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Grover Beach Team Books In Order

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Publication Order of Grover Beach Team Books

Play With Me (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ryan Hunter (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
T is for...he's a TOTAL jerk (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kiss with Cherry Flavor (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dating Trouble (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Trouble with Dating Sue (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Grover Beach Team Series

Penname Anna Katmore is the author—formerly published as Piper Shelly—of the Grover Beach Team series. Rural Austria-born Anna, who has lived in Vienna and debuted in December 2012, writes for gratification that intensified during the bibliophile’s teenage years. Born in the early 1980s, Anna—has obsessive habits—was aged six when she proclaimed her writing ambitions after discovering her family’s typewriter.

The fantasy novelist has had different occupations, ranging from a bank teller to accounting. Organizing writing workshops and co-founding the yearly Austrian Storybook Festival aside; Ann has been scriptwriting since 2018. Her literary influences include: French writer Charles Perrault; and American novelists Kerrelyn Sparks, Georgia Hunter, Becca Fitzpatrick, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Lisa Jane Smith.

Books in the Grover Beach Team Series

Adventures in Neverland series is among Anna’s most works that also include Breathless/Crushed Hearts series and Grimm was a Bastard series. Anna’s fans prompted her to serialize Grover Beach Team whose first book, Play With Me, was initially a one-off publication. First dated December 8, 2012; Play With Me’s protagonist is Lisa Isadora Matthews, aged sixteen, who is a long-time secret admirer of a soccer prospect named Anthony Mitchell. Lisa’s obsession for Anthony dates back to their childhood, and she hopes to marry him.

Unfortunately, Tony’s romantic interest is a soccer-playing girl named Chloe Summers Cloesetta—alternatively called Barbie Cloe—whom Lisa dislikes. A party animal called Ryan Hunter, aged eighteen—the aforementioned characters are students at Grover Beach High School—captains their school team which is called Bay Sharks. Lisa’s decision to get physically closer to his beloved Anthony—she signs up for a newly formed all-girls soccer team that would play friendly games with the male team—backfires after a post-soccer trial partying with her sly mentor Ryan. Lisa unintentionally spends a night Ryan and, in the morning, unexpectedly finds herself in a compromising romantic posture with him. The lovelorn Lisa is now torn between Anthony and the newly-found soccer coach Ryan.
Initially released on April 23, 2013; the serialized Grover Beach Team’s second book is Ryan Hunter. The protagonists are womanizer Ryan Hunter who had been enviously observing Lisa’s unsuccessful attempts at wooing the uninterested Anthony. The fact that Ryan knows Anthony’s girlfriend emboldens him. Thus, Ryan sees it as a go-ahead when his friend Anthony tells him to take her off the latter’s back to enable him concentrate with his newly found lover Cloey. Playboy Ryan relates with playgirl Lisa whose no strings attached love affairs that last for 2-3 weeks, including sexual conquests with five of the schoolmates in the soccer camp and her mother’s approval of sleepovers with male schoolmates in their own home. Unfortunately, the soon-to-be heartbroken (by Cloey) Anthony decides to reclaim Lisa who—after her initial hostility—has been warming up to Ryan.

Originally dated October 26, 2013; the third book in her Grover Beach Team series is titled T is for…The protagonist is Samantha Summers, aged seventeen, whose military father—the army general has numerous globetrotting assignments, most recently in Cuba and Cairo—keeps taking them with him, preventing her from bonding with friends with who she would have otherwise been partying. Luckily, Samantha is Chloe Summers’s cousin who—during a night out—introduces the awkward teenager to her closest Grover Beach High schoolmates-turned-bartenders who decline serve them intoxicants. Among the bar patrons is schoolmate Brinna who sneaks in alcohol, giving the sober Samantha a chance to drive back home alone after encountering the cold bartending Anthony whom she unsuccessfully tried to apologize to for their misbehavior. Anthony and Samantha plan a date as soon as she is admitted to Grover Beach High, prompting her reluctance to borrow a car (to visit her date)—and ask directions—from Chloe whom she not only offended but she is also Anthony’s ex-girlfriend.

Initially released on August 29, 2014; Kiss with Cherry Flavor is the fourth novel in that Grover Beach Team series. Samantha is hang over from Anthony’s kiss who—he hates dating his ex-lover’s relative—has since distanced himself. Her relation with Chloe worsens, and Samantha is blamed for her cousin’s misbehavior. Thereafter; in Grover Beach Team’s fifth book Dating Trouble—first dated January 1, 2015—Samantha finds herself in a love triangle with brothers: the eager Chris Donovan, whom she dislikes; and his reserved twin Ethan, whom she falls for but he does not reciprocate.

First dated December 3, 2015 and a continuation of Samantha’s love triangle; the Grover Beach Team series’ sixth book is The Trouble with Dating Sue. Its protagonists are Susan “Sue” Miller and Chris Donovan, a blond playboy aged eighteen (he has dated Lauren Parker-Lee and is eying Rebecca Evers whom he rates 1-10 in his contact list), whose romantic advances to the former are unsuccessful. Ironically, Susan’s love interest is Chris’s twin brother Ethan Donovan—a top-rated basketball player the school basketball outfit called Dunkin’ Sharks—whom she cannot differentiate. Unfortunately, the disinterested Ethan is not only asocial but has also quit playing basketball—Ryan wants him to join the soccer outfit—after his schoolmate William Davis started badmouthing about his sexual orientation.

The Grover Beach Team series’ offshoot (alternatively, its seventh book) is Taming Chloe Summers whose earliest edition is dated June 21, 2016. Plot: Justin Andrews—Ryan’s best friend—and his former high schoolmate-turned-university student Chloe Summers reconnect while on a five-week-long sojourn mentoring summer camping teenagers in the so-called Camp Clover. Although non-friends but with mutual friends in their high schooling years; they connect, reminisce, jibe, and vibe after unavoidably ignoring each other during the Christmastime camping.

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