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Greg Sestero is an American actor and model who made quite the name for himself when he starred in ‘The Room’ in the early 2000s, a movie that was panned by critics for being terrible but which eventually became a cult classic.


Greg Sestero was born in 1978 in Walnut Creek, California. Even at a young age, Greg knew that he wanted to work in movies. A former student of Monte Vista High School, the author fell in love with the movie ‘Home Alone’.

By the time he was 12, Greg had gone so far as to pen a screenplay for the sequel in which he played the lead actor. One assumes that Greg wasn’t the only 12-year-old to picture himself in the starring role in a ‘Home Alone’ sequel.

But he was the only child whose script earned him a letter of commendation from John Hughes when he submitted it.

Greg never made it to the ‘Home Alone 2’ set. But he began taking strides towards a future in show business by undertaking modeling gigs that took him all over Europe.

It would have been easy for Greg Sestero to lose himself in modeling, especially with designers like Gianfranco Ferre taking an interest in him. But Greg had his sights firmly set on acting, which is why it came as no surprise when he enrolled at the American Conservatory Theater, honed his acting skills and immediately moved to Los Angeles with the intention of landing a significant movie role.

The author never made the splash he hoped for. Despite his looks and his acting talent, it didn’t take Greg long to realize that he was merely one man in a sea of young, handsome actors looking for their big break in Los Angeles.

The author was fortunate to land roles in movies like ‘Gattaca’. He also appeared on the show ‘Nash Bridges’. However, even taking into account his roles on the soap opera ‘Days of Our Lives’, Greg Sestero’s acting roles were always too minor to have a significant impact on his visibility in Hollywood.

It wasn’t until ‘The Room’ hit the big screen that life finally began to improve for the author; though things initially looked quite dire.

‘The Room’ is most commonly associated with Tommy Wiseau, the lead actor, and producer of the movie. Greg and Tommy met in an acting class at the end of the 20th Century.

They became fast friends. Tommy knew that Greg was struggling to get acting work. And he promised to make him the co-star of his movie if he ever succeeded in raising the funds to get the project off the ground.

Greg admits that he resisted the compulsion to work as an actor alongside his best friend. In fact, when Tommy finally got the funds to make ‘The Room’, Greg Sestero only agreed to come aboard if it meant working behind the scenes.

Greg went so far as to help Tommy cast the part of ‘Mark’, the character Tommy wanted Greg to play. But Tommy wouldn’t have it and he found a way to engineer things so that Greg would have no choice but to play the ‘Mark’ part.

Greg eventually relented but it was only because ‘The Room’ was such a small and contained movie that he was sure it would disappear into some video library, never to be seen or unheard from again.

To Greg’s surprise, not only did people see ‘The Room’ but it attracted intense criticism from movie professionals. The movie enjoyed a short theatrical release during which it did very poorly.

Greg Sestero did what he could to deflect criticism for his part in what most people called the worst movie ever made. And despite his attempts at staying positive about the issue, the author was shocked when audience members began to flock to ‘The Room’. This was long after it had left theaters.

People were drawn to the movie not only by the terrible critic ratings but also the fact that the movie had such poor production values. As the years passed, ‘The Room’ became a cult classic. Theaters started clamoring to show it to viewers who wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Ultimately, Tommy made his money back and amassed a sizeable fortune in the process. Greg took pride in being part of a project that garnered so much worldwide acclaim.

+Literary Career

Greg Sestero’s literary career began in 2011. The actor went into business with a traditional publisher to write a book detailing his experience of making ‘The Room’.

The book, ‘The Disaster Artist’, hit bookshelves in 2013. It was praised for not only being a great read but also shedding light on the disaster behind the disaster that was ‘The Room’.

The book even won a few awards down the line. In 2014, actor Seth Rogen bought the rights to the book and turned it into a movie starring James and Dave Franco that premiered in 2017.

The movie was a critical and commercial hit and it brought ‘The Room’ back into the public conscious.
Greg Sestero’s literary success has been limited. Despite the popularity of ‘The Disaster Artist’, Greg has continued to pursue acting over everything else. He has made appearances on a few television shows and music videos.

Greg and Tommy are still best friends and they have expressed interest in collaborating on projects in the future.

+The Disaster Artist

‘The Room’ was a terrible movie that premiered in 2003 to terrible reviews. Starring Tommy Wiseau, the move cost six million dollars to make. It made less than two thousand dollars at the box office.

Within two weeks, ‘The Room’ had been removed from theaters and everyone expected it to disappear into obscurity. But the movie saw a resurgence and currently stands as one of the most popular movies in the world.

This book takes readers behind the scenes of the making of ‘The Room’. Greg tells of how he watched Tommy Wiseau break every law of filmmaking and still emerge as a success.

Greg narrates with humor as he exposes the roller-coaster of madness that made his friend’s dream a reality.

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