bedtime stories that their mother used to read to them every single night. The two eventually became very good readers and even began reading on their own. Most of Greg Kincaid’s childhood was spent floating on the Mississippi River or exploring the Middle East with Gandalf. In short, Greg Kincaid was a very creative mind, and his creativity which began at an early age eventually proved to be highly resourceful when he became an author. When Greg was not reading or playing around with his imagination,, he would wander for miles with his pet dog on steam banks. In the year 1982, after graduating from college, Greg began working on a corporate law firm as an advocate. Apart from finding it tedious, Greg Kincaid was also not specifically enthralled with the nuances of the corporate law.

After thinking for some time, Greg Kincaid decided to give up the highly demanding occupation and returned to his old life. During this period, Greg always had a book close to him. Greg eventually began working on his own stories. When Greg Kincaid children were born, Greg continued the long family tradition of story time by reading and storytelling. In the long run, Greg decided to finally settle in the small Kansas farm where he grew up. This time around, instead of representing corporate firms, Greg decided to use his legal experience to represent his own people. Many of Greg’s clients were children who ended up in trouble. Many at times, when Greg went to visit these children in treatment centres, jail or halfway houses, Greg Kincaid realized that many of these children lacked reading materials. This, in turn, led Greg to become an advocate for child literacy. For the past twenty years, Greg Kincaid has actively advocated for literacy.

During the period, that Greg Kincaid began his legal work and literacy campaigns, his children encouraged him to put his experiences in ink. Due to his exceptional writing skills, Greg’s first novel, received commercial success, while his second book was adapted into an award winning film by Hallmark. When Greg Kincaid is not working at his law practice, he can be found writing or advocating for literacy among children.

A Christmas Home
A Christmas Home is the third instalment in author Greg Kincaid’s bestselling series, A Dog Named Christmas. As the third instalment in the series, A Christmas Home takes place several years after the end of the previous instalment. In A Christmas Home, Todd, the protagonist has now grown into a fine young man, who is in his early twenties. Todd lives alone in a cabin located in his parent’s property. Despite the fact that he lives within his parent’s property, his cabin is located on the farthest end of the land, ensuring that he gets to enjoy both privacy and independence. The book begins as Todd has just landed a job as an assistant manager at the local animal shelter. However, with governmental budgetary cutbacks and reduced revenues, the government decides to shut down the animal shelter. Todd once again finds himself in a precarious situation, where apart from losing his job, he is in need of help.

Before the holidays begin, Todd must ensure that he gets all the cats and dogs living in the animal shelter to a new home. Being a wonderful young man, Todd is not only kind but also cares for everyone around him including the animals at the shelter. Though there are instances when Todd is mentally slow, he still possesses a God-given talent for working with animals. While training the animals, Todd is incredibly patient. Moreover, he also has an idealistic streak. Thus, when the news comes that the government was shutting down the shelter, Todd does all he can to find a home for all the animals at the shelter. While trying to get all the animals to new homes, Todd ends up growing past his position as the shelter’s assistant manager. By taking control of his life and moving ahead, Todd is also able to prove himself to everyone by showing them that he has the ability to make independent decisions, especially when faced with a difficult situation.

Author Greg Kincaid does an excellent job of including romance in the book. Todd gets to experience romance with a young woman, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Todd and Laura have been friends for quite some time, and thus when the two fall in love, it does not come as a surprise. Todd and Laura met when Laura took a stray dog to shelter after accidentally hitting it. Todd took care of the animal until it recovered fully. He then turned the dog into a service dog, so that it can assist Laura both at work and at home. Laura and Todd get to experience a slow and blossoming love, one that readers will definitely enjoy reading about. Apart from being kindhearted, Laura is also kind and sees past Todd’s disability. Laura appreciates Todd’s unique talents not because he assisted her but because he believes in both him and his unique abilities.

However, despite the fact that Todd’s parents, Mary and George have always been a great force in Todd’s life, they must now come into terms that Todd has now grown into a man capable of making independent decisions. With that said, readers are definitely going to fall in love with the animal and holiday stories. By combining the two into a single narrative, author Greg Kincaid delivers a highly enjoyable read. Overall, A Christmas Home is an ideal book for animal lovers.

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