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Alistair Grim's Odditorium (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alistair Grim's Odd Aquaticum (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Watch Hollow (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Alchemist's Shadow (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gregory Funaro is the New York bestselling author of Disney- Hyperion Odditorium series. He grew up in Cranston, Rhode Island and wrote his first novel The Ghost in the Window when he was four years old. Even though the book has been lost in time, the author considers it one of his finest writings. After finishing his high school studies, he specialized in theater at the University of Hampshire. After landing on several acting jobs, he received his MFA in acting from FSU/Asolo Conservatory and his AM in theater arts from Brown University. Gregory Funaro lives with his family in North Carolina, and he is a member of International Thriller Writers, The Authors Guild, Horror Writers Association, and Mystery Writers of America.

Gregory Funaro Books

Gregory Funaro has written two different series; Sam Markham series and Odditorium series. The first book in the series Sam Markham is The Sculptor published in 2009. The second is The Impaler, published in 2011. The second series Odditorium first book is Alistair Grim’s Odditorium (2015) and the second one Alistair Grim’s Odd Aquaticum published in 2016.

Description of Early Books

The Sculptor- the debut novel by Gregory Funaro creates a chilling atmosphere that even the sturdiest reader gets the chills.

When a popular and famous NFL player is reported, missing the whole world is stunned, because the player disappearance occurs before his team appearance in Super Bowl game of the season. No one could have guessed that a serial killer kidnaped the player with a vision of both beauty and horror and where most of his victims become a part of his art. A victim of kidnapping, Tommy Campbell is posed along with parts of a goat and a young boy to enact the famous Michelangelo statue- Bacchus.

When the reenacted “statue of Bacchus” is discovered, horror spreads rapidly as bush fire through media when Tommy Campbell is found to be a part of the serial killer creation. Cathy Hildebrandt, an art historian, is stunned by the sculptor creation. She publishes her novel Slumbering in the stone- based on Michelangelo sculpture which makes her famous. The killer goes ahead and uses Hildebrandt novel as an inspiration and goes further tries to dedicate his version of Bacchus to her.

The FBI, request Hildebrandt to work with them to aid them in the investigation. She is teamed with Sam Markham, a special agent. He soon falls in love with Hildebrandt and realizes that he is her only protection since he has suspicions that she might be the Sculptors next creation.

When the serial killer nicknamed the sculptor begins working on his next creation, The Rome Pieta- Hildebrandt and his partner Sam continue in search of any clues that could result in the discovery of the killer’s identity before he can abduct more people for his crazy creations. Just like other serial killer- it is revealed that he is a victim of abuse at the hands of his parents. The killer is not only just obsessed with art but also specialized in his methods of mutilation and the preservation of bodies. This makes it possible for his creations to be painted and reshaped as exact reactions of Michelangelo’s works. Hildebrandt and Sam must dig deep to decipher the killer’s messages and stay a step ahead to ensure that he is stopped before he can complete his masterpiece.

The author does an excellent job of ensuring that the pace level is high and without letting up on the tension. The Sculptor is a composite character, and the terrors he creates are just nightmares. The novel is full of red herrings, and this makes it easier for the readers to guess right up to the last chapters.

Alistair Grim’s Odd- when an orphan named Grubb enters the Odditorium world, his life is changed forever. He must give up his new position when working for Alistair Grim only because the whole of England is convinced that Alistair is evil. However, on the other hand, Gribb has designed a plan to reveal the real villain; Prince Nightshade an evil warlock who want to take the Odditorium power source all for himself. With the actual villain in pursuit, Grubb, Grim and the rest of the crew start a journey in search of a legendary sword Excalibur. The sword is the only weapon forged to penetrate the magical prince armor. They discover that not only the Odditorium can swim, but it can also fly. The crew sets off an underwater mission to the realm of Avalon, which is home to Excalibur. Their journey is adventurous, and along the way, they must battle sea monsters, banshee assassins and a witch seeking revenge against Alistair Grim for allegedly stealing magical objects.

Unknown to Grubb and the fellow crews, their fate has written in primeval Avalonian prophecy- that holds the key to a destiny that not even Grim could have ever imagined.

Alistair Grim Odditorium- for Grubb, working as a chimney sweep has always been hard. He works for Mr. Smears, a cruel master. For Grubb, a life free from abuse and heavy labor is all he ever wants. He sneaks away in a trunk of one of the inn guest, and this lands him at the Odditorium- a flying house with supernatural beings powered by animus. The peculiar owner of the Odditorium, Alistair Grim allows Grubb to stay on a condition that he works for him. Grubb soon attract the attention of Prince Nightshade when he accidentally lets some animus to escape. The prince wants the animus for himself. Grubb and his friends narrowly flee in the Odditorium after an intense battle in London; they set off to defeat the evil prince Nightshade. It is during this quest that Grubb discovers the primary purpose of animus. Purposes nefarious and strange just like the evil prince who seeks to have it under his control. The chimney sweep boy understands that he is no hero but heavily armed with wits and his courage, he must confront life or death battle he is fated to fight.

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