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Guardians Trilogy Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Guardians Trilogy Books

Stars of Fortune (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The Guardians Trilogy is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Nora Roberts. The books follow the exploits of six attractive men and women that have been blessed with special gifts and chosen to save the world.

+The Story
The Guardians Trilogy came at a time when Nora Roberts had garnered a reputation for writing paranormal romance trilogies featuring attractive boys and girls, men and women who were destined to fall in love and save the world.

So by the time the Guardians Trilogy kicked off, some of Nora’s fans had begun to suggest that the author was in a rut that was seeing her produce the same of old paranormal stories with new characters.

The Guardians novels only cemented this mindset, with some readers arguing that the author had lost her spark because she no longer wrote about real people dealing with real problems. Though, the majority of Nora’s fans actually welcomed the series and commended the author for her engaging storytelling.

The books initially take readers to a mythical past. A long time ago, three goddesses created three stars each, gifts with which they hoped to bless their queen. These stars were items of great magic and power and the three goddesses believed that their queen would use them to do good.

But another goddess by the names of Nerezza wished to claim the stars to use their power to topple the queen. The three goddesses came to know of Nerezza’s plan and countered her efforts by throwing the stars to earth where they lay hidden in secret places.

The stars could only achieve their full potential when they were brought together. So now a race has begun. Nerezza and her minions are scouring the world, hellbent on locating the stars of fire, ice, and water with the intention of undoing everything the three goddesses hoped for.

But Nerezza isn’t alone in this hunt. She is opposed by six men and women who must join forces to stop the evil goddess, secure the stars and save the world.

The Guardians Trilogy kicks things off with Sasha Riggs, the first of these gifted men and women. When readers first meet her, Sasha is living a life of seclusion. The woman’s life has always been plagued by nightmares.

She originally coped by turning the images of her dreams into amazing paintings. Things begin to change when Sasha realizes that she’s been dreaming about and drawing the same six figures for several nights in a row.

Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Sasha allows her visions to lead her to an Island in Greece where she meets five individuals with special powers each of whom has been destined to play a role in the battle against the evil goddess.

Each of the five has been uniquely gifted in a manner that will help them fight Nerezza and locate the three stars. You have the warrior, the magician, the shapeshifter and the mermaid. Sasha is the seer and the heart of the team, the one party whose job it is to keep their little family intact and operational.

Once Sasha finds her teammates, she comes to terms with her visions and her place in the universe. But the resolution of her inner turmoil is only the start of a grander journey. Sasha must also come to terms with her feelings for one of her colleagues.

‘Stars of Fortune’, the first novel in the Guardians Trilogy, sets the stage for the rest of the series. The book also sets the structure that all the other books follow. While the Guardians trilogy has a heavily fantastical foundation, the romance tends to drive the plot.

The series has six protagonists: three men and three women. And over the course of the trilogy, they begin to pair off and fall in love, with each book focusing on the trials and challenges of a different couple.

Sasha and Bran take center stage in the first book. Bran becomes Sasha’s rock, giving her all the love and support she needs as she strives to come to terms with her insecurities and anxieties.

Annika and Sawyer take center stage in the second book. Annika is a mermaid. Having spent so much of her life underwater, she is naïve and innocent, though also quite feisty and witty.

Sawyer knows that he loves Annika but he thinks she’s too innocent and, thus, too good for someone like him.

The final Guardians novel throws the spotlight on Doyle and Riley. Doyle is an immortal warrior that has spent the last couple of centuries watching the people he’s come to know and love die. He learned to close his heart off but Riley keeps poking and probing the walls he erected.

Riley is an archeologist and a werewolf. And like Doyle, she’s a very practical individual. She knows that her relationship with him cannot work but she doesn’t know if she’s ready to give up on him.

+The Author
Nora Roberts is a bestselling American author that writes romance. She started writing in the late 1970s. She had two children at the time. Her community had been assaulted by a blizzard and she couldn’t leave the house. With nothing else to do, Nora started writing and immediately fell in love with the activity.

+Stars of Fortune
Sasha Riggs is special. That wasn’t always obvious to her. She sought isolation because terrible dreams haunted her. But then, one day, she allowed a vision to lead her to a Greek Island.

There she met two women and three men, individuals gifted like her and destined to fight evil. Now Sasha knows her purpose. She must thwart an evil goddess and find three stars, saving the world in the process.

And she must do so while struggling with her feelings for Bran, the magician, one of her fellow warriors in the fight to save humanity.

+Bay of Sighs
Three goddesses threw three stars to the earth a long time ago. They did so to keep them safe from an evil goddess. Annika is a mermaid, one of six men and women chosen to recover the stars.

An innocent beauty new to dry land, Annika must do her part to find the stars whilst also maneuvering her relationship with a time traveler.

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