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Will You Be There? (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Would I Be Without You? (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl on Paper (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reunion (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Life of Writers (With: Vineet Lal) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Central Park (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Stranger in the Seine (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of La Trilogie des Ecrivains Books

La Jeune Fille et la Nuit [French Edition] (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Guillaume Musso is a renowned French novelist, who likes to write fiction, romance, contemporary, thriller, science fiction, and cultural novels. He is known to have written a number of successful standalone novels and a two-book series called the Madeline series. Musso says that he fell in love with the field of literature when he was just ten years old. He used to spend his summer holidays in a local library that was run by his mom. As soon as he became a student, Musso started writing. His fascination for the United States at the age of nineteen led him to visit New Jersey and New York for several months. Musso spent his time in these states by selling ice-creams. Musso used to live with workers from different cultural orientations. Musso claims that this experience during this period made him learn a lot. After returning to France, he was full of new ideas to write novels.

Author Musso was born in Antibes in 1974. He earned his undergraduate degree in Economics and also obtained a certificate in teaching the same subject. Musso was also involved in teaching for a brief period. The first novel written and published by Musso is called Skidamarink. This 2001 thriller novel revolves around the robbery of the Mona Lisa. Musso met with a car accident when he was young. The experience of being in a situation like that made him develop an interest in the near-death experience. He even imagined a tale about a man coming back to life after going into the hands of death. This story was later developed into the 2004 novel called Afterwards. The novel is said to have sold over a million printed copies in France alone. It has also been translated into over 23 foreign languages. The book was adapted into a movie of the same name and was released in 2009. It stars Evangeline Lilly and John Malkovich in leading roles with Gilles Bourdos as the director.

Starting from 2005, Musso wrote and published one novel every year. He received wide appreciations for his work, both nationally and internationally. In 2009, Musso was ranked number two in the list of the top bestselling authors of France. In a 2011 study by Edistat, he is stated to have secured the third place in the list of novelists who have sold the most number of novels in France since 2008. Authors Harlan Coben and Stephenie Meyer are believed to be ahead of him in this regard. It is believed that more than 11 million copies of Musso’s books have been sold all over the world with over 34 translations in foreign languages. The reason behind Musso’s acceptance as one of the favorite authors of France is his ability to combine intensity, love, and suspense. His popularity increased even further when his novels were adapted into films for the big screen.

Musso says that the sources of inspiration behind his stories include current events, his own experiences, and other fiction works. He also enjoys people watching in cafes, restaurants, metros, and shops. Musso is of the opinion that creative processes have mysterious ways of coming together. He is grateful to the people of France as well as readers of foreign countries for liking his works and giving genuine reviews about his style of writing. Musso is hopeful of coming up with many more interesting stories in the years to come and entertaining the readers through his work. He loves interacting with people and fans in relation to his work and taking their suggestions for improving his future stories.

A popular book series written by author Guillaume Musso is known as the Madeline series. It is comprised of just two books released in 2011 and 2017. Both these books are set in Paris, London, and the United States and feature the character of Madeline in the lead role. Musso has mentioned a few other essential characters in this series that include Jonathan, Gaspard, Sean Lorenz, etc. The debut book of this romantic comedy series is entitled ‘The Call of the Angel’. It was released in 2011 by the XO publication. This book introduces the characters of Jonathan and Madeline. The story begins in New York’s Kennedy Airport.

Both Madeline and Jonathan have their whole lives in their phones. They come across each other for the first time when they collide with each other in the crowded departure area of the Kennedy Airport. They express anger for a small amount of time and then continue with their respective journeys. However, none of them is aware that while taking their belongings, their cell phones got exchanged. And when they realize their mistakes, they are already more than ten thousand kilometers from one another. Madeline resumes her duty as a florist in Paris, while Jonathan takes charge of his restaurant based in San Francisco. Due to the rising curiosities, they check one another’s cell phone and realize that they are bounded by a secret that they thought was buried forever. Following this revelation, their lives go for a spin, making them go through some comedic events.

The second book is known by the English title ‘An Apartment in Paris’. It was also published by the XO publishing company in 2017. Initially, it is depicted that Madeline leases a studio in Paris to isolate herself from the crowd and live in solitude for some time. Due to a mixup, the same studio gets allotted to Gaspard as well. Gaspard is a misanthropic novelist from the US and wants complete isolation to write his latest book. As none of them is ready to give up the possession of the studio, they decide to live together for some time. The owner of the studio is the popular painter named Sean Lorenz. His passion for light and color can still be witnessed in the studio. Sean Lorenz was depressed because of the murder of his little boy and died around a year ago. Following his death, Lorenz three paintings were left in his studio, which was now missing. Gaspard and Madeline are fascinated by Sean Lorenz’s genius and intrigued by his tragic destiny. They decide to team up to find the three extraordinary paintings. In order to do so, they have to deal with their own demons and break through the true secret of Sean’s art. Just like the previous novel, this novel also contains numerous comedic situations. The mystery and comedy elements of this book keep the readers interested till the last page.

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