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Gregory Gourdet is a television personality and celebrity chef whose journey to stardom was punctuated by both triumphs and obstacles. The bespectacled, tattooed and stylish chef made his name as one of the strongest contestants of Top Chef.
He is now a judge of the Top Chef which is one of the longest running series on TV. Both as a guest judge/host, he made his name on Top Chef as a man with a gentle demeanor and killer cooking chops.

Gourdet was brought up in Queens in New York and perfected his culinary skills working in the Asian fusion empire of restaurants owned by Jean-Georges Vongerichten. These restaurants were all the rage during the 2000s and he had all the opportunity to learn about the industry.
Greg would later move to Portland, Oregon where he would become a popular chef in the food scene of the city, where he worked at the Nines Hotel as executive chef. But even though he would become a popular chef in Portland, most people know him for his appearances in Season 12 of Top Chef in Boston where he lost to eventual winner Mei Lin, a Los Angeles chef.

He was also a finalist in the 17 All Stars season before he was promoted to judge in more recent seasons.

Gourdet is the son of Haitian immigrants which is perhaps the reason why there is so much focus on Haitian cuisine in his work. He has said that in recent years he has been deepening his knowledge of Haitian food and this eventually resulted in the opening of Kann his first ever restaurant.
The restaurant opened its doors during the pandemic and has done pretty well. Food and Wine has said that Gregory Gourdet started exploring his Haitian roots during the mid 2000s. It was at this time that he travelled back to Haiti and learned all he could. He also regularly cooked with his sister in Atlanta and his mother in Florida.

In 2018, Greg hosted JHaiti in My Heart a dinner at New York’s James Beard House. At the dinner, Gourdet and his team of chefs prepared kreyol stewed chicken, twice cooked griot pork and salt cod patties among many other dishes.

When he was invited to the Top Chef All Stars edition, he prepared an early version of Kann that is sold on the street by vendors. He presented this in the Restaurant War episode of Top Chef and served some of his best known dishes including roasted red snapper and pikliz, a traditional Haitian pickles dish.

Fresh from his exploits debuting and exploring Haitian cuisine, he found and rented the location for Kann his first restaurant in Portland Oregon which is his adopted city. The restaurant was to be opened in December 2020 but this was not possible because of the disruption and confusion of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The restaurant has now opened its doors and become one of the most popular eateries in Portland. Upon its opening, Gregory Gourdet served a six course menu for $210. The event was held at The Redd and most guests raved about the menu that included rice with lima beans, warm kale, braised short ribs, apple, creamy peanut collard greens, plantain salad, and homey chicken in potato dumplings.

According to Greg, the Kann restaurant is the story of his heritage and a dive into Haitian cuisine. What he serves are some of the best recipes he remembers cooking and eating with his family when he was a child.

“Everyone’s Table” by popular celebrity and award winning chef Gregory Gourdet is the crowning achievement of a man that had to battle addiction by engaging in his passion for cooking. Everyone’s Table is a novel in which he shares more than 200 decadently flavorful and mouth watering recipes that focus on flavor and nutrition.

His recipes focus on super foods and ingredients with antioxidants, high nutrient density, the most vitamins and minerals and the best fats and this inspires and delights home cooks. Greg’s recipes find inspiration in his love for global techniques and ingredients.

The foods encompass the best cuisines from West and North Africa as well as those of Asia. His unique culinary journey is what inspired what is a one of a kind cookbook that comes with easy ferments, dynamic vegetable forward dishes, umami packed sauces and savory meat stews.

Greg also includes clever ways to make both seasonal and year round ingredients taste good. The cookbook has been made to be a kitchen counter essential that will forever change how we enjoy, approach and think about healthy eating.

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