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Gretchen Archer
Gretchen Archer is a Tennessee housewife who started writing once her daughters, who sought higher educations, left her. She is a mother of three, a grocery-list and mystery writer.

Before she began writing the “Davis Way” books, she wrote four manuscripts in four years, which never got published due to all the rejections she wracked up on them.

Eventually, she realized that crime fiction is what she wanted to do, so she began reading crime fiction for a year until the genre got good and drilled into her brain.

Gretchen’s debut novel, called “Double Whammy”, was released in the year 2013, which is the first book in her “Davis Way” series of novels that she is best known for writing. Her work is from the cozy mystery genre, and is published by Henery Press.

“Double Whammy” is the first novel in the “Davis Way Crime Caper” series and was released in the year 2013. Davis Way believes she has just hit the jackpot when she gets a job as the fifth wheel on an elite security team at the fabulous Bellissimo Resort and Casino, located in Biloxi, Mississippi. Once she gets there, however, she runs right into her ex-ex husband, her evil twin, a rigged slot machine, and a pile of dead bodies. Davis learns the truth and in no way does it set her free. Actually, it lands her in jail.

Buried under a mistaken identity and unable to get help from her family, her hot streak goes cold until her landlord Bradley Cole comes in. Make that her love interest, her landlord, and lawyer. Davis, with his help, has to win this high stakes game before all of her luck runs out.

“Double Dip” is the second novel in the “Davis Way Crime Caper” series and was released in the year 2014. It’s Davis Way’s very first slot-tournament season. And it could be her last.

Things are rather dicey at work. A little old lady hits a suspicious hot streak, a personal assistant disappears, and a Bellissimo executive goes gaga over Davis. She tracks a disappearing slot-tournament player to the So Help Me God Pentecostal Church in Beehive, Alabama. Then jumps right into a high stakes holy scandal.

She is currently on a losing streak at work, as well. Her dinners, days, and nights all run together, while she juggles a revolving door of uninvited guests, namely Eddie Crawford, her rotten ex-ex husband. Bradley Cole believes that three is a crowd.

The worst part is that Davis is not feeling all that hot. Maybe it could be the banana pudding, or possibly it is a little bundle of something else.

“Double Strike” is the third novel in the “Davis Way Crime Caper” series and was released in the year 2014. Davis Way, Bellissimo Resort and Casino Super Spy knows three things: don’t trust guys that look like David Hasselhoff, cooking isn’t a prerequisite for a happy marriage, and money doesn’t grow on Christmas trees. None of this helps when a storm hits the Gulf just a week before the most anticipated event in Bellissimo history: the Strike it Rich Sweepstakes. Securing the staff, guests, and property may take a stray bullet. Possibly two.

She has three problems: she has a new boss that only speaks in hashtags, she’s desperate to change her marital status, and Bianca Sanders has taken all of her clothes. It all brings on a headache hot enough to start a fire. Solving any of these problems means she has to steal a car. From a lawyer.

Davis has three goals: regain her footing in her relationship, keep the Sanders family out of prison, and find the person that wrote the software for future Gaming. The manhunt part is dicey. When Alabama hides somebody, they hide them pretty well.

“Double Mint” is the fourth novel in the “Davis Way Crime Caper” series and was released in the year 2015. It is convention season at the Bellissimo Resort and Casino and Davis Way barely notices. It is tough to pay attention to anything when you live in a Jambalaya Junkyard. When Holder Darby, Special Events Coordinator, walks off of the job right when five hundred Alabama bankers pour in, Davis steps up. Or should that be in? In. She steps in it.

Not only has the convention director disappeared, but one of the guests of the Bellissimo is missing, too. One who forgot to pack the million dollars he left sitting in the bathtub. It appears our redheaded newlywed Super Secret Spy’s lazy summer ends when the vault of the Bellissimo is robbed.

Will Davis connect all the dots before it is too late? Is she going to be stuck with Eddie Crawford’s 1962 Cadillac for good? Will she get her Taser back from Bianca Sanders? What she needs is a bit of faith, and a whole lot of luck. Double Mint. Old sins. New money. Back to jail. And a kitty cat.

“Double Knot” is the fifth novel in the “Davis Way Crime Caper” series and was released in the year 2016. Davis Way goes off on a Caribbean cruise on board the MS Probability with fifty billionaires, Anderson Cooper, a boatload of Louis Vuitton luggage, and her mom. The seas are calm, the weather is just perfect, and Suite 704 is just magnificent. Until the doors all slam shut. For good.

Obviously this is some sort of systems glitch. Surely somebody is going to show up and free Davis, Miss Hawaii, and the creepy staff members. When the minutes become hours and the hours turn into one day, she realizes that it is all up to her. With fifty grand in casino chips, a crash course in banking, and a pot roast, she races against time to figure out why they are being held, stop the folks behind it, and figure a way out.

Antiquities are destroyed, secrets become revealed, and they run out of dishes. It is a mayday on Probability when Davis realizes the truth is the only thing certain to set them all free.

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