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Publication Order of Grk Books

A Dog Called Grk (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk and the Pelotti Gang (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk and the Hot Dog Trail (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk Operation Tortoise (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk Smells a Rat (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk Takes Revenge (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk Down Under (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Grk and the Phoney Macaroni (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Grk book series is a series of children’s books which follow the adventures of a young boy named Timothy Malt and his dog called as Grk. In all, the series consists of 8 books published between they years 2005 and 2012. All the novels of the series are written by the famous British author Josh Lacey under the pen name Joshua Doder. They were published in the United Kingdom by the Andersen Press while in the United States of America, the novels of the series are published by the Delacorte Press. All the novels of the Grk series are widely appreciated for their unique mixture of thriller, humor, and suspense. They also feature pure and adventurous fun that is experienced by Timothy Malt and his dog Grk throughout the series. A number of critics have praised author Joshua Doder for his dedicated efforts in depicting the boy-dog relationship in a very simple and touching manner. The initial novels of the series became very much successful which helped author Joshua Doder to gain the much required confidence and motivation to move ahead with the other novels of the series. The initial success also helped him to keep his interest in the world of writing, due to which he went on to write a number of other exciting novels and series, mainly in the Children’s Books genre.

One of the initial novels of the Grk book series was titled ‘Grk: Operation Tortoise’. It was published by the Delacorte Books publishing house in the year 2009. The plot of this novel is set in a vacation spot in Seychelles where the main characters, Timothy Malt and Grk go for enjoying their holidays. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Tim is in a paradise, enjoying with his parents, his dog Grk, and the Raffifis in the Seychelles and looks forward for a couple of weeks of pure fun and enjoyment. But during one afternoon, when Tim goes for a walk on the beach along with Grk, he stumbles upon a body lying in the sand. The man had washed up to the shore from the ocean and was almost dead. As Tim tries to revive him, he utters a few words and then finally dies. Soon, the local police begins to investigate the death of the stranger and looks for any clues or hints that could explain his situation and the reasons of washing up on the shore in that condition. Tim becomes frantic to help the police in the case and he also begins to search for the clues along with his dog Grk. At first, the search for the clues begins as a baffling mystery, but then it takes the form of a thrilling investigation. And as the local police and Tim move ahead with the investigation, they come across several armed guards, who will not hesitate to shoot anyone who tries to go past them, a mad scientist with his dream laboratory, and a powerful and wealthy man determined to live a never ending life and is ready to pay any cost necessary for it. Shortly after, Timothy and Grk come to know about the most puzzling thing in the investigation of the matter, the mysterious Calypso. But, they did not know where this place was and what was it from the inside. They also wondered whether they will come out alive if they went in there all alone.

Before the discovery of the badly injured man on the beach who finally dies, Tim was enjoying a sun-kissed and relaxing holiday in a vacation spot in Seychelles. And soon, his peaceful and relaxing days turn into a more intriguing and dangerous twist. However, Timothy realizes soon that apart from the local police, he and Grk are the only ones who seem to find the reason behind the mysterious discovery of the injured man on the beach. Everyone else seems to be busy with enjoying their holiday and do not care about the mysterious case. As Tim tries to speed up in the case along with his dog Grk, he finds that he is racing against a well guarded private island and comes to know about a mysterious plot threatening the endangered species of local giant tortoises. The readers found the plot of the novel to be a delight to read with its humor and excellent narrative voice. They liked the unique and mysterious description of the story of the novel by author Joshua Doder and compared it with the likes to Tintin and Snowy. The readers also liked the fact that even if the character of Tim looks like that of Tintin and that of Grk’s is similar to Snowy’s, they are described uniquely by the author and appear to be repetitive at all. The mysterious story of the plot of the novel appears as jam-packed with a lot of adventure and action that allows the readers all over the world to enjoy a delightful read. On the whole, the story of the novel proved to be an excellent and interesting one. This helped it to become successful all over the world and allowed author Joshua Doder make a name for himself among the prominent authors of the mystery genre.

One of the other novels of the Grk book series written by author Joshua Doder was titled ‘Grk Smells a Rat’. This novel was published by the Delacorte Books publishing house in the year 2008. The plot of this novel once again revolves around the lives of the main characters Grk and Timothy Malt and features them getting involved in one more mysterious case. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Timothy Malt arrives in India along with parents, his friends Max and Natascha Raffiffi, and his dog named Grk. All of them intend to visit the famous tourist places in the country as well as watch the tennis competition in which Max Raffifi is also participating. Shortly after, they meet a young boy named Krishnan and come to know about a gang named Blue Rat Gang, which is infamous for enslaving the small children. Krishnan tells Timothy and his group that his sister has been kidnapped by the Blue Rat Gang and has been sold to work as a forced labor. He desperately wants to rescue her, but does not where to begin with. Tim and Grk decide to help and make up their to stand up for the challenge. Soon, they find themselves racing against time ad getting chased in the dark alleys. In the end, they come face to face with the leader of the Blue Rat Gang inside their headquarters. Now they are required to execute their plan with great care in order to come out alive from there and also rescue Krishnan’s sister.

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