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Publication Order of Grimes in Federation Service Books

The Road To The Rim (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Fatherland / Spartan Planet (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
To Prime the Pump (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Inheritors (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Big Black Mark (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Broken Cycle (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Star Courier (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Broken Cycle is one of the best performing books in the Grimes in Federation Service series. In this installment, the protagonist is none other than John Grimes, who being lost in space is nothing new. John Grimes is an interstellar officer who has been lost in space in more than one occasion. However, this time around, John Grimes is lost inside an exceedingly large alien spacecraft. Furthermore, John Grimes also discovers that the universe that he was on, was not his but rather an alternate universe which was being ruled by an omnipotent ruler. John Grime’s companion is Una Freeman, a young police woman. The fate that the alien god had selected for this two characters, needed the creation of a similar place to that of Garden of Eden. However, instead of one snake, the alien god decided to put two snakes.

If you are a fan of time travel and space adventures, then the Broken Cycle is a must read a book. This story is not only fast paced but also rather intriguing as well. There instances where the reader may think that the book is about to come to an end only to discover that the story takes another unexpected twist. You will definitely have no idea as to where the author is taking you. One of the strengths of the any of the author’s stories is that they read exceedingly fast. This, in turn, plays a key role in ensuring that some of the novel’s shortcoming are overlooked by the reader. All the characters in this novel have been well developed. Furthermore, the aliens that the two characters meet along the way are exceedingly interesting. Despite the fact the aliens are not as terrifying as plasmoids, they still manage to get the job done. Spartan Planet is also another excellent read in the Grimes in Federation book series. The basic premise of this novel is that planet which had been colonized by humanoids ago had in turn developed into an all-male planet, which is partially based on the male controlled militaristic state Sparta.

The book begins as John Grimes is inside the Federation Survey Spaceship and this time around, he is with one, Margaret Lazenby, a woman doctor. Margret’s main task is to study the culture of this lost colony. As the two arrive on the planet, Margaret happens to be the first woman that the inhabitants have ever seen for the first time. Human reproduction was something that was mainly controlled by doctors and effeminate male nurses. Creatures who were lower on the food chain gave birth by mainly having the male offspring detach from one side of the body of the father after they have grown up as conjoined twins. This is something that the Spartans have been taught for a very long time before the doctors came and decided to improve everything. The author decides to give a reasonably imaginative treatment to the idea of a lost colony, which has been isolated from their real past to the extent that everything has become redefined.

Another great book in this series is another excellent book in the Grimes in Federation book series. The rebellion on the HMS Bounty, a Royal Navy Vessel had occurred in the South of Pacific on April 28, 1789. The mutiny was led by one Lieutenant, Fletcher Christian, took control of the ship from one William Bligh. The crew decided to set the captain together with 18 other loyalists adrift on the open launch of the ship. Bligh had, in turn, completed more than 6,500 kilometers, so as to reach safely and also to bring the mutineers to justice. The vessel had left England in the year 1787 and was on a mission to collect and also to transport breadfruits plants from the Tahiti region to West Indies.

The ship was supposed to stay for approximately 5 months in Tahiti. Upon arrival, the men aboard the ship resided ashore and even formed relationships with some of the locals; however, these relationships were proving to be exceedingly harmful. As the relationship between the crew members and the captain was beginning to deteriorate after he began issuing out exceedingly harsh punishments, abuse, and criticism. In most of the cases, Christian was the main target. After more than three weeks of being at sea, Christian and some of the members aboard the ship decided to force the captain out of the ship. 25 men remained on the ship, including some of the loyalists who were being held against their will. Eventually, in the year 1970, Bligh arrived in England, where the Admiralty decided to launch the HMS Pandora so as to capture the mutineers. 14 of the insurgents were captured in Tahiti and were imprisoned inside the Pandora.

Star Courier is another classic read by Chandler. In his extremely long and fantastic career, as the Hornblower of Space, Grimes has already been used to experience extremely strange things. Captain Grimes managed to rise through the various ranks of an interstellar federation. Throughout his career, Grimes has experienced shared proportions of disasters and triumphs. AAs time goes by; Grimes managed to become one of the most famous rim runners. However, there is a time when Grimes fell from one cosmic empire to another, and all this time he was alone. Captain Grimes had to do everything within his reach to ensure that he survived, and by doing this, he became more a super being.

All this time, Grimes believed that he was only doing a mailman’s job. However, the price of the postage eventually turned out to be divinity. With that said, Star Light is a light read, that is macho fun. The main character’s bounce back exceedingly well from a long period of sexual humiliation and degradation. The Grimes in the Federation Service book series is a well-written series by Bertram Chandler. The author has done an excellent task of creating a protagonist who goes through all odds to ensure that his mission is not only completed but he also comes out victorious. If you are a fan of Chandler or inter-galaxy novels, then this is definitely the series for you.

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