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Publication Order of Greywalker Books

Authored by Kat Richardson, The Greywalker Series is based around the life of the protagonist Harper Blaine. Harper gets killed while pursuing a case, though her ‘death’ lasts only for two minutes as she is brought back to life by the miracles of modern medicine. However, once she is revived, she discovers that she now has a new ability, namely being able to move through the realm that separates our world from the afterworld. This realm is known as the Grey. Furthermore, she can also identify various constituents of the supernatural, including being able to identify ghosts, witches and vampires. There are currently eight books that have been released in the series, with the first one being released in October 2006 and the last one being released in August 2013.

The Beginning: Greywalker

The story of the series begins when the main character Harper Blaine is nearly killed while she is on a case. Once she recovers from the traumatic experience, she discovers she has otherworldly powers which not only allow her to spot the supernatural, but communicate with them as well. However, understandably, all she wants is to regain her normal life and lose the powers she has gained from the incident.

However, once she realizes that she can help the otherworldly with her powers, she reconsiders her stance, which results in a large part of her clientele consisting of ghosts, witches and vampires amongst others. Most of her work soon consists of solving the problems and affairs of such clientele. Later, when the cases start to converge, she realizes a plot that could result in the demise of the Grey world of Seattle, which results in her having to decide either on survival or her honor and integrity.

The novel attempts to show how the main protagonist Harper Blaine comes to terms with her new powers and how she can use them in a positive manner to help the Grey world’s population.

The Saga Continues: Poltergeist

Taking place in the spookiness of Halloween, Blaine Harper’s powers are once again required, this time by a team of university researchers who are attempting to create an artificial poltergeist. The crew is unable to determine whether they are succeeding or not, which is where Harper comes in. The research team believes they are failing, but Harper finds the truth to be different. She finds out that they have managed to succeed in their task. Misfortune befalls the team when one of the members is killed in a horrific manner, which they believe is the work of the poltergeist. Now it is up to Blaine Harper to find out whether the murder was the poltergeist’s handiwork or was it made to look that way by one of the crew members trying to cover his tracks.

About the protagonist: A sketch of Blaine Harper

Blaine Harper is a tall, beautiful woman with brunette hair and a slim figure. She has a pet ferret at home. Strong and independent, she is an ideal role model for females everywhere. She does not panic easily, though she is sometimes portrayed as a bit stubborn. Furthermore, she is unpretentious, grounded and focuses on reality instead of getting carried away with her powers. Not only that, she is wary, careful and always assesses her risks and options before letting herself get acquainted with danger. She is not portrayed as one of the over eager, gun-slinging heroes who barge into dangerous situations and always miraculously survived unscathed. Instead, she is shown to be more realistic. She is also described as being witty and smart, who is more than able to hold her own.

Growth of the Series

The series mostly focus on Harper’s powers, and her making use of these abilities to help the supernatural as well as the human beings around her. As the series progress, not only does Harper begin to understand more about her supernatural abilities, but she tries to find about her past as well as the reason why she was the only person with a near death experience who inherited such powers in the wake of the incident. She ends up finding out that her past is more responsible for her present than she suspected.

Blaine Harper is intrinsic to the well being of her city, Seattle. Helping to resolve the issues of the otherworldly helps keep the city peaceful while she is also required to help investigate events for which normal logic and rationale have no answer.

Importance of the Series

The Greywalker Series are a best-selling series and it is no wonder why. Author Kat Richardson has moved away from the cliché of selecting a superhuman protagonist who can inexplicably avoid certain harm. Furthermore, she has taken a bold step in using a female as the main character, which shows the new era of promoting the empowerment of women.

Hence, it is no wonder that her series have done as well as they have and earned her a loyal legion of fans as well as appreciation by most critics, who consider her work to be generally above the similar vein of urban fantasies that other writers seek to portray.

Some of the reviews on the series praise the heroine as well as the plot such as the review made by Charlaine Harris who proclaimed the series characters to be multidimensional and containing an intriguing premise, while also praising the character of Harper. The Library Journal also proclaimed their appreciation for the book, praising the independent character of Harper as well as her view on reality.

Meanwhile, other reviews, such as the one by Publishers Weekly compared the series to famous TV shows such as Charmed and Buffy, two of the most hit shows ever produced. On the other hand, the Bournemouth Daily Echo compared the show to The Sixth Sense, stating that if one could get lost in the farfetched reality of the novel, they could really enjoy the book.

As can be seen, the Greywalker Series is a must read for anybody who is a fan of the paranormal and urban mysteries, while it is also endearing to those who wish to see a female in the main role of a novel. Unfortunately, the Greywalker Series have not yet been incorporated into TV shows or a movie.

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