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Grimmtastic Girl Books In Order

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Publication Order of Grimmtastic Girls Books

By: Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams
Cinderella Stays Late (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Red Riding Hood Gets Lost (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snow White Lucks Out (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rapunzel Cuts Loose (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleeping Beauty Dreams Big (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Goldilocks Breaks In (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snowflake Freezes Up (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gretel Pushes Back (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

This is a series of books written by Joan Holub and co-author Suzanne Williams. Joan Holub is the author of over 130 children’s books including Mighty Dads, Little Red Writing and Zero the Hero Whereas Suzanne is a former librarian and the author of more than 50 books which include, Library Lil and the Princes Power. This Grimmtastic Girls series has not been found in many books stores around Canada currently. They were published under Aladdin imprint by Shuster Simon majorly concerned of the evils in Grimm Academy where the girls attended to enable them acquire skills and knowledge. The main characters in this book are


In this book, Cinderella is a tomboy who loves masketball, a game played while wearing masks where nobody can recognize her while playing. After the death of Cinderella’s mother, her father was remarried to her step-mother who had two children namely, Odette and Malortte. Both of her step sisters were mean and occasionally they used to blame her since they never even a single day missed to put her down. They wanted to make the life of the little girl miserable in the absence of her mother. Cinderella used to keep the pictures of her mother in the sense that she does not have the pictures of her father because her step-mother surrendered them all to her step-sisters. This book narrates how Cinderella stated school at Grimm academy. In this school, Cinderella was cherished by her friends because she narrated to the terrible stories followed by advices about her life more especially when she was found hiding under her crush, Prince Awesome. In the Grimm Academy, they used to learn about evil society whereby they suspected Cinderella’s step-sisters were part of it.

Prince Awesome

Prince Awesome was the prince of the kingdom of Awesomeness, and the prince in Cinderella’s story. He was depicted as a tall boy with crimped hair. He was introduced in Cinderella Stays Late, where he is the other new kids besides Cinderella. He is polite and usually he prefers to do what is right always at the right time. He does not appear to know much about evils and their deeds. In addition, he is on a masketball and he has a crush with Cinderella which was her favorite while in school thus encouraging others.


Rapunzel is another character in this series of books of Grimmstatic girls. Rapunzel is a Goth girl who is fearless. She has a tremendous fear of heights thus; she lived in the lower part of the school. Her only one of its kind feature was about her hair, if it was cut, it would grow right back. Sometimes it hot and bothered her so much weather it was magical even if an accident occurred, it enforced her to comb almost every day. In this series of books, she had a crush on Prince Perfect until she found that he liked her because of her long hair. For instance, Rapunzel had a new found love for a boy named Basil, a boy she met in the first grade who saved her from many intimidations by making him a hero in her story. She frustrated the plans of evil and preserved the witch that had raised her in the book.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood is a character introduced in the Grammtastic series of books who loves to act. She was expressed as a girl with read-streaked, curly black hair, in most instances she used to wear a read hooded cape. The second book of the series is her point of view. Her magical attraction is a brown wicker basket that can get her anything that could fit inside it. She has a horrible sense of direction, which in most instances gets her late to classes as well as meals. Her roommate is Gretel who had a crush with Wolfgang.


Wolfgang is the big bad wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood’s story. Wolfgang was first shown in Cinderella Stay Late but got more of a major role in Red Riding Hood. Like Red, he likes to act. He had gotten the second role in the play school Peter, the Wolf, and the male guide in Red Robin Hood. He could shape-shift into a Wolf. He had a good reputation of being king a recluse. Because he usually single-handedly and hangs out in the Neverwood forest, Wolfgang wanted to get into evil so that he could undercover agent on the members and get information. He later learned that he was deprived of membership. Wolfgang his greatest fear was to be evil like his uncles. He is described as a boy with brown hair and grey eyes, usually sporting a wolf skin jacket. His great-great grandmother Enchantress, the sister of the Grim brothers. Wolfgang has a crush with Red.

Snow White

This is another character in this book; she is timid girl who has a stepmother who does not seem to like her. She was described as a girl with pale skin and short ebony hair. When Snow was less than one year old, her mother died. That is when her father remarried her stepmother, Ms Wicked. Thereafter when she was six years old, her father also died, leaving Snow with her mean step mother. They were booted out of the castle by a distant heir and Ms Wicked got a teaching job in Grimm academy. The third book is in Snow’s point of view, Snow is sensitive to all kinds of fruits and she accepts as true in lucky charms. She occasionally wears a clover one around her neck .Like her mother, Snow is good at stewing and would have really like to have learned from her mother. Snow has a crush on Prince.

In conclusion, this series of books are based on the girls’ fairy tales going except with a twirl. There is also an appeal everybody earns while at Grimm Academy. In the group, the girls find out about an Evil organization that Cinderella’s stepsisters are in.

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