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Gretchen McNeil is an award winning author from The United States, who is popular for writing young adult, suspense, horror, fantasy, and science fiction novels. She is known to have written some widely acclaimed books such as Possess, Get Dirty, Ten, Relic, Get Even, etc. The two book series written by her include the Murder Trending and Don’t Be Mad book series. McNeil’s books have been top pics in many literary journals. Most of her books are published under the banner of Balzer+Ray for the HarperCollins. The first young adult contemporary book penned by McNeil is the 2016 book called I’M Not Your Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Her novels have been released internationally in multiple foreign languages, including Turkish, Czech, Chinese, and Spanish. McNeil’s book, Ten, has been adapted into a movie starring Rome Flynn, China Anne, and Callan McAuliffe, under the direction of Chris Robert. Ginger Clark is the representative of author McNeil for Curtis Brown, Ltd.

In addition to be an established writer, McNeil is a voice over artist, trained opera singer, and an ex-circus performer. She began her literary career with the 2011 book Possess in which she has described the story of a teenage exorcist. McNeil followed it up with the her award winning novel Ten. This novel shows ten teenagers trapped on a distant island and hunted by a serial killer. It was a top pick by Romantic Times, Booklist, etc., and was nominated for awards like Evergreen Book Award, Green Mountain Book Award, and the Best Young Adult Novel. After the success of this novel, author McNeil released the sci-fi horror story called 3:59. It revolves around the lives of 2 girls from parallel dimensions, who switch places and undergo various twists & turns. McNeil began her first book series, Don’t Get Mad, in 2014. The two books of this series, Get Dirty & Get Even, show four different girls forming a secret society and taking revenge on mean girls and bullies in their prep school.

Author McNeil’s 2016 HarperCollins publication, Relic, showcases a horror story of a group of teenagers, who explore an old mine and accidentally unleash a strange creature that begins hunting them and cannibalizing their dead bodies. In early 2018, McNeil began her second novel series, a horror-comedy called Murder Trending. This series follows the life of a 17 year old girl falsely accused of murdering her stepsister. She is convicted and condemned to an American suburb-style prison called Alcatraz 2.0. In this prison, the convicts are hunted down by serial killers sanctioned by the government and deaths are streamed live. The girl must start looking for ways for proving her innocence before she is transferred to Alcatraz, where there is absolutely zero chance of her coming out alive. Author McNeil is pretty much happy with the way her career shaped up so far. She is grateful to all the readers, who have read and liked her stories. McNeil hopes that her fans will support and like all her future books as well. She intends to keep writing many more horror/suspense novels in the coming years and keep entertaining the readers.

The Dont’s Get Mad series written by author Gretchen McNeil is comprised of a total of 2 books published between 2014 and 2015. It features the lead characters in the roles of 4 girls named Kitty, Margot, Olivia, and Bree. This suspenseful and witty series shows the disparate girls teaming up to stand against the bullying in their school and giving it back to the mean girls. In doing so, they make many dangerous enemies. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Get Even’. It was released by the Balzer & Bray publication in 2014. At the story’s beginning, Bree, Kitty, Margot, and Olivia are shown as not having anything in common. Even if they had anything in common between them, they would not let the administrators of the elite private school and their fellow students know about it.

Each one of the girls has different friends, different lives, and different goals. However, the one very important thing that they share is that they are the members of the secret society called Don’t Get Mad. As the dedicated members of this group, the girls take revenge on the school’s tyrannical teachers, mean girls, and bullies. They don’t intend to kill or hurt anyone badly. But, things take a shocking turn when the latest target of the group is found dead with the group’s card in his hand. This incident makes the girls realize that they were not completely anonymous and that someone was keeping a close watch on their activities. Now, the tides have turned against them and they are required to act fast. Soon, the clues begin to pile up, making them get closer to a deadly killer.

The next novel of this suspense series is called ‘Get Dirty’. It was also published by Balzer and Bray in 2015. At the story’s start, it is shown that the members of DGM are not only mad, but afraid too. Bree is sent to the juvenile center and Margot is lying in a coma. As a result, all the burden of hunting down the deadly tormentor has come on the shoulders of Kitty and Olivia. The two girls make an offensive plan to try and catch the tormentor, but just when they are about to execute the plan, Ed stops them. He reveals a very shocking secret to them that proves all their beliefs wrong. They suspect that the murderer could be anyone around them, which makes it much more difficult for them to find out.

As the killer seems to adamant to cause more harm than just revenge, the girls feel the need to act fast. The situation becomes too desperate for them as their own lives have started to fall apart. Discovering the identity of the real killer is the only way they can put an end to this deadly episode, but they don’t know where to look. Also, the group’s strength is reduced to half as Bree and Margot are unable to join Olivia and Kitty. With the members of the girls’ families having emotional breakdowns and the threats becoming personal in nature, the girls decide to confront the anonymous killer or die trying in the process.

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