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Publication Order of The Guardians Books

Author Meljean Brook writes the “Guardians” series of paranormal romance novels. The series began publication in the year 2007, when “Demon Angel” was released. A novella, called “Falling for Anthony”, was published in the year 2005.

The novellas in the series are not part of the main arc of the series.

“Demon Angel” is the first novel in the “Guardians” series, and was released in the year 2007. Lilith wrought vengeance on the damned and the evil, for two thousand years, rounding up souls for her dad’s armies Below and proving fealty to her Underworld liege. Bound by the bargain she made with the devil and forbidden to feel any pleasure, she pulls on her dark powers and her serpentine grace in order to lead men right into temptation. Until she is faced with her greatest temptation. Heaven’s own Sir Castleford.

He used to be a knight and is now a guardian, Hugh spent hundreds of years battling against demons, as well as the blood-drinking and cursed Nosferatu. His purpose was to always thwart the demon Lilith, even while struggling with his horrible hunger for her.

A deadly alliance lets slip a threat to both Guardians and humans in modern-day San Francisco, demon and angel both have to fight together against this unholy evil. As well as against one desire that has been denied for far too long. Who is going to be the first to succumb?

Meljean does a great job of telling this story about a love affair that takes place over eight centuries. The pull Lilith and Hugh have for each other kept readers hooked throughout. Their interactions together make the slow moving story worth staying tuned for. These two have strong chemistry and their love scenes are highly enjoyable.

“Demon Moon” is the second novel in the “Guardians” series, and was released in the year 2007. Nobody would call Colin Ames-Beaumont, a vampire, kind, but one would definitely call him unnaturally beautiful. For two centuries his tainted blood has kept him isolated from the other vampires, who is sustained just by his vanity and his beauty, rather bitter comforts, because a curse has erased his mirror reflection, replacing it with one horrifying glimpse of Chaos.

Savitri Murra’s insatiable curiosity has landed her into some trouble in the past, but she has always been able to escape unscathed. Then Colin comes around. In the middle of Heaven, he gives her just a taste of ecstasy, and of Chaos. Deadly creatures from out of that realm herald an imprisoned Nosferatu horde’s return. Colin and Savi’s bond is their only passion and their only protection.

The book has a ton of action and perpetual sexual turmoil happening in it to make your head spin. There is also plenty of gore, and angels and demons, as well as love scenes that get pretty intense. Maljean took a vain and pompous lead, in Colin, and was able to make him witty, warm, and self-deprecating. Savi is a lovable character that many found themselves identifying with: her forgiveness and her curiosity, all of it.

“Demon Night” is the third novel in the “Guardians” series, and was released in the year 2008. Explore the seductive corners of the dark, while a forbidden attraction tempts danger under the canopy of the Demon Night.

Charlie Newcomb has worked hard in order to get her life back together. That is all shaken up when she is set upon by three vampires that are desperate to transform her beauty into evil. This is due to Charlie being the vital connection to something that want, and need. It is Charlie’s blood and flesh sister, a medical scientist whose knowledge could be rather invaluable to these predators.

To get to Charlie, they have to get to Charlie first, who is now under the intimate Ethan McCabe’s protection. Ethan, as her Guardian, is attracted to all of her vulnerabilities, as well as each one of her strengths. The closer he gets, the more protecting her winds up becoming not only his duty, but truly his desire. Is it going to be enough to save Charlie when the demon night happens to fall?

Ethan is a fantastic hero and he truly feels as though he is from another place and time. He has a quaint way with how he talks and is an effective romantic lead. The book features some more hot and steamy sex scenes, with some nice action scenes. Charlie is a likable character as well, and she is a damaged and flawed character, something that is done in a unique way. Some readers liked that Maljean spends plenty of time fleshing out Charlie and Ethan’s relationship with each other.

“Demon Bound” is the fourth novel in the “Guardians” series, and was released in the year 2008. The dangerous and seductive world of the Guardians now yields a secret that threatens the soul of one woman as well as the fate of the whole universe, both of whom are Demon Bound.

Alice Grey, among the Guardians, is known by the moniker of the Black Widow, a woman that is trapped in the web spun by a demon named Teqon. In order to save her soul, she agreed to deliver to Teqon the heart of the most powerful and oldest Guardian of all, or else just be damned for eternity. After over a hundred years, Teqon is calling in his debt.

Jake Hawkins is a novice Guardian whose gift of teleportation might prove invaluable to Alice in figuring out her next move. In aligning himself with Alice he never thought he would fall in love. Now their passionate escape from Alice’s damnable bargain threatens both of their souls. They will discover their souls. For they are about to find a hellish secret about the Guardians. And it is something that is going to change their entire universe forever.

There was a ton of action and some exciting and new surprises delivered here, something that readers soaked up with glee. Readers liked this one, finding it to be another welcome entry to this series.

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