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The American author Gretchen Berg is fast becoming well known for her unique brand of writing that has a personal and intimate quality to it. Writing a memoir as well as fiction, she’s known for putting a lot of herself into her work, making it highly idiosyncratic in the process. Looking into the past, she has an interesting perception that feels wholly modern and relevant to now, resonating with readers from across the world.

This is something which she has finely tuned over the years, writing in a manner that is witty, warm, and down-to-earth. With an ear for authenticity, as well as the way in which people actually speak, she definitely knows how to bring her subjects to life. Continuing to write, her career will carry on growing from strength-to-strength, as there’s plenty more coming on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life:

Born on the East Coast of America, she was then raised in the Midwest, as she would grow up taking in inspiration from the world around her. This would gradually feed back into her work over the years, as she would begin to nurture a passion for both reading and writing from an early age. Keenly interested in literature, she would explore her own creativity, always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas.

Studying for some years prior to writing full-time, Berg would develop her skills as an author, along with a number of other talents. Looking into genealogy too, she’d nurture an interest in history and the past, something which would also go back into her stories. Giving her work an extra level of authenticity too, it would provide her writing with an extra foundation and anchor, then building upon it over time.

Before becoming a writer she would also work in the area of travel and education, seeing and experiencing a lot prior to being a full-time novelist. This would also provide her with material for her memoir, along with with ideas for her fictional writing too, which worked in conjunction with her interest in history. Knowing about her subject matter, she was able to invest herself in her stories, making them far more intimate in the process.

As a graduate of Iowa State University, she’s come a long way since she first started on her journey to becoming a writer.
Writing Career:

Publishing her first book in 2012, Gretchen Berg would write a memoir based on her time in Iraq titled ‘I Have Iraq in My Shoe’. Going under the subtitle of ‘Misadventures of a Soldier of Fashion’, it would provide a witty look back at her time spent reporting there. It would provide another side to life there when she went to teach, giving a unique perspective on the country from an outsider.

In 2020 she would release her first fictional novel, which would be set in the 1950s, as there’d be a certain amount of intrigue and mystery to it. This would be warmly received by the public and the critics, showcasing her imagination in the process, alongside her skills as a writer. It would also provide an interesting look into the era of the 1950s, saying a lot about the period that it’s set within. This would come about through research into her own family history and genealogy, looking into the past, taking facts and expanding upon them. Receiving many notable reviews, her career continues to grow, with more and more discovering her books every day, something that will continue for a long time yet.

The Operator

Originally published through the William Morrow publishing outlet in 2020, this would be the first fictional title from Gretchen Berg as an author. Not a part of any series as such, it was released on the 3rd of March, establishing her as a powerful new voice within the literary industry. It would also be a period piece, set within the 1950s, as it would capture the look and feel of the era perfectly, conjuring up the ambiance for the reader in vivid detail.

Vivian Dalton is a switchboard operator living and working in the small American town of Wooster, Ohio, where she’s a fixture of the community. She also knows everyone’s business, which she explains away as intuition, but Charlotte, her teenage daughter, knows to be her eavesdropping on the calls of others. Whilst they’re not supposed to listen in on private calls, many of the operators do regardless and, finally, one day she hears something that goes beyond gossip. Overhearing a conversation that could potentially turn her whole world upside down, Vivian could be the laughing stock if this got out. How will she manage to keep the rumour down? Just who was the person on the other end of the line to Betty Miller? What will become of the operator?

I Have Iraq in My Shoe

First published through Sourcebooks in 2012, this would be a memoir from Gretchen Berg recounting her time spent teaching in Iraq. First released on the 1st of May, this would introduce Berg to the reading public, establishing who she is as an author. Saying a lot through her work, she provides numerous witty insights into her time there, allowing the reader to fully experience it themselves. It would also go under the name of ‘Misadventures of a Soldier in Fashion’, which would go some way towards describing the irreverent and fun tone of the book.

Facing debt and unemployment, Gretchen Berg heads off to Iraq for a change of pace, where she can change her life and move it in a new direction. Hoping to make some money and bring her life back on track, she doesn’t expect to find a new home so removed from her own. Soon, though, she’s immersing herself in the culture, finding a whole new side of life, and one that’s a distant thought to her old one in America.

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