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Grimes in the Rim World Books In Order

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Publication Order of Grimes in the Rim World Books

Into the Alternate Universe (1964)Description / Buy at Amazon
Contraband from Otherspace (1967)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Rim Gods (1968)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dark Dimensions (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gateway to Never (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Way Back (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Commodore at Sea / Alternate Orbits (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon

Arthur Bertram Chandler was a British, Australian science fiction author, who wrote under his real names and also under his pen names. Throughout his career as an author, Chandler managed to pen down over 40 books and more than 200 works of fiction. In the year 1971, Chandler was awarded a Ditmar Award for the short story, The Better Pill and also for three other novels, The False Fatherland, The Better Pill, and the Big Black Mark. Due to the experience that he had while aboard different ships and also the relationship he had with the various crew members, gave his book a feeling that no other author has managed to accomplish. Chandler is best known for the book series The John Grime Series and the Rim World book series, both of which possess a distinctive naval flavor.

In the John Grime book series, the protagonist, John Grimes is a passionate sailor, who experiences from time to time the adventure of sailing on the oceans of different planets. In the novels of this book series, the author constantly talks about a magnetic spaceship, which is known as the Gausjammer, which is remembered nostalgically by the old times and also happens to be remodeled version of the Windjammer. The Gusjammer had been featured in numerous novels by different authors such as the Deep Riches of Space, which has an uncontested autobiographical elements, the book’s protagonist is a seaman who later on turned into a science fiction author and travels to the future. He makes use of his nautical experiences to save a group of humans who had been stranded on an island. Arthur Chandler arrived at the John Grimes series in an exceedingly convoluted manner. His protagonist in Rim of the World book series is Derek Calver, who is a merchant spaceman who had drifted from the Galactic Center to the Galactic Rim.

In the Ship from Outside and In The Rim of Space, the protagonist had numerous adventures, he not only became a captain but he also had numerous adventures around the rim and even got married to the purser, Jane Arlen. Apart from Chandler, the author has also featured Sonia Verrill, a glamorous temptress and femme fatale, who had not only messed up Chandler’s life but also came extremely close to destroying his marriage. Despite the fact that this life triangle which was slowly moving towards a rather explosive confrontation in space, the author introduced Commander Grimes as the secondary character. However, the book’s plot rather culminated with Arlen and Calver, going towards the Outside Ship and being taken to the galaxy. The author’s Australian background is clearly, evident especially in his depiction of the future when Australia becomes a major world power and leads the world in saving the world from an alien invasion.

Grimes in the Rim World

The Dark-Dimension is one of the best books by Bertram Chandler in the Grimes in the Rim World book series. In this book, Commander Grimes had been finally getting his space wings back. Using his old ship, the Faraway Quest, Grimes was expected to venture into the rims of the world’s that were known, while searching the outsider. The Outsider space ship was used as a storage of science and technology. Thus the Shaara Empire, the Federation, and many more empires had sent expeditions in search of the Outsider. Each of these expeditions had ended disastrously. Thus it is up to Commander Grimes to find the Outsider in the Rims.

However, the only challenge that Grime faces is that the Rim is not easy to find. There are also other worlds, which yearn for the alien treasure inside the Outsider spaceship. Thus, Commander Grimes heads out on the mission and what he finds there, eventually sends him through the tracks of time, surrounded by temporary friends and enemies. The friends and enemies were trying to discover the dangers and the secrets of the Rim Gods. John Grimes was the commanding officer of the Rim and also the Astronomical Superintendent was exceedingly tired of being a space bound of being a desk commodore. Thus, when a chance came to Grimes to take on a little bit of troubleshooting, Grimes did not ask why who or what. This is exactly how Grimes found himself with predatory starfish, time-space worlds, and the legendary characters.

The Way Back is also another great book in this series. In this book, John Grime’s spaceship broke away from the Kingsolving’s planet. There is nothing more terrifying for any spaceman than to be lost in space. Due to the fact that the universe was exceedingly cast, Commodore Grimes had gone beyond the Galactic lens, and due to the fact that time is infinite, the ship had slipped beyond the epoch. The universe that Grime and his crew were, they were unable to raise any telepathic beacon, no etheric word, and no other vessel. However, since they had John Grimes, a veritable Hornblower on board, they had to find a way back. The very first step that they had to make was to establish where earth, the launching place for the human race was. However, Earth turned out to be a myth, legend, and faith.

Aboard the Ship, Grimes happens to be the only person who has ever been to Earth. Thus they decide to pull this information from his mind. The first attempt that they make does not work. Hence they decide to hypnotize him so as to get a better picture. When they eventually arrive in the solar system, it is way back before the men and earth acquired technology. Gateway to Never is the sixth book in the Grimes in the Rim World book series. In this book, the pipe smoking and action loving spaceship commander John Grimes manages to move out of the federation navy and eventually finds his true calling in the adventures across the galactic rim. If you are a reader, who loves accurate science and dislikes when women are primarily subordinate stewardesses and housewives then this is the book that you are looking for. Furthermore, if you are a person who loves the old science fiction for entertainment purposes, then the Gateway to Never is a must read.

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