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Group Fifteen Files Books In Order

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Publication Order of Group Fifteen Files Books

Group Fifteen Files Series
Group Fifteen Files is a thriller series by Mark Dawson and Steve Cavanagh. This series tells the story of notable group fifteen agents and the horrors they encounter in the course of duty. The group works to support M15 and M16 in national problems where legal solutions cannot be applied. You are going to follow these agents as they gather information, offer personal security, and at times involve blackmail to get desired results. The team’s problem-solving methods are unorthodox, but, in the end, they get the job done. Of course, the enemies do not go down without a fight, and at times, collateral damage is unavoidable.

Scorpion is the first book in the Group Fifteen Files series. This book tells the story of Hailey Banks and the effect meeting John Milton has on her life. Hailey’s name appears on a hit list. A contract killer known as Scorpion has been outsourced to take her out. This would have been an easy job, but Hailey meets John Milton, a man determined to thwart the hit and kill the Scorpion. Milton is known for his effectiveness regarding handling criminals. The Scorpion knows Milton well, and he is the only man he thinks matches his prowess in the killing. Milton has already proven that he is capable of protecting Hailey. His team will do everything humanly possible to ensure that she lives.

This book pits Milton against a rogue Russian assassin. Scorpion is in England on a killing mission, and with three people on his list, he has to move fast. However, the Scorpion hits a snag when he encounters Milton, who is working to protect journalist Hailey Banks. Why does Hailey appear on an assassin’s list? Is there a reason why a man as skilled as Milton is put in charge of this case? Milton is good at his job, but he is not invincible. The man is haunted by the innocent souls he did not manage to save, which explains why he is more careful in this case.

This story comes with an intriguing cast. Milton is troubled, but he really shines in his job. Hailey is one strong lady, and it is incredible how she continues with life after a near-death experience at the start of the story. The book also allows a glimpse of John Milton’s back story, which works great to help his fans understand the demons he will have to fight in another series. The secondary characters are just as intriguing, and it will be a job to interact with them as Milton works to silence a seasoned killer for good.

Scorpion is an action-packed and fast-paced story. With a clever plot, the author introduces the reader to a story that happens within a relatively short time. At just at 100 pages, the book packs quite a punch as a lot is going on. A clever twist, in the beginning, sets the pace for this story, and it is all action from there onwards. Get ready to be thrilled as the author welcomes you to the world of assassins, journalists, and super-spies who can smell trouble from a mile off. If you are a John Milton fan, the book will also help you understand this fascinating character better.

Witness X
Witness X is the second book in the Group Fifteen Files series. In this story, we meet Bryan Duffy, otherwise known as Witness X. Duffy is a government agent involved in a national scandal that has him banished from Spain. The agent is currently on gardening leave as his bosses take care of the legal issues. An attack by North Korean hitmen prompt Duffy’s bosses to recall him to duty. Now, he has to find the people who assaulted an innocent woman on London’s streets and bring them to book.

Duffy is a former member of group 15, the elite assassin team belonging to the secret service. Duffy and Milton are known for their killing prowess, and where an enemy is involved, these men will use the cruelest way to take them out. While the team is made up of officers who are exemptional in their jobs, they also have a habit of flaunting the rules. Duffy’s approach to work will be tested throughout this story, and it will be interesting to see how he controls his emotions in a case that hits so close to home.

Someone throws acid in Tamsin’s face when the innocent woman is going about her business. Tamsin is no stranger to Duffy as she happens to be his ex-girlfriend. This becomes a personal case for Duffy from the beginning. He must find whoever hurt the only woman he has ever loved and make them pay. Failure, in this case, is not an option. Duffy knows that failing to kill the attacker would not only embarrass the UK government but also mean that he will not achieve his personal revenge.

This story takes you on a grand adventure where agent twelve works to take out the people responsible for attacking a woman he loves. Preliminary investigations show that Tamsin’s husband could be the reason for the attack. Duffy needs to dig for the truth and be there for Tamsin. The story takes off with a bang, and soon, Duffy will be fighting seasoned killers in between going to see Tamsin in hospital. The tension keeps on rising as the story progresses, and each page is packed with enough action to leave you at the edge of your seat.

Witness X is an excellent follow-up to the Scorpion book. This, too, is a novella that you can devour in a single sitting. The storyline is quite intriguing, the narration is perfect, and the pace is fast enough to turn this into a thriller. The authors have done their homework in researching modern weaponry and technology used by the defense forces to fight enemies. How does this story end for Duffy and Tamsin? Can Duffy’s judgment be trusted in a case where emotions cannot be kept at bay? Find out all the details on this case in this intriguing but short read.

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