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Karen Robards is a historical romance, romantic suspense, historical, science fiction, mystery, thriller, and romance author. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky in 1954, to an orthodontist named Walter L and his wife Sally Johnson. She exhibited an interest in authorship from a very early age as she peened her first short story when she was but a teenager. In December 1973, she sent two paragraphs to the “Reader’s Digest” and they were good enough to be published in the subsequent edition. While she was studying for her law degree at the University of Kentucky, she took a creative writing class. The professor asked his students to write a 50-page manuscript in any genre and Karen decided to write a historical romance since that is what was popular at the time. It was those fifty pages that would start her on the path to become a professional author as it would be the backbone for her debut novel “Island Flame” that she published as a twenty-four-year-old in 1981. She was still in law school at the time but once the novel started doing well, she decided to drop out and become an author. By that time, she had been studying for two years but believed that she had better chances in writing, which is something that she loved doing.

In 1977, she got married to a marketing executive named Douglas J. Robards and got three children from the relationship. In the short term, she started working for an orthodontic clinic to make ends meet and used her bathroom and lunch breaks to write her next work of fiction. “Sea Fire,” the second novel of the “Pirate” series was published in 1983. Over the years, Robards has written more than fifty novels in the “Pirate,” “Banning Sisters,” “Jess and Mark,” “Charlotte Stone,” and “Guardian” series alongside tons of single standing contemporary romance, historical romance, and romantic suspense works.

The “Guardian” series of novels by Karen Robards debuted with the 2017 published title “The Ultimatum.” This was followed by the “Moscow Deception” that was published in 2018. The lead in the series is something of a Robin Hood named Bianca St. Ives, who has made a name for herself as a manipulator and thief though she is best known as “The Guardian.” Unlike many other girls, her childhood was spent training in the most extreme martial arts and spying and fighting skills rather than playing with dolls. she is now an adult and teaming up with her father, they have created an organization that goes after con artists recovering stolen artifacts and conning them of what they had illegally gotten from others. But her last operation went wrong and soon after, she loses her father and is left devastated though she is now living something similar to what other girls her age live. However, no one believes that her father is dead and she starts getting visits from a range of characters including government operatives who need to know his whereabouts. Over the course of the series, she meets a mysterious man that feels different from all other men she had met before. She starts thinking that maybe they could have a future together. But the matter of her father’s decease is still unresolved.

“The Ultimatum” the first novel of “The Guardian” series introduces Bianca St Ives, the con artist, thief, and manipulator par excellence. As she grew up, she was very much unlike the other girls in her neighborhood. She spent her time with sensei masters learning martial arts or with special ops retires dismantling explosives rather than combing dolls hair or playing hopscotch. She had been well prepared to operate the family business and with her exceptional skills, she has come to be even better than her master. Alongside her father, they have an international organization that makes money conning com artists out of money they stole from others. While she learned under the best, she puts her spin on things and this makes her very good at her job. But there was a little hiccup during their last operation as top-secret government documents and two hundred million dollars had disappeared. Even worse her father died though the government and many other operatives do not believe he is dead. He has been on many most-wanted lists for more than twenty years and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on Richard St. Ives. They believe Bianca is the perfect bait though she is unwilling to play ball despite the pressure. On her side is a fellow criminal who is ready to team up with her to find out what really happened to her father before it happens to her too.

“The Moscow Deception” which is the second novel of the series opens to Bianca on the run. She is on the most wanted list of every assassin, hitman, and bounty hunter that want to get their hands on the million-dollar bounty on her head. It spurs her to keep up and improve her skills if she is not to be caught unawares. She is going to kill or get killed as she will take the fight to her enemies’ doorstep. But as she maneuvers trying to evade and lose her tireless enemies, her father tells her of a job that might change everything. During the Second World War, a collection of priceless artifacts called “King Priam’s Treasure” had been stolen by the Russians. Her job is to find the treasure and take it back to Germany for a big payday. It would be an impossible task for anyone else but for Bianca, the heist is something she looks forward to. Moreover, she has intelligence that may finally deal with the dark forces that have been after her for months. With every move she makes, the threat to her life comes close and she acknowledges that things have never been so precarious. She needs to put all her experience and training into use if she is to survive one of the most significant threats to her life.

“The Fifth Doctrine” the third novel of “The Guardian” series opens to Bianca St. Ives with her back to the wall. She is determined to save the world even if it means dying in the attempt. It took quite the effort to get hold of her but now they have though it did not go as they had planned. Instead of hauling her to jail, they are instructed to put an offer before her, it is a onetime deal that would allow her to walk instead of going to jail. However, she is required to perform one dangerous mission in which she could end up dead. She has no choice since ff she is to have her life back, she has to undertake the mission. In North Korea, an intelligence operation has already been launched and is expected to put to paid the long reign of the tyrannical regime. But they need someone with IT and hacking skills to go undercover to help with the operation. Bianca seems a good fit since she recently stole top-secret intelligence from a very secure facility and the higher ups believe her skills would come in handy in the mission. Nonetheless, she knows how dangerous it can be as getting caught could mean years in prison or untold torture if she were lucky enough to survive. However, she could also be the force that causes the chaos necessary to foment a revolution.

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