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Publication Order of A Stitch in Time Mystery Books

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Living in the Boreal rainforest of Juneau, Alaska, Greta McKennan has always had a strong passion for the written word all throughout her life. Always hoping to become a writer, she would constantly be found with her head in a book. Combined with her love of sewing as well, her first debut novel was almost inevitable.

Working as a writer full-time now, she’s a mother living with her husband and enjoying her stories. Looking for inspiration in the great outdoors she is never short of ideas either. With plenty more titles set to come, it appears that she’s not stopping any time soon.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first novel in 2017 she made her debut with the title ‘Uniformly Dead’. This would also be the first in her long-running ‘A Stitch in Time Mystery’ novels too. Set firmly within the cozy mystery genre, she really managed to make them stand-out and their own thing.

With scores of readers worldwide discovering them, she has quickly translated herself into a global success. Using her love of working as a seamstress, she has also incorporated that into much of her work too. There’s plenty more books planned as well, as her writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Uniformly Dead

Brought out through the ‘Lyrical Underground’ publishing label, this was originally released in the year of 2017 on the 16th of May to a great deal of fanfare. With a whole host of people anticipating its release, with both readers and the critics eagerly awaiting it, it would also be the first in the ongoing series of a ‘A Stitch in Time Mystery’ novels. Setting up a franchise it managed to create a certain level of buzz and excitement that would be unrivaled, allowing it to become one of the most sought after series in recent history. It would also work at allowing the series to become firmly established in the minds of the readers, setting up many of the principal core characters that were to come from it in the many books to follow.

Set in Laurel Springs in Pennsylvania this sees Daria working as a seamstress who is progressing from wedding gowns and on to Civil War re-enactment, as she hopes to take herself in a new direction. With a whole host of new clients she comes across on confederate colonel who really is a stickler for details, as he pedantically wants every last detail exactly right all the way down to every little detail. That’s when the peace of the small-town begins to unravel, as she starts to find that an antique Civil War doll has been stolen from the local museum, along with the colonel being found murdered. With her brother being accused of the theft and a bridal client’s fiance being accused of the murder, it appears that it’s up to Daria to solve the case in hand. Will she be able to get to the bottom of it? Can she uncover the truth? Who is behind the uniformly dead?

Historically Dead

Coming out through the ‘Lyrical Underground’ publishing house once more, this would continue on from the last in much the same vein as before. Providing another mystery for the intrepid seamstress come amateur sleuth, it manages to re-capture the essence of the first, it being the second in the ongoing series of ‘A Stitch in Time Mystery’ novels. Released in 2017, just the same as the first, this would be released on the 19th of December, not keeping her readers waiting for long, as it was released only several months after her debut.

This time there is a reality show in the town of Laurel Springs, Pennsylvania, as the show ‘My House in History’ arrives on the scene, something which spells out ‘business opportunity’ for Daria Dembrowski. She seems to have it all planned out, as the show follows to elderly sisters attempts to restore an old mansion, whilst Daria provides all the clothes that are to be required. That’s when one of the researchers on the show ends up dead, along with a whole host of other crimes surrounding the show, and it’s up to Daria to get to the bottom of it all once again. Will she find the killer? Can she uncover the truth? Who is behind the historically dead?

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